Murtzcellanious – LIVE Canadian Idol Autograph Signing Coverage – August 26

Some bonus Canadian Idol coverage for you this week (that explains why the Wednesday recap was a little late).

The top ten Idols announced that their compilation CD, “High Notes” was coming out on Tuesday and to promote the release, Rex Goudie, Ashley Leitao, Amber Fleury, Suzi Rawn, Emily Vinette, Aaron Walpole, Daryl Brunt, Josh Palmer, Melissa O’Neal and Casey Le Blanc would be performing at the Fairview Mall and signing some autographs on Friday August 26 @ 12 noon.

I arrived at the Mall at about 11 AM. I went to centre court where the stage had been set-up and noticed that there weren’t that many people around. Actually, there wasn’t anyone around.

I knew that something was wrong since the barriers and security guards were in full-force and no fans present. I also knew that some friends of mine had vowed to be at the Mall at 4 AM. I walked around outside and that’s when I saw them all. I estimated that there were about 120 people in the line and more were joining by the minute. They hadn’t been allowed to enter yet.

I continued to survey the situation before sitting on a bench and listening to a copy of the CD myself. It’s interesting to hear because it basically features songs that the Top 10 used during the Top 32 stage of the competition to advance. It was this weird sense of deja vu. Remembering the buzz when Rex Goudie sang Blue Rodeo’s “After The Rain” to the delight of the crowd or when Emily Vinette and Melissa O’Neal shocked the country with their sterling renditions of “Don’t Cry Out Loud” and “Concrete Angel” respectively. The CD obviously sounds a lot more professional (considering the fact that it was recorded in a studio), but doesn’t have the rawness of the live performance when the Idol’s sang it for the first time. Still, those are moments than can never be duplicated anyway.

They started letting the fans in at about 11:30 AM. It was at this point that I noticed a Z103.5 tent that was in the Mall and heard an announcement that the event was going to be hosted by Z103.5 morning show personalities Scott Fox, Melanie Martin and Dave Blezard. I am very familiar with the trio, since I am on the morning show every Friday during the Survivor season. I called Dave to see where he was, and he said that this was his first time at Fairview so I used my limited navigation skills to direct him to where everything was happening.

He arrived and I soon saw Scott and Melanie as well and we talked about Scott’s stag and doe party that I attended a few weeks ago, along with my Murtzfest birthday party.

They went up on stage and announced the Idols who came out and did the Stevie Wonder medley. I think that the Stevie Wonder medley is their favourite because this is the third time that I have seen them perform it. Oh, wait a minute. I am such an idiot. That’s probably because that is the one that they prepped as a group when all 10 were still around. Duh.

Anyway, there are certain things that still continue to make me laugh during the group performance:

– Suzi holding hands with Daryl (I just find it amusing).
– Aaron as the ladies man (there is a moment in the song where all of the female competitors sing around him).
– Rex’s moves and how the crowd responds.
– How Josh’s screaming style actually works for Stevie Wonder (which never ceases to amaze me).

Anyway, after the group performance, the Idols went over to sign autographs for some of the handicapped children first which was great. I liked how Rex continued to sing his track from the CD while it was played over the loudspeaker.

Aaron also hugged everyone that approached him.

The Idols returned to the stage and the autograph session was finally opened up to the general line-up. Everything seemed pretty orderly, but it was kind of hard watching the exact same thing over and over again. It was my first time covering an autograph signing, although ironically enough, it was not my first time at an autograph signing at Fairview Mall. A couple of years ago, I lined up for 17 hours to meet Avril Lavigne. Haha. There’s my confession for the day father.

Anyway, to entertain myself during the repetitive autograph signing, I started talking to some of the more dedicated fans that were there. Some had lined up for hours. Others just liked getting to meet them as many times as they could (Em, that line was for you!).

As I hung out with Scott, Dave and Melanie, I was talking to them about a few things. We discussed whether or not the Idols actually get tired. I mean I can type out quite a few articles in a day, but that’s with the comfort of my house and my keyboard. These guys actually had to sign their names over and over again and continue to smile to every fan that was there. I’ll tell you this much. There’s no way that I would be able to do it.

At 1 PM, the autograph line was opened to fans that weren’t able to obtain one of the wristbands. Once again, the Idols were patient and agreed to sign even more autographs for the delighted crowd.

At least one will be signing autographs for a long time to come.

After the Fairview Mall appearance, the four remaining Idols (Suzi, Aaron, Rex and Melissa) headed over to the Canadian National Exhibition for another concert.

When the Idols were leaving, Melissa saw me and commented on my new haircut. I had it really spiked up (stealing a page from the book of Widro) for a Sony party that I went to on Thursday evening and she dug it. She even took a pic with me!

I left and went to see Must Love Dogs. Ha, that’s my second confession in this column.

Talk to you after the Elvis show on Tuesday.

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