Death Cab For Cutie – Plans Review


The Inside Pulse:
The long-time darlings of indie-rock fans everywhere finally make their major-label debut, and the result is their best effort to date.

Lead singer Ben Gibbard’s songwriting has always been the underlying current running through all of DCFC’s songs, and Plans is no different. Gibbard’s lyrics and unique ability to provide a concise view of a snapshot in time is not lost here; in fact, it’s only strengthened by the better production values and better studio time the band had. Death Cab comes up with some of the most interesting grooves you’ll hear in music of this type. Most indie-rock bands are content to sit back and know that fans will buy records because they’re hip and edgy, but Death Cab seems to be on a constant search for a perfect sound. This record is littered with golden moments like the bass groove of “Summer Skin” and indicates a serious devotion to the craft of good music-making.

It’s tough to actually peg down complaints on this record, but if there were any, I’d have to say that some of the songs start to sound repetitive in the melody department. I understand the need to create a flow, but the melodies could have been more varied in taste and execution.

Pedro The Lion mixed with Dashboard Confessional

Reason to buy:
Because it’s just really, really good music. It’s soothing, intelligent and absolutely great. They didn’t sell out, they didn’t change their sound, and if anything, they only made it better because of a better recording budget. Worry not, OC Fan, because your precious Death Cab is still the indie-rock tearjerking group you love and claim as your own.

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