Benzos – Morning Stanzas Review

BenzosMorning Stanzas

Website: Benzos Offical Site

The Inside Pulse:
A New York based quintet of musical virtuosos who all hail from exceptionally different backgrounds try their hand at reshaping auditory pleasantries. ‘Benzos’, (named for benzodiazepines, a class of anti-anxiety medications), demand an emotional response from their amalgam of multi-textured and brave, yet complex and smooth compositions. The beautifully layered sounds and atmospheres are masterfully woven into standard Brit pop rock with a sometimes danceable electronic edge. “Benzos creates a fascinating synthesis of urban electronic cool and suburban indie heat.” – Amplifier Magazine. Would you be entirely surprised to find they claim Pink Floyd, Massive Attack, Aphex Twin, John Coltrane and the Verve as some of their big influences?

On the opening track, “All The Kings Men,” the listener might think they are getting roped into a remake of the 80’s underground alternative front. Morrissey has already been there, done that, and written the book. These guys just wanted to show some respect. Never fear, experimentation is just around the corner with “You’re Forever An Hourglass.” Have you ever imagined what would’ve happened if Jeff Buckley fronted Radiohead? Then listen to this track. Definitely airplay material. “It’s Amiable” reveals some amazing acoustic depth with a tripped out background wash and fantastic lyrics. Moving right along, we get to “Sore Eyes.” This track should really find its way onto Ultra Chilled 6. Mmm… therapeutic doses. “Mechanical Comrades” blends a euro rocktronica bit with a light trance feel. Do wonders never cease? Finishing strong with “Spins,” the band makes quite a challenging effort to blend drum ‘n bass breakbeats with a New York coffeehouse sensuality while at the same time stepping eerily close to Metallicas “One.”

If you like to hear talented musicians push the envelope and expand their, and your, sense of aurally appealing music, this album will satisfy. There’s a little bit of everything for every taste.

If too much at one time is not your style, or you just like the simple, mindless stuff, this is album may be a little much to grasp. No one ever said all good music would be fairly appreciated.

Cross Breed:
Postal Service, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Morrissey, Keane, Snow Patrol, Thievery Corporation, Jeff Buckley, the Pixies and Jane’s Addiction.

Reason to Buy:
Benzos satiate a need for something new and original that is done well. We’ve all seen and heard attempts before and most of them leave much to be desired. This band simply has the talent to make it work.

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