The Sunday HEAT Wave

Yes, at last indeed. I’m on the final stretch here for the month of August… and well, I couldn’t be happier. Plus only two more days away from Tuesday which well… lets just say that, what a way to top off one of the hardest months (for me anyway) of the year. Like I’ve said before, I’m glad I made it through. Sure there were some pissed off people and very long and tiring days, but that was just necessary road bumps in the way which I wont miss a bit. Till next time August….

SummerSlam video: Speaking of… Ha-ha, I’m back to my winning ways with just one match wrong. When I put my mind to it, and when the PPV is not booked entirely by crazy Smackdown creative, I can do some pretty amazing stuff in the prediction department. SummerSlam final: 7-1!

Hosts: Todd Grisham and The Coach

Antonio vs. Val Venis
Wow, that didn’t take long for WWE to break up this team into single matches. Either that or they just didn’t have any other team to book them against. I mean we can’t get Hurricane and Rosey (the World Tag Team Champs) without Super Stacy who went to Smackdown, right? Right? Anyway, Antonio digs right into the start of the match as things start to look ugly for Venis, who’s actually been getting the bigger paycheck appearing on RAW for the last few weeks. But it actually looks like they are going somewhere with this single’s match storyline wise as Romeo interferes in the match prompting Big Viscera to help out Venis to set up the potential tag team to go against HT. But then again where’s Victoria now, again!? Wasn’t she going to be the bad ass girl to take out all the Raw Divas and team up with HT? Looks like they gave the bad girl moniker to Candace Michelle and Tori to beat up the new Raw Diva.
Winner: Val Venis

Matt Striker vs. Jobber
Well it looks like Striker will be getting the HEAT push as he’s awarded the win going up against the sacrificial lamb. The guy actually pulls off a few good looking spots within the match to make things interesting. But we’ll see how things turn out a few weeks from now.
Winner: Matt Striker

[RAW] Shawn Michaels/ Chris Masters:
Dammit, do I have to say anything else about this? What did Shawn do to deserve this? Please don’t let this be HBK’s next feud, just get Master’s off TV!!!! Wasn’t Big Show after this guy? Sigh.

Hurricane vs. Johnny Parisi
Funny to note that when Hurricane’s music hits, his video still has Stacy’s name in it. But I digress, in second thought, maybe I’ll go back to it as the swing man comes out. I thought this guy was shown the door already, oh well. Again, no tag match as Hurricane goes at it solo with Parisi trying to get the early pin. Few arm drag takedown from Hurricane, but is slammed into the corner. A few stomps keep the superhero grounded followed by a suplex for two! Nice drop kick nails Parisi straight in the mouth as momentum changes and hits the flying cross body for two! Eye of the Hurricane is hit and hopefully the swan song has been sung for Parisi, but I have my doubts.
Winner: The Hurricane

[RAW] WWE Title- You’re fired Match; John Cena vs. Chris Jericho:
Like I said before, I’ve enjoyed this feud from the beginning and glad they got to go another round before Jericho goes on his hiatus. Let’s just hope that it isn’t a long one and that we’ll see Y2J sooner rather than later and maybe, just maybe in the title picture too. Other than that, can’t say that I’m disappointed in the new #1 contender in Kurt Angle. With Angle on his game and looking hyped to be in this one, this feud should simply just be five stars, regardless of the winner. Oh it’s true, it’s true!!

Tyson Tomko vs. Small skinny jobber
Um, this one should be a squash. And yeah it is… kick to the back of the head. Second straight RKO in two weeks. Oh by the way, supposedly Rene Dupree was announcer side scouting Tomko for his next tag- team partner. Tag- team!?
Winner: Tyson Tomko

Kerwin White vs. Tajiri
Seems like Uncle Eddie is still being greedy with the low riders as Chavo comes out with the golf cart again, hmm… I wonder if that’s good on gas. Wow, and the ECW chants come out fast tonight while Kerwin takes the time to hang his shirt on a hanger while it looks he’ll be wrestling in a polo and khaki shorts. Early momentum is in favor for Tajiri until White hangs him up in the far left corner. And as the ref stupidly uses time to hang the shirt again, White uses his shirt to choke Tajiri. What happened to my ref of the year candidate, get him out here now!! Tajiri meanwhile is back on top as he gets two after a few kicks. Kick to the head for two! Tarantula is locked on the ropes as Tajiri tries a rollup but is blocked while Kerwin uses the rope for the win! Talk about cutting of momentum.
Winner: Kerwin White

Heat Wave of the Night: Pretty good overall night from HEAT. With plenty of matches and good reviews of last weeks Raw which kept me watching. And so with the numerous nominations to give the nod to, it simply has to go to one: the MAIN EVENT! It was Kerwin White’s “debut” match and the return of Tajiri. Even though I don’t know how far this new gimmick will take Chavo, it’s not as horrible as the few other ones we got going on right now *Cough* Masters, Parisi *Cough*. And so there we have it… *whew* time for me to take a breather and a sigh of relief, it’s almost over! 4 down 1 to go!!! And for those of you who want, wish me a Happy Tuesday! Peace!

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