En Francais: TNA Impact Report

TNA Impact Report

But first, check Jeremy Lambert’s TNA At Ringside, here .

In the RDS studios, Marc Blondin and Pierre-Carl Ouellette introduce us to this week’s Impact edition. The big debate between the announcers this week is when will PCO beat up Blondin.

Last week’s episode started the Chris Candido Tag Team tournament. The brackets are at the end. I don’t get the point of random partners. Was this Candido’s gimmick?

Sean Waltman & Alex Shelly vs Abyss (w. James Mitchell) & Shark Boy: Shark and Shelly start it off with back and forth, and stalemate. Another b&f leads into a dropkick by Shark Boy. After a couple of chops, Shelly goes head first on Shark’s knee and then he goes butt first in Shark’s mouth. Tag to Waltman and right into an armdrag and armbar by Shark. Waltman throws him in the air and hits a legdrop. Waltman with chops, a bodyslam and a clothesline in the corner. Shark with a rollup for 2 and Waltman tags Shelly. Sean whips Alex into Shark and hits a knee. Broncobuster by Waltman. Alex punches Abyss and that is a no no. Abyss goes for a double chokeslam, but Sean and Alex kick him, off the ropes, double clothesline by Abyss. Waltman gets clotheslined out of the ring. Torture rack sitdown on Shelly. Shark Boy pats Abyss on the back and we know what happens here: Black Hole Slam to Shark Boy. Shell Shock gets the 1, 2, 3.


David Young & Simon Diamond vs Jerelle Clark & Mikey Batts. Back and forth by Young and Clark ends in a springboard hurrincarana by Clark. Tag to Batts and Simon slaps Young for some tough love. Swinging move by Young and a tag to Simon. Double elbow to Batts. They got Batts in control with some really fast tags. Batts fights back with an enziguri to Simon. Tag to Jerrelle and a tag to Young. Clark is on fire with a leg lariat to both. Hurricarana to Young. Young fights back with a clothesline and Clark goes 360. Spinebuster gets Young the 3 count.


Independent wrestling is talked about.

Shane is with Larry Z and talking about TNA Unbreakable. Larry makes a four-way elimination between AMW, Naturals, Team Canada and whoever wins the CC Memorial tournament. Christopher Daniels comes in and tells Larry to do something about Samoa Joe attacking him, so Larry makes a 3 way between AJ, Samoa Joe and Daniels at Unbreakable.

Elix Skipper (w. Simon) vs Apolo (w. Siaki): Facelock by Elix and Apolo really throws him off.


Apolo hits a belly to belly and Elix lands in the corner! Apolo tells the audience to cheer him. You suck, pal. Press slam by Apolo gets 2. Elix comes back with a legsweep and starts working on the knee. Both trade chops. Elix with snapmare and a kick to the back. Apolo fights back with a powerbomb. Both men down and Elix gets a dropkick to the knee. To the top, moonsault gets 2. To the top again -> misses the legdrop. Superkick and TKO by Apolo gets him the trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrois.


Kip James & Petey Williams vs Konnan & Lance Hoyt: Konnan does his spiel and starts it off with Williams. Both men trade armbars and Konnan beats him in the corner. Whip to Hoyt into a clothesline to Williams. Konnan does the shoe thing to Williams and James. Funny stuff. Williams goes for the knee and the bad guys have Konnan in control. Konnan finally fights back with a Rolling clothesline and tags Hoyt. Hoyt with 3 clotheslines and sideslam to Kip. Chokeslam to Williams coming, no, Williams with kicks and dropkick to the knee. Canadian Destroyer coming, no, powerbomb by Hoyt. Kick to Hoyt by Kip, Famasser coming no, Konnan trips him, Big Boot by Hoyt gets him the 1, 2, 3.


We see Shane Douglas and Larry Z walking. Jeff Hardy is hanging upside down and Larry tells him he better act professional once they go on Spike TV.

Raven vs Bobby Roode (w. Petey Williams): Raven lays the belt down and faces off against Roode. Shove by Roode, right hand by Raven. Roode is in control in the corner and misses a charge, hitting his shoulder into the post. Raven is on the attack with kicks. Snapmare, kick to the back and once again Roode’s shoulder meets the post.


Again with the shoulder into the post. Williams distracts the referee and Raven gets lowblowed. Clothesline and punches by Bobby. Suplex gets 2. We got choking and more punches. Some kicks too. Petey beats on him on the outside. Back in, Roode gets 2. Chinlock. Raven gets out of it with elbows , but gets taken down by his hair. Outside, Raven meets the apron and the railing. Raven fights back with a Russian legsweep. In the ring, Raven is on fire with a clothesline and a kneelift. Bulldog gets 2. Whip by Raven, reverse, Roode with a head down, Raven kicks it and Roode throws Raven out. Williams hits Raven on the post and puts him back in. Roode gets 2. Roode accidentally clotheslines the referee. Anklelock by Raven. Petey comes in with a couple of shot with the hockey stick. Canadian Destroyer coming, no, Cassidey Riley comes in and Russian legsweeps Williams to the corner. Roode with a half Boston Crab. Raven pushes Roode into Williams and DDTs Roode for the 1, 2, 3. Rhino appears and brawl in on. Two clotheslines by Raven and a bulldog. Abyss comes in and boots Raven. Both men kick Raven, until the lights go out. When the lights come back, Sabu is in the ring and throws a chair to Rhino and Abyss. Sabu uses the chair to sprinboard clothesline Abyss out.

We end it in the RDS studios.

Brackets for Candido Memorial tournament:

Simon Diamond & Mikey Batts
Vs > Shocker/Sabin
Shocker & Chirs Sabin

BG James & Cassidey Riley
Vs > Truth/Dutt
Truth & Sonjay Dutt

Sean Waltman & Alex Shelley
Vs > Waltman/Shelley
Abyss & Shark Boy

Kip James & Petey Williams
Vs > Konnan/Hoyt
Konnan & Lance Hoyt

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