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Hi everyone. Welcome back for another edition of the Handbook.

Hey Daron how is it going this week?

Well it was going alright till yesterday. I completely overslept”¦making both late for work and unable to get all of my posting done. THEN when I got home yesterday, I hoped on line, answered a few emails and was sitting down to get this bad boy done so it could be posted today when my damn internet went down. After a few hours I gave up and went to bed. So here I am now awake, online, and posting this column”¦things are looking up.

Mine went pretty well. I’ve been busy. Not as much in the email range as last week BUT a few questions did require good in-depth answers. So let’s start this party without further ado.

Since we’re running late, I’ll let that “ado” line go.

Daredevil1 emails

hey guys, excellent column here goes a tricky question?

We like those”¦

How many people has Daredevil killed?

I have the Man without Fear Mini and there you can count at least 5 (fixer, slade, a drowned thug, Lars and maybe another thug) and in Born Again , Matt kills a helicopter Pilot with a Bazooka.

I know that all the thousand Ninjas who turn into smoke don,t count, but i´m sure that matt early in his carrier as DD has “crossed the line” (making a difference with some others vigilantes in NY , but not falling in Punisher levels)

Actually DD has not killed too many people.

5: Man without Fear
1: Born Again

Anything otherwise might be like a few Hand members, some random thugs but no one that important. DD isn’t normally into murder so I think at most he might have killed like 10 people. (Not counting that guy in the movie)

Well, also I would like to know which series is cannon regarding DD, the man without fear series or the frank miller run?

You do know Frank Miller wrote Man Without Fear right? He did the series and it was drawn by John Romita, Jr., with Al Williamson inking, and Pat Garrahy handling the cardstock cover design.

So both are continuity. Well according to Frank.

Did DD capture his fathers killers in the yellow costume or in the man-without-fear one?

Actually he did go after revenge in the MWOF look and the yellow costume, depending which continuity you subscribe to. Going with the idea that Mille’s stuff is the “true” continuity, the yellow costume version is now voided.

DD wore a yellow costume?

Kidding 🙂

Did his father die during his Columbia years or later in his early lawyer days?
and Finally…..Do you Have ANY IDEA why maggie left Battlin´Jack? why did she turn into a nun? any hint will be awesome from a Marvel Universe expert like you guys!!

His father died before Matt went to Columbia University. Known fact now (also note that’s the movie answer too)

Grace Murdock (Sister Maggie) actually never revealed to the readers why she left.

(Just to give you that list):

DD: 230, 237, 267, 325, 348-349, 375, 380, (vol2): 4-5
Punisher (vol3): 18

Rob emails

Ahoy hoy,

Hi there.

There was a series in the early 90s featuring a mercenary named Terror. He had a green face and could attach other people’s organs to himself to gain their powers and memories. It must have helped with the ladies. Anyway, who was he, where did he come from, and where did he go?

Terror Inc. We’re talking classic Marvel 90s here with this character. His series came out in the 90s when every character known had a title it seems. The error that made Marvel go bankrupt.

Terror Inc started his adventures in his own series, Terror Inc # 1

His origins are not really known. It was never explained in the series. What we do know is this. In the distant past, Terror engaged in a battle with a green bear-like demon, a thing ruling the dark. He sacrificed his own form in order to overcome it, cursed by victory to wear the dead beast’s mantle.

He was popular with the ladies, which is amazing with those looks. Terror mostly only appeared in his series with a few guest shots in other series. He disappeared into comic book limbo when his title ended with issue 13.

Blake asked me a few questions

Could you tell me all of Matt Murdock’s lovers past and present? Also a little about each one.

Heather Glenn: Heather was Matt’s secretary at first. Then they became lovers. The relationship was stormy at best, especially after Heather learned Matt was Daredevil. She even was engaged to Matt for a short time.

Moondragon: Moondragon is a former Avenger/Defender. She forced Mattto fall in love with her with her powers but, of course, didn’t like all that affection

Elektra: Matt’s lover, enemy and partner. She’s been it all. She and he met in college. Was Matt’s first love interest. He’s lost her numerous times.

Nyla Skin: She was his girlfriend when Matt Murdock had amnesia and believed his name was Jack Murdock, he became the ‘blind boxer’.

Glorianna O’Breen: She dated Matt for a short time. Not much known about her

Karen Page: Secretary for Nelson & Murdock. Karen almost immediately fell in love with Matt. And, of course, Foggy fell in love with Karen. She and Matt had more and more problems in the relationship department, and, after Karen’s father died, she decided to move to the West Coast and pursue a career in acting.

Black Widow: (Natalia Alianovna Romanova) Natasha to you readers. She was his partner and lover for a few years. Even the title of the book reflected this for a time, emblazoning Daredevil & Black Widow on the cover.

Typhoid Mary: is “a love-maker and a man-hater.” She is a psychotic, schizophrenic sexual predator who will unabashedly flaunt and manipulate her gallery of alluring and dangerous personalities for one singled-minded purpose: to dominate and humiliate men. She loved Matt so that she could kill him for the Kingpin

Echo: Echo was one of Daredevil’s foes at first but of course wound up in love with Matt at one point and they became lovers.

Becky Blake: First hired by Matt as secretary for Storefront Legal Clinic. She fell in love with him but never revealed her feelings

Jessica Jones: I believe it’s a stated fact her and Matt became lovers at some point during her super hero days.

