[SD] Smackdown, Velocity Results (SPOILERS)

Dark Match

Shane Twins Beat Buck Quartermain and Antonio Banks.


Vito beat Steven Richards with a version of Edge’s finisher.

Returning Brian Kendrick beat Paul London in a great match with sliced bread #2.

Doug Basham Beat Mike Madden??? Didn’t catch the last name.

Super Crazy beat Nunzio in a non title match. Another Superb Match, good week to see Velocity.


Recap of last week with the network shutting down the women’s match.

First match: Heidenreich beat Joey Mercury with all kinds of outside interference. Beatdown on LOD after win.

Backstage “The Mole” talking to the network rep and thanking him for signing the Tag Team Title Rematch for Friday Smackdown (guess UPN is booking the show now?).

From here, it gets a little sketchy in some of these so they are maybe not in order.

Bob Orton intros Randy Orton and cut a promo about how they ended the Undertaker’s legacy. They hype next week whether UT will show up or not. Announced for tonight that Randy Orton will face Rey Mysterio Jr.

Network rep apologizes to Stacy and Christy about having to cancel their match last week but wants a straight up match between them tonight. Divas accept.

Chris Benoit backstage says he wants to show yet again what he can do faster than the match with Orlando Jordan so he has Josh Matthews time him while he uses the bathroom and washes his hands. Pretty funny stuff

Rematch: Chris Benoit beats Orlando Jordan by tap out in 23.4 seconds. Clock was counting down in the corner of screen. Can they bury Jordan any more? ANOTHER rematch announced for next week with Jordan and Benoit.

Teddy Long congratulates the network rep on making the first episode of Friday Night Smackdown the best ever so far. The Network says that the Batista-JBL match will be a bullrope match and Teddy Long counters with the Mysterio-Guerrero match being a cage match now.

Simon Dean out to claim that Batista uses his Simon System and that is why he is champion now. Out comes Bautista and states he can’t remember for the life of him ever using the product but wants to give it a try. He takes a chug and says it’s making him feel stronger and bigger by the second. He then tells Dean that it makes him feel more aggressive. Total squash from there, Batista wins via Batista Bomb.

Mr. Ken Kennedy beat Booker T with Sharmell. Kennedy won with his top rope finisher. Christian did commentary and got into an argument with Sharmell. Booker T was on his way up to the top rope and was distracted by what was going on and got caught in the finisher. Sharmell let him have it and he argued back this time.

Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki lose to William Regal and Paul Birchall.

Eddie Guerrero cuts a promo in the back behind a cage basically stating he has lost his family and he has nothing to lose. He says he will brutilize Rey in their match. Went WAY too long.

Randy Orton beats Rey Mysterio Jr. in a phenomenal match that went easily 15 to 20 minutes.

Dark Match Main Event

Batista Beats Randy Orton via Batista Bomb.

A lot of people were VERY angry that the Undertaker and JBL were advertised along with Eddie Guerrero and did not appear, even though JBL has an autograph session right here in Jacksonville tomorrow. Unbelievable that they get away with this garbage with no explanation. Arena was 3/4 full. Overall a hot crowd with some dead spots in the interview segments that went on and on.

Credit: PWInsider.com

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