Canadian Idol – Recap – August 30

It’s that time again, where we watch kids karaoke their way from the television into your hearts. OK, maybe not, but they’ll still be singing.

This week, our Final Four tackle the legacy of the King, Elvis Presley. Which can mean only one thing – Jon Dore in sequins. Be afraid. Be even more afraid for Murtz as he experiences this LIVE. So what does this mean for our idols? Well, I’m expecting Aaron to be in heaven as he tries to do his best Elvis impression. I’m also expecting some inspired song choices, now that Casey’s gone. Personally, I hope that someone sings “Suspicious Minds”, and resurrects the Fine Young Cannibals cover.

But am I expecting this week to be GOOD? Well, no. The singers have actually done pretty well so far, and you have to expect a down week sometime, so it might as well be now.

Hmm, not too much of a prologue this week. Oh well. I’m Kevin Wong, and this is your Canadian Idol recap.

“Last week on Canadian Idol” and credits

Ben Mulroney is out, and notes that the Idols went on a tour to Memphis, and that they’ll be singing 2 songs each tonight.

And here are the judges!!

Zack Werner doesn’t think that it’s the “ultimate challenge” as Ben says it is.
Jake Gold says that the competitors need to avoid doing Elvis impersonations.
Farley Flex and Sass Jordan don’t say much of note.

Ben voices over a retrospective of Elvis. And here are the Idols, and here they are in Memphis.

Now it’s time for our first performance, and it’s Aaron Walpole, singing “Teddy Bear”. And he’s really reigning in the theatrics tonight. Maybe he reins it in too much, because he seems somewhat tentative. OK, but not as good as Jesse, Danny and Joey did it.

Jake – I think you did a pretty good job of not falling into an impression.
Farley – I saw Elvis oozing out of your pores
Sass – You’re starting to make a fabulous name for big men everywhere.
Zack – Thought it was pageant-like, commenting “Next”.

Ben – Thinks Zack’s reaction was the most pageant-like thing tonight.

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We’re back, and MP Lisa Fruizza, the Minister of Canadian Heritage, is in the audience. And now it’s time for Suzi Rawn, singing “Heartbreak Hotel”. She goes for a jazzy style, and it doesn’t really work. It’s definitely not in Suzi’s comfort zone.

Farley – I would’ve liked to see you have more fun with it, but you still did your thing.
Sass – That was a good job.
Zack – You flat out look like you could use a good night sleep. And you sang like it, too.
Jake – I don’t know what Schmelvis is talking about. You sang that like you had heartbreak.

Ben – Appeals to the crowd. And he loved that – as if he’s actually hated any performance, ever.

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It’s time for Melissa O’Neil and she’s singing “A Little Less Conversation”, hopefully not in the stylings of Jon Peter Lewis. She tries giving it a sultry feel, but she’s inconsistent, singing with Casey-like passion in some places and lots of passion in others. Not her best performance.

Sass – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you are my Idol.
Zack – You sang it off key – KILL THE NEXT SONG, PLEASE!!
Jake – I found it really screechy. The energy was there, but really screechy.
Farley – The main thing is to have fun, and you energized the room, at least.

Ben – Is at a loss to explain Zack tonight.

And now, it’s time for a little Rex Goudie (sans hat) and “Blue Suede Shoes”. And it’s the best performance of the night so far – I know it’s not saying much, but Rex knocked one out of the park.

Zack – There are no excuses for choosing the cheese that doesn’t stand the test of time. This was the best performance of the first half. But it was aiight.
Jake – It’s tough to do an original version of the song, but the dance was original.
Farley – You’re having fun, but you’re like Elvis Pretzel.
Sass – I love you, but that song… .

Ben – Is calling his lawyer for gimmick infringement (the shoes).

And now Aaron Walpole is back singing “Love Me Tender”. And again, I’m not feeling it. He’s not nearly as passionate as he normally is. I think the Elvis theme really froze him up.

Jake – Thank you for wearing white. That really is your comfort zone.
Farley – I just crack up when you work the camera. A little bit of a hymn sing there, but it was allright.
Sass – You know how to milk it.
Zack – We’ve turned into the Dairy Network – all cheese, all the time.

Ben – Strokes Aaron’s jacket. Yikes.

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Singing “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, it’s Suzi Rawn. And it’s apparent that she can’t sing the ballads, as it’s not very good at all – she’s off key and very quiet in parts. Good effort though.

Farley – Says that it sucked in a very nice way.
Sass – Very ambitious. A bit iffy in the vocals, but really kinda cool.
Zack – That may be your last performance on the show – it was the most honest and honourable performance of the show.
Jake – It’s the first time I’ve seen you be vulnerable. You moved me.

Ben – That was a subtle performance, and that was a beautiful performance. Stop being positive, dammit.

Melissa’s singing after the

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We’re back, and Jon Dore is here to fill time. Tonight, he presents the fried peanut butter and banana sandwich.

And NOW it’s time for Melissa O’Neil, singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. She’s a bit off key again. Aside from that, it’s a good performance – it makes you feel like you’re watching a musical. I’ll let you decide whether that’s good or bad.

Sass – That was simple, sweet and stunning.
Zack – I thought that was honest and honourable and God willing you’ll sing a lot better next week.
Jake – I like when you’re playful, but I really like it when you do what you just did.
Farley – I really enjoyed that.

Ben – That didn’t sound like Elvis at all – that was fantastic.

One more Memphis hit after the

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We’re back, and singing “If I Could Dream”, it’s Rex Goudie. And just like everything else this week it’s not good – although this is the first performance that goes over the top with things. Still, his first performance was good enough to carry him tonight.

Zack – The ratings next week should be spectacular because I have no idea who will be here. Four talented singers massacred one of the great catalogues of popular music.
Jake – That sounded like Jim Cuddy singing an Elvis song.
Farley – I really liked the passion.
Sass – I thought that was poo – but I really like you.

Ben – You know how to end the show.

Recap and we’re outta here.

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