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Hey gang, and welcome to SmackDown, i’m Neeley, filling in for Jeremy this week. Hope you dig the report. Remember that feedback is recommended, I don’t bite.

Cowboy Bob Orton starts things off in the ring saying that his son Randy did just what he said he was going to do at SummerSlam, and killed the legend of the Undertaker. Orton then hits the ring and this cues out the Alabama Slamma.

Randy Orton vs. Hardcore Holly
They fight over a tie up to start and Holly breaks it. Another lockup and another break by Holly. Randy sucks chants occur as they lockup a third time. Side headlock applied by Orton. Holly sends him off the ropes but gets knocked down by a shoulder tackle. Orton bails on Holly’s chops and talks with his dad. Holly with a headlock now and Orton sends him off the ropes, this time Holly nails a shoulder. Orton leap frogs a whip and slips out of the Alabama Slam. Orton gets a hammerlock but Holly reverses it and takes Orton down in a headlock. Orton reverses the headlock and takes Holly down. Holly backs him into the corner and hits a knee, then sends him to the opposite corner, where he lifts Orton up for t he Alabama Slam but Orton grabs the top rope. Orton slips out and rolls through with it, but Hardcore locks in a STF. Orton is able to get to the rope and gets on the apron. Holly suplexes Orton in from the apron for 2. Orton dumps Holly but he gets back in quick, only to get knocked down by a dropkick from Orton. Kneedrop and cover but Holly is able to kick out at 2. Orton gets a head vice locked in and throws punches at Holly’s chest. Orton sets him on the top rope where Holly gets a kick to the face sending Orton down. Orton goes for a double axe handle but Orton lifts the boot into his face. Both men down, and at the 8 count, both men get to their feet. Orton nails the uppercut and covers for 2. Holly unloads with punches but gets knocked down with a shoulder off the ropes. They exchange right hands and a high elbow gets Orton in the jaw. Back body drop by Holly, followed by a full nelson slam for 2. Holly goes up top and hits a flying clothesline for a near pinfall. Holly follows with chest chops and sends Orton to the corner for more chops. Holly sets him up for the Alabama, but Bob Orton gets on the apron and distracts Holly, but as he turns around Orton sets up for the RKO, Holly blocks it and nails a dropkick for 2. Holly taunting Bob Orton after his leg was grabbed and this time turns into the RKO, hook of the leg and a 3 count.
Winner: Randy Orton

A bit slow, but nonetheless a solid opener.

Backstage, Teddy Long meets Paul Cannon, who introduced himself from the network. He says he’s here to take notes and says that in 2 weeks, SmackDown debuts on Friday nights. He informs us that the network wants to continue for SmackDown to be the network’s best show. Cannon says that he has come up with a huge idea for the show, a rematch for the WWE Championship, Batista vs. JBL. Teddy informs Cannon that it is going to be a pleasure working with him.

A six-man tag match is announced for later on, Benoit, Mysterio and Batista vs. Jordan, JBL and Guerrero.

Commercial break.

WWE Smack of the Night: Last Thursday, the Mexicools interrupt the Peep Show.

Time for the Peep Show. Christian tells us that he had a lot of cleaning up to do after last week, and he warns the Mexicools that this is his show, because that’s how he rolls. He announces that his first guests tonight are Sharmell and Booker T. Christian welcomes Mr. and Mrs. T to the Peep Show. He goes into the 5-time chant, but Booker interrupts him and says that he’ll take care of that. Christian mentions that Booker is a big star, and big stars get asked the tough questions. The first question is that, after the events of last, week, are Sharmell and Booker still on speaking terms? Booker acts like it slipped his memory, but Captain Charisma rolls the footage of last week, Jillian Hall trips up Sharmell and Melina pins her as Mercury holds Booker back. Christian says that it was impressive how he let his non-wrestling wife get beat by Melina. Christian says that it is damn impressive that he is a 5-time WCW champion. Christian says that he was done so many good things in WWE, but then stumbles with words when he mentions what he has done in WWE. Christian asks what he has been doing lately. Sharmell mentions that it is a good question. Booker answers that first, he beat the hell out of Christian, and second he beat the hell out of Kurt Angle after he touched Sharmell. Sharmell says that it is time Booker needs to be looking out for himself and remembering who he really is, a champion. Booker starts to do the 5-time taunt as the Mexicools hit. Christian attacks Psicosis as Juvi knocks Sharmell down. As Booker checks on his wife, the attack Christian. Booker then cleans house on the Mexicools, sending them bailing. Christian and Booker in a stare off as the segment ends.

