OVW TV Report for August 27, 2005


The buzz surrounding WWE developmental TV show “OVW” the past few weeks has been because of a series of angles Paul Heyman has been doing with new heel champion Johnny Jeter. When Thrillseeker Matt Cappotelli suffered a broken leg, Heyman had Jeter win the title and turn heel on Cappotelli. Then came the bloody angle two weeks ago where Jeter brutalized Cappotelli. Last week, Jeter picked a fight with everyone from OVW TV announcer Dean Hill to Elijah Burke to a cameraman who ended up walking off to OVW owner Danny Davis. Could Heyman follow these angles with another awesome show?

This week’s show opened with a highlight package of all the chaos involving Johnny Jeter last week. This included the angle where Jeter caused saintly Dean Hill to lose his composure and walk out, smashing Brent Albright with a chair while babyfaces innocently pulled Albright back, and the show closing angle with OVW Owner Danny Davis getting beat up by Jeter.

We go straight to the desk and Al Snow introduces his broadcast partner Dean Hill, who comes out of the back to a huge ovation. Dean says he crossed a line last week, but can’t say he regrets it. He said last week was the first time in his career he called his daughter and told her not to let his grandkids watch the show. He says to the crowd, “I’m sorry, I feel like I let you down.” Dean announces he handed Danny Davis a letter of resignation earlier in the night. The crowd reacts to this. There’s been a lot said about OVW lately, with the controversial firing of Jim Cornette and now seven or so weeks of TV written by Paul Heyman. But the Dean Hill angle from last week is probably the most realistic wrestling TV you’ll see this year, and it is just fun to watch this show. Love him or hate him, Paul Heyman has set OVW in motion, and this week was no exception. While I would say it’s hard to top last week’s show, this show was different, in that it moved all the storylines into the next round of stories and kept the focus on Johnny Jeter as the man everything revolves around.

Ken Anderson and Daniel Puder come out and interrupt Dean and Al. Anderson goes on a berserk tirade immitating Dean Hill from last week, screaming “A-hole” and “F-You!” at people, and then feigning a heart attack. Anderson talks about being on Smackdown, and changing his name from Mr Anderson to Mr Kennedy. All the while, Daniel Puder is standing in the background shadowboxing and being sprayed down by two Puder attendees like a UFC Fighter. Kennedy introduces Puder’s opponent, Charles Evans (and then pauses, and says “Evans” again), and then introduces Puder (and says “Puder” afterwards). Evans looks like a tough character, put Puder demolishes him with a takedown and a flurry of punches. Puder gets the Key Lock, and Evans taps out. Puder’s body looks noticeably different, as in more muscular and much leaner, in just a week.

As Kennedy announces Puder as the winner, OVW Owner Danny Davis appears on screen and tells everyone in the arena to stay, and everyone in the back to head out to the ring, a team meeting is next.

Another new version of the OVW “Let the Bodies Hit The Floor” music video show open airs.

We’ve had zero commercials, and we’re still going. Davis is trying to get in the ring, but Kennedy stops him and says this is obviously a meeting about Jeter, and neither him or Puder know Jeter, so they should be excused. Kennedy says “this is obviously very political. I’m a Kennedy. I don’t get involved in politics.” Davis excuses them. Everyone from the dressing room was on the ring apron. Dean Hill was crying. Davis will only accept Dean’s resignation if Dean accepts the fact that “if you quit, I quit.” Dean gets out of the chair and shakes Danny’s hand. Danny addresses he can’t fire Jeter, but can make his wrestling life a living nightmare, which is a nice play on words. Danny announces a battle royal, winner faces Jeter later in the night. And it starts now!

In the first angle of the battle royal, Ken Doane wants Bobby Lashley to get off the apron.Kenny Bolin is pleading that Lashley is in dress clothes and shouldn’t be in the battle royal. The crowd is solidly behind Lashley, but he finally steps down.

