[MISC] Former WWE Stars Speak Out!

– In an interview on UCW’s site, former WCW Champion Scott Steiner had the following to say: “I had heard rumors that the only reason they brought me in was to work Triple H. But they signed me for 3 years so I got paid regardless, so who looks stupid, not me. It is there fault they didn’t use me correctly. They never used or had good spots for any of the WCW guys. Goldberg didn’t get used like he should have either. Vince never won over or got the WCW fan base.”

– In a recent interview conducted by WrestleMag.com, Rena “Sable” Mero said the following about Brock Lesnar: “I really don’t have the latest inside scoop for obvious reasons. Last time I knew something, he (Brock) looked like he was going back to WWE. I don’t think he has explained to anyone why he isn’t going, so I suppose there is a chance that it’s a work.”

– In an interview earlier this week on Between the Ropes Radio, former Smackdown superstar Frankie Kazarian spoke about his WWE release. As also reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Kazarian was let go after asking for his release. A combination of factors led to this, including: him being signed early in the year, but not being used on TV for many months, and then when he was on TV, being put on Velocity; Vince wanting him to cut his hair; him asking a newer SD writer backstage about plans for him, and the SD writer not even knowing who he was; and more. He also talks about his former tag partner Matt Bentley, TNA booking under Dusty Rhodes, and the future of The Future.

– In his latest online commentary, Lance Storm talks Bret Hart/Montreal and more.

Credit: PWInsider.com, StormWrestling.com, BetweentheRopes.com, WrestleMag.com, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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