Commercial break.

Jillian Hall is in the ring holding the latest issue of SmackDown! magazine, featuring MNM, and then announces them out.

Johnny Nitro vs. Heidenreich
Nitro gets a kick to the gut and fires away, but Heidenreich comes back with right hands. Heidrenreich takes him down with a running knee lift. Nitro bails after Heidrenreich attempted a big boot. Heidenreich hip tosses Nitro back in. Nitro sidesteps a charge to the corner and hits a superkick for 2. Nitro gets a headlock and clubs at Heidenreich’s back. Shoulder tackle and clothesline by Heidenreich, and off the ropes he hits a sidewalk slam for 2. Heidenreich sets Nitro up top but Jillian distracts the ref. This allows Mercury to get in with a chair and nails Heidenreich in the knee. Animal comes in but gets knocked down by a missile dropkick from Nitro.
Winner via DQ: Heidenreich

Booker T & Christian vs. the Mexicools is announced for tonight.

Commercial break.

RAW Rebound: John Cena defeats Chris Jericho in a loser gets fired match. Following it, number 1 contender Kurt Angle destroys Cena.

Josh Mathews interviews Chris Benoit backstage. Benoit says that in 25 ½ seconds he made Orlando Jordan tap out. Benoit says that he is going to make a cup of coffee as the clip on a slip screen with the SummerSlam US title match on the other side.

JBL yells at Jordan for losing the title in 25 seconds. He says that in 2 weeks he will be champion, and that he needs Jordan in the match tonight. Jordan says that Benoit jumped him and he wasn’t ready.

Commercial break.

Booker T & Christian vs. Super Crazy & Psicosis (w/ Juventud Guerrera)
The faces attack to start and Christian starts with Super Crazy. Christian gets a scoop slam and quick pin for 2. Christian attacks Psicosis on the apron which allows Super Crazy to get a boot. Christian however gets a slam for 2. Front facelock applied and he tags in Booker, who hits chest chops. Knee to gut by Booker, but Crazy gets an eye poke and tags in Psicosis. Booker gets a sidekick and tags in Christian who sends Psicosis to the ropes, but Psicosis sends Christian into the ring pole. Super Crazy tagged in who hits a top rope missile dropkick for a 2 count. Crazy chokes him with the knee and drapes Christian’s face over the top rope, where Psicosis jumps off the rope rope and hits a leg drop. The pin gets 2 on Christian. Psicosis in off a tag and slaps at Christian. Christian fights back but Psicosis knocks him down with a spin kick for 2. Christian rolls out of the way of a moonsault by Super Crazy and they get dueling tags. Booker with a superkick to Psicosis and clothesline to Super Crazy. Sidekick to Psicosis, spinebuster to Crazy. Booker goes for the scissor kick, but Guerrero hung onto him on the apron. Both Mexicools beat Booker down but he gets a double clothesline, meanwhile Sharmell is arguing with Christian on the outside. Christian decides to head up the ramp. Double team suplex by the Mexicools gets the 3 count.
Winners: Super Crazy & Psicosis

Commercial break.

Backstage, Orton says that all is not lost for the Undertaker. Bob Orton is holding the DVD of the new Undertaker best of DVD signed by the Ortons, which will go the Undertaker retirement fund.

The guy from the network is talking with Teddy Long again, and he says that SmackDown needs more of Randy Orton. Long says that he has a major announcement to make, and has a special surprise.

Commercial break.

Teddy Long is in the ring with a special surprise. Right here, in this ring, we are going to have ourselves an old-fashioned lingerie pillow match. He says that he has 2 great divas ready, and announces SmackDown’s newest diva, babe of the year, Stacy Kiebler, who comes out in a pink dress looking extra hot. And now, playboy cover girl, Christy Hemme.

