[RAW] Dark Match, HEAT Results (Spoilers)


Sunday Night Heat spoilers and dark match results according to Richard Trionfo and PWInsider.com:

Dark Match

*Dennis Knight (the former Mideon) defeated Antonio Banks.


*Rob Conway defeated Matt Striker.

*Rene Dupree defeated Mike Petry.

*Kerwin White defeated Tajiri. White did mic work, repeating his claims about Shelton Benjamin on last week’s Raw.

*Eugene defeated Johnny Parisi.

*Val Venis and Viscera defeated The Heart Throbs.

Post-Show Dark Match:

*WWE champion John Cena & Big Show defeated Gene Snitsky and Kurt Angle with stereo pinfalls as Show pinned Angle after a chokeslam and Cena gave the FU to Snitsky.

Credit: PWInsider.com

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