Milla Donovan: His wife. She and he have been married for a little time in the title and well”¦ it’s not the best of relationships

She-Hulk: I’m counting her for dating Matt in HOM

Jocasta: 2-3 times

Killmonger: 3-4 times

How many people have died and been reborn and how many times

Ah the classic question

Everyone knows Magneto, Phoenix (Jean), and Elektra for this the most.

Mags himself had to do it close to 4-5 times if not more

Jean 6-7 if not more

Elektra is the least of those 3 at 2-3 times

Among those who also do it

Adam Warlock: around 3-4 times

Air-Walker: 2-3 times

Apocalypse: 3-4 times

Balder the Brave: twice

Belladonna: twice

Cameron Hodge: 3 times came back

Count Nefaria: twice

Warlock: twice I think

Doctor Doom: 5-6 times at least

Doctor Strange: twice

Dracula: 2-3 times if not more

Fin Fang Foom: 2-3 times

Galactus: twice at least

Ghost Rider: 2-3 times

Madelyne Pryor: 2-3 times

Norman Osborn: 2-3 times

Grim Reaper: 2-3 times

Vindicator/Guardian: Mac Hudson: 2-3 times

Hawkeye: Twice

Iron Man: Twice

Jigsaw: Twice

Leader: 3-4 times

Lorelei: 2-3 times

Madame Masque: 2-3 times

Mangog: 2-3 times

Morgan LeFey: 2-3 times

Mister Fantastic: 2-3 times

Professor X: 2-3 times

Red Skull: 2-3 times

Reptyl: 2-3 times

Senyaka: 2-3 times

Spider-Clones: numerous amounts died

Stryfe: 2-3 times

Thanos: 2-3 times

Thor: 2-3 times
Varnae: 2-3 times

Vision: 2-3 times

Wasp: 3-4 times

Wonder Man: 3-4 times

Some who died came back and died again:

Agatha Harkness
Angar the Screamer
Clifton Graves
Deacon Frost
Demon Bear
Doomsday Man
Elements of Doom
Elsie Dee
Fabian Cortez
Shadow King

Many others have died and came back otherwise. I can do issues just on them. Because as everyone knows Comics characters rarely stay dead.

How many people who time travel, like Cable and Bishop?

Anyone else ever notice X-characters are more known for this little trick? Coming from other time lines or the future. Only a few do it constantly

Bishop (XSE timeline)

Marvel Girl Rachel Summers (Days of Future Past)

X-Man, Dark Beast, Holocaust, Sugar Man (Age of Apocalypse)

Havok (traveled to Mutant X)

Ultra girl (Came from Ultraverse)

Juggernaut, Reaper, Siena Blaze (Traveled to Ultraverse)

Most of the Marvel heroes appeared in the year 1602 (limited series)

The Squadron Supreme (The full team came over a few times to visit Marvel Universe

The whole Amalgam Universe is alternate reality where the Marvel/Dc heroes merged.

Deathlok: The original came from Earth-7484

Numerous characters have traveled to other worlds and the like for a mission or two as well but those are common type affairs so I won’t bother listing all of them

Travel around more then others

Cable (Askani timeline)

Exiles (Mimic, Blink, Sabretooth, Sasquatch, Namora, Morph, Beak, Holocaust, Magik, Thunderbird, Nocturne, Magnus, Sunfire)

Weapon X (Sabretooth, Deadpool, Hulk, Spider, Storm, Vision, Hyperion, Colossus, Gambit, Kane, Angel, Firestar, Ms Marvel)

Death’s Head I: (Earth 2020)

Other great examples of alternate worlds can be found in the pages of the old What If although not many characters travel in from those worlds

Also Earth X/Universe X/Paradise X are alternate futures.

House Of M

This week we get two more books to cover. So let’s see what’s up this week

Black Panther #7

The Black Panther King T’Challa and Queen Ororo have made Africa an economic superpower

They meet with the Council of Leaders about Magneto which included: Doom (Latveria), Sunfire (Japan), Black Bolt (Inhumans), Namor (Atlantis)

Of course Magneto didn’t like this and first sent Sabretooth to deal with Black Panther and Quicksilver to speak with Storm. Quicksilver came back in love with Storm and Creed’s head came back in a box

Which makes Magneto angry enough to send Apocaylpse and his Horsemen. Iceman, Angel and Nightcrawler it looked like. They got taken out quite easy.

Apocalypse got the worst fate being killed by Black Bolt saying one word to him.

New X-Men #17

Moonstar leads her Hellions to Japan to deal with Terrorist there.

Cameron Hodge is one of those terrorist caught.

Among those on the mission are Wither and Elixar as well

Surge learns the location of her father in the process

They also find out that Sunfire is helping fund a project Genesis which the terrorist think is a weapon

The New Mutants are brought in on the mission by Surge to help find her father.

That’s it for this week guys. Keep those emails coming. Remember folks, the more emails the better the column.

Daron care to sign off?

Um”¦sure? We’re done already? I hardly got to say anything and that’s just not cool”¦

My turn, now that Daron’s done.


1. poll: Who would you like X-Men to crossover with next?

2. Superhero Hype poll: Which X-Men film would you be most interested in?

3. Also everyone please feel free to go check out the Jack Kirby Museum

Either way that’s it for this week. Keep the questions and emails coming. Until next week I’m Jim Trabold reporting from my corner of the Marvel Universe and I hope you all have a great week and see you at the comic shop.

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