Mr. Cannon from the network walks out onto the stage and says that this is not exceptable. At the network, they feel like the people do not want to see a lingerie pillowfight. He then announces the match cancelled.

Commercial break.

Before the next match begins, Kennedy gets the microphone and announces that the next match is scheduled for 1 fall with a 20-minute time limit, and then announces Funaki. He then introduced himself, hailing from Green Bay, Wisconsin, making his SmackDown debut, Mr. Kennedy.

Ken Kennedy vs. Funaki
Kennedy overpowers Funaki to start but Funaki catches him with a punch and gets a pair of hip tosses and arm drag. Kennedy fights out of it and ducks a cross body, sending Funaki to the outside. Kennedy rolls Funaki back in and hits a powerslam and goes for a splash but Funaki gets the knees up. Funaki charges in but meets Kennedy’s knee. Funaki gets an enzigiri and goes up to the second turnbuckle, but Kennedy counters the tornado DDT and resets Funaki on the top rope. Kennedy hits his inverted Samoan drop finisher for the win.
Winner: Ken Kennedy

Kennedy then announces the winner of the match, Mr. Kennedy. Not really sure where they’re going with this angle, but it’s actually been going on for a couple of weeks on Saturday nights.

Commercial break.

JBL, Orlando Jordan, & Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio, Batista, & Chris Benoit
Jordan and Benoit start things off. Double leg takedown by Benoit and they exchange mounted punches. Series of knees to gut by Jordan but Benoit hits a german suplex. Rey adds a punch from the apron and Jordan bails outside after Benoit attempts the crossface, as we head into the main event commercials. As we cut back in Guerrero is beating down Mysterio. Eddie whips Rey off the ropes and gets a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. Mysterio slips out of a back suplex but Guerrero gets a kick to the gut. Rey spins around and gets a bulldog however, forcing Eddie to tag in JBL. Batista tagged in, and the two brawl. JBL gets a kick to the gut but Batista comes back with a shoulder. Batista back drops Jordan and gorilla presses Guerrero onto Jordan, sending them outside. Batista pounding on JBL in the corner, and he tags in Benoit. Benoit with the knife-edge chops, but JBL gets an eye poke and pounds on Benoit. Benoit counters a suplex and hits a suplex of his own. JBL kicks out of a sharpshooter and sends Benoit outside and Jordan pulled the top rope down. Jordan takes Benoit out on the outside. Benoit is rolled back in, and JBL pins for a 2 count. JBL fires away on Benoit in the corner and gives him a boot to the face. JBL hits a Russian leg sweep and tags in Guerrero, who pins Benoit twice, both get 2. Guerrero locks him into an abdominal stretch and gets leverage from Orlando. Tag to Jordan who keeps the abdominal stretch locked in on Benoit. Benoit fights out of it with a hip toss. Benoit trying to make a tag but Jordan gets an elbow drop and tags in JBL who continued wearing Benoit down with punches. Benoit fights back with chops but JBL drives him into his corner where Eddie and Jordan choke him with the tag rope. JBL with a suplex for 2. Powerslam by JBL, and he tags in Eddie who hits the Hilo for 2, as Guerrero got the bottom rope. Eddie sends Benoit into the opposite corner sending him to the mat off impact. Jordan tagged in who hits a neckbreaker for 2. JBL tagged back in who locks in an abdominal stretch on Benoit. Benoit fights out with headbuts and knees to the mid-section. JBL misses a charge in the corner and Benoit hits a drop toe hold. Benoit gets an enzigiri on JBL. Batista tagged in who cleans house on Jordan and takes JBL and Guerrero off the apron. Spinebuster on OJ. He sets up for the Batista Bomb but Guerrero breaks it up with a dropkick. Guerrero gets in and germans Guerrero, then locks in a sharpshooter, but JBL breaks it up. Top rope senton by Mysterio takes JBL out, followed by Batista dumping him. 619 connects on Jordan, then a german suplex by Benoit. 3 on 1 now in favor of the faces, and Batista nails the Batista Bomb on Orlando Jordan for the 1,2,3.
Winners: Batista, Chris Benoit & Rey Mysterio

That does it this week for SmackDown, thanks for joining in, and be back next week.

— Mark

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