TNA At Ringside: I’ll Kill Matt Hardy


Welcome back to ringside everyone. I don’t have a catchy opening this week. Just read.

8/19 Impact! Recap

I couldn’t find Hollyric this week so Eric S benefits from this. Read the Short Form as it also includes Smackdown! results. Not that you care about WWE.

Candido Memorial Tournament

So TNA has put together a snazzy little tournament that pairs up veteran workers with the newer workers. Good idea? Sure.

Lets face it, TNA’s tag team division is not what I once claimed it was. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still better than WWE’s tag division but it’s the same workers now. Naturals, AMW, and Canada are the only teams competing for the tag team belts. Now these men put on a good match with one another so I tend to give them a pass. Adding another team with these guys can only help. In doing this tournament, TNA may find another paired team with good chemistry that they can add to the tag division in the long run.

Turning people during the tourney could work as well. We saw this past week that Sabin and Shocker didn’t seem to get along the entire match. Lord knows that Sabin could use a heel turn. He is a good talent in the ring. Add a mean streak (ala Kurt Angle) to him and think of the possibilities. Sure, Sabin is not on even on Kurt Angle’s level on the mic or even in the ring but he’s a top talent in the X Division. With Michael Shane most likely leaving, TNA needs to replace him with a heel. Getting Kazarian back could take a while. Turn Sabin, add an X Division heel, and I’ll be happy.

TNA knows how to run a good tournament. The Super X Cup tourney just last month came off like a million bucks. It was straight up wrestling with the right people to do it. TNA isn’t known for their brilliant storylines. A large part of that is due to the fact that they only have 50 minutes weekly on The Internet.

The question is do storylines make the match? I stated to my pal Gholson that TNA has better wrestling matches, while WWE has better storyline matches. What’s this mean? TNA doesn’t need a good storyline to have a great match. AJ vs. Joe was a good match that was just a tournament final. Hardy vs. Edge was a good match based on their storyline. The match it self was just a brawl; the storyline (up until WWE f*cked it up) was good.

Ok, I have gotten way off subject. The topic is the Candido Memorial Tournament. It will be fun to see how this plays out. We have already seen 3LK members Ron Killings and BG James not want to attack each other when they were on opposite sides of the ring. We have seen some teams not get along that great. TNA can’t botch this tournament. It’s a way to increase the tag division and take advantage of something that’s already better than WWE.

Pissing Off Workers

You have got to love WWE. They act like they are going to push Christian to the moon and then they remove his shirt, leave him off SummerSlam, and have Mexican stereotypes beat him up. Not the best way to treat such talent as Christian. What’s all this mean? Probably nothing, but like a tabloid, I can speculate.

I would love to see Christian quit or be released by WWE. Because we all know where he’s going. T-N-A. They would welcome him with open arms. Hell, I could see him winning the World Title in his first few months. He would be one of the top guys on the mic in TNA and he would be one of the top guys in the ring. He could be the true leader and the World Title threat in Team Canada. That’s the only thing Team Canada is missing. They have a tag title threat in Roode and Young. They have a X title threat in Petey. Now they could have the world title threat in Christian. It’s freakin perfect.

Next, they pissed on Shawn Michaels it would seem. He was forced to carry Hogan and then job to him at SummerSlam. Hogan wouldn’t even let Shawn get the win back. Is there any way in hell that Shawn leaves WWE? No. He knows he can get away with almost anything because he got in with Triple H when he was still jobbing. But I’m going to have fun with this, because I can.

Let’s say Vince decides that he wants a Hogan/Michaels re-match at Survivor Series. Better yet, he wants to bring in Bret Hart as the Special Guest Referee. How do you think Shawn would react to this?

::Shawn drops his Game Boy in the middle of a Pokemon battle::
Shawn: What the heel do you mean Bret and Hogan? I have to carry Hogan’s sorry ass to another decent match while there’s always the chance that Bret attacks me for some sort of revenge? You have got to be f*cking kidding me. Vince, take your company and shove out. I’m out.

Then of course, Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman can lure Michaels to TNA. Everything works out perfect.

Do I believe a word I just typed? Not really. But hey, Jed re-writes and re-views the book and the DVD so let me have my fun.

Matt Hardy Will Die

Now there really hasn’t been much on the Hardy/Edge match at SummerSlam. No backstage reactions, no word if the match was planned out, and nothing on Hardy’s real condition. So I’m just going to say that they left those two go at it. Why? Because SummerSlam was supposed to last until 11:30 and it only lasted until 10:56. I know WWE ends their shows early, but never 30 minutes early. Plus, why stop Hardy/Edge due to blood but not stop Hogan/Michaels due to blood? Maybe it’s just me wanting to continue to tear into Hardy for shunning TNA but oh well. Deal with it.

The images are stolen from another site that stole them from That’s what those f*ckers get for stealing Hevia’s tag line.

I have to agree with Edge on this. He might be screwing the fake stuff but nobody ever complains about Pam Anderson now do they? Plus, Amy looks 10 times hotter now than she did a few years ago according to most horny guys.

From almost breaking the glass ceiling (I’m kidding of course) to breaking his face. Welcome back to WWE bitch.

Hardy is dead on with that comment. Adam beat the shit out of him and I’ll bet anyone that he pounded the shit out of Amy later in the night. Matt could be in Rhino’s position right now, facing Raven for the World Title. Instead he’s jobbing and giving horrible promos.

Jeff of course should be facing Jarrett at Unbreakable but it’s said he will face Roode. Whatever, we know he will beat Roode. I agree with Matt though. Everyone has said that he is the better of the Hardy brothers. Well Jeff is about to win a PPV match while Matt is getting his ass kicked to a guy that stabbed him in the back, slept with his girlfriend, and got him fired for the most part. Who’s the better Hardy?

Why stop at Heat? Carry him back to dark matches. Hell, carry him back to The Internet so he can bitch about how he was done wrong some more. Is The Matt Hardy Show still running? Carry him to hospital and make a whole episode out of that. Hell, throw in commentary by Adam and Amy. I’d pay for it.

Adam Copeland is a role model. He screws his friends girlfriend, his friend and not him gets fired, he gets a World Title shot, he beats his friend to a bloody pulp, and he can rap. What a life.

The next night on Raw, Hardy jobbed to Rob Conway. The sad part about this? No, not that Hardy is jobbing. It’s that Hardy is jobbing to a guy that really look scared to perform the elbow from the top rope. After the match, Edge kicked his ass some more.

Now I think these two are getting along enough to work this out on screen. A re-match is most likely in the works. But I’ll go tabloidish on you guys again. They seem to be able to work together in a professional manner. SummerSlam could have been worse I think. How long can these two go in a re-match though? You have to think that Hardy will think a certain blow is a bit too stiff and he will start swinging. Just a thought.

The C Cup

*Ultimate Candido Team: Pretty simple here. Give me your ultimate veteran and “rookie” of today.

Mine would probably be Shawn Michaels teaming with AJ Styles. Determining veterans and rookies can be a bit tough but give it your best.

The End

I’m outta here. I’m off to enjoy my weekend with my buddies. Drop me a line at and join me next time At Ringside.