The battle royal begins, and now it’s time to get Brent Albright over. The soft spoken submission specialist stood in the middle of the ring and challenged everyone to fight him, that’s how bad he wants the title back. Tank Toland runs at Albright, who puts Tank in the crowbar and Tank taps. But it’s a battle royal. Chad Toland rushes at Albright, but Albright catches his foot and applies the ankle lock. Chad taps. Beast rushes at Albright, but Albright locks in the crowbar. Beast taps. Everyone gangs up on Albright and throws him out, so he’s the first out, but was making everyone tap and looked great.

After a few more eliminations came the big spot of the battle royal, where Beast press slams Ken Doane over the top rope, but both Dean Visk and Bobby Lashley catch Doane, who is screaming his feet never hit the floor. Lashley then just drops Doane, whose feet now hit, and Doane is eliminated. A real heated face to face confrontation happens here.

When we come back from a commercial, the eliminations continue, and Beast looks real strong. Eventually, it’s down to The Tolands, Elijah Burke, and Deuce Shade. The Tolands even fight at one point , and the commentary in the last few minutes was all about how great the Tolands are, but in the end Deuce Shade wins the battle royal. Deuce is Jimmy Snuka Junior and the people chanted “Deuce Deuce” when he won.

In the back, WWE’s Maria busts Mr Kennedy, Puder, and Jeter all together. As they do a really good interview, there is yelling and screaming in another locker room. The camera runs down the hallway, and Dean Visk is screaming about Lashley dropping Doane on purpose. Lashley finally walks past Doane and asks Visk if he ever shuts up. Visk screams NO! This is one of the stupidest characters in the history of wrestling, and it’s laugh out loud funny. Visk looks like Brock Lesnar’s little brother and screams like Ultimate Warrior at the top of his lungs. It’s so funny, and you just want someone to punch him out. Lashley decides to take Visk’s match, and tells Bolin, “I’m doing this alone.”

So we go back to the ring, where Osama is waiting for Dean Visk. Out comes Lashley in his street clothes. He rips off his shirt and destroys Osama in 20 or 30 seconds. At one point, Lashley lost control of Osama when Osama was up for a powerbomb live, but the move was edited, so on TV, Lashley picked Osama right back up and did it again. Crowd was just nuts for Lashley. Hot crowd all night, which has been a long time coming in OVW. I also noticed the Danny Davis promo was edited down some, because it was longer live.

We come back from commercial break and Al Snow has Matt Cappotelli on the phone again. Cappotelli tells the audience he’s 6 1/2 weeks away, got the stitches out of his ear and face, which is a great reference to the angle two weeks ago that shocked everyone because it’s been years since a real bloodletting. Jeter comes out and starts to talk while Cappotelli is on the phone, and Cappotelli starts yelling that’s he’s going to get Jeter. Cappotelli says Jeter sucks, but Jeter rolls into the ring.

Neither Dean Hill nor Al Snow wanted to introduce Jeter because, according to Dean, “Jeter is a disgrace.” Eventually Al has to introduce Jeter.

Johnny Jeter defended the OVW Title against Deuce Shade, and this was probably the most heated match you’ll see from new Davis Arena. Jeter is 100% heel, and now gets a total heel reaction. Lots of false finishes, and Jeter just survives with a superkick.

An instant replay airs, and Capotelli is on the phone. Jeter says he’ll drive anywhere to fight Capotelli, let’s settle this once and for all. Capotelli says, “you don’t have to drive far, I’m in the parking lot” and calls Jeter a prick!

Jeter runs out the back door, and Capotelli is standing on a car waiting for Jeter. A lot of wrestlers from the locker room get in between them, but Elijah Burke jumps Jeter from behind. Wrestlers pull Elijah off Jeter, who is swinging wildly at Jeter, but then Capotelli, who has a cast on his leg, jumps off the car and attacks Jeter!

Everyone dives in, and when Capotelli is pulled to his feet, Jeter is gone, and Capotelli is screaming for Jeter. Wild scene, people going crazy.