Bruce Dickinson – Tyranny of Souls Review

Link: Bruce Dickinson

The Inside Pulse:
Vocalist for the immortal Iron Maiden as well as someone who has previously ventured out solo, Bruce Dickinson continues his legendary status with Tyranny of Souls. A disc infused with the grandeur and storytelling contained in the best of old Maiden and almost indescernible from such, it’s an interesting experiment in a day and age when fans of Maiden were sated when Dickinson reunited with the band at the turn of the millennium. The band’s last album was a success among fans and critics, so why the solo work, particularly when the style isn’t really all that removed from what the band has been doing for decades? It seems superfluous and perhaps a bit self-aggrandizing. Nevertheless, the songwriting is strong; the fantasy-oriented songs sound more folklorish than like cheesy Tolkien fanfic and several songs latch into your head quite deeply.

“Navigate the Seas of the Sun” is the consummate Viking power metal ballad and the biggest highlight of the album. That’s not to take away from “River of No Return” or the title track, each equally strong in a similar regard.

Oh, there’s a strong cheese factor here; classic Maiden vocals, classic Maiden subject matter. That much is definitely a matter of taste.

Modern Iron Maiden crossed with, ummm, solo Bruce Dickinson? You would never mistake it for anything else.

Reason to buy:
You either love Iron Maiden or you need some power music for your next D&D game.