[OVW] OVW TV Taping Results for August 27, 2005 (Spoilers)


Quick results

Never saw this many people in OVW.
Bus with 15 people came in from Ohio with me.
Turnaway at door (yes, it is free, but it was a great crowd)
Liveliest crowd in OVW I can remember.
Huge pop when Dean Hill introduced by Al Snow.
Hill announced resignation.
Ken Anderson announced his name change.
Puder beat Charles Evans.
Danny Davis calls everyone out to ring.
Won’t accept Dean Hill’s resignation.
Announces Battle Royal, winner faces Jeter.
Doane won’t let Lashley enter battle royal.
Deuce wins battle royal.
Promo in back with Jeter joined by Kennedy and Puder.
Lashley does promo taking Dean Visk’s match.
Lashley destroys Osama to huge babyface reaction.
Rene Dupree guest appears and beats Seth Skyfire in a good match.
Jeter defeats Deuce Shade in the most heated match you’ll ever see from OVW Arena.
Everyone on their feet chanting for Deuce.
After match, Cappotelli calls and he’s in the parking lot.
Jeter goes outside.
Elijah jumps Jeter, pulled off.
Cappotelli fights Jeter, but Jeter escapes.
Wild scene, people going crazy.

The pops for Dean Hill, Danny Davis, Deuce Shade, and Cappotelli on screen were huge, and this crowd is always dead. Heat for Jeter was old time heat.