[WWE] Interviews with Batista, Jindrak, Dusty and RVD

– Alex Marvez’s weekly column includes an interview with Mark Jindrak, who talks about almost being added to Evolution and more. It can be found here.

– Batista talks to the Atlanta Journal Constitution about WWE’s upcoming TV taping in Atlanta. The paper discusses his World Title, which traces back to Atlanta-based WCW, in the short interview here.

– WWE.com talks with Rob Van Dam about his recovery, wanting to face HBK when he returns, and his preference of the live RAW over Smackdown. One quote of note:

After the ECW One Night Stand I think I made an impression on some people. That was a moment to extend the ECW spirit on WWE’s platform, which is something that was never done before and definitely needs to be done again. My part, since I wasn’t cleared to wrestle, was just to get on the mic and speak my mind and from the heart. It was completely unscripted, unrehearsed and unapproved. Nobody asked what I was going to say – not Paul Heyman, not Vince, nobody. So, I went out there and was able to tell everyone what I really wanted them to hear. They liked the fact that I had a side of me I actually liked to show instead of just a side they pull out, which is just a very, very small side of who I am. I never felt like they’ve understood me. When I first came to WWE, they thought I was a surfer. They totally didn’t get me, and they still don’t, and maybe that’s part of me being one of a kind. Let me explain myself to you, and I think that’s what they like now. When I went back for the draft they wanted me to show that same energy I showed at One Night Stand, to show that same spirit. I expect more of the same in the future, and hopefully that will put me in a more important role in the show. I had several very important people come up to me and basically emotionally hug me and say, “That’s it, that was the missing ingredient, that’s what you needed, now you have it all.” I’ve always had that. Now that I’ve shown it, let’s see what else I can show you.

– Also interviewed on WWE.com is Dusty Rhodes, who has recently been named to WWE’s creative team. He talks about the confidence Stephanie has shown in him; looking forward to working with Michael Hayes, Ted DiBiase and the rest of the creative team, and how he seems things like Starrcade or Great American Bash on tape and is proud of what he created and is looking forward to doing more. He also said that he is studying RAW and SD tapes, and he doesn’t want to be on TV anymore, yet he’d like one more (untelevised) match with Ric Flair before he hangs up the boots. One quote of note:

I think it’s just opportunity to continue what I’ve really enjoyed doing since 1974, and that’s create exciting scenarios. Being able to work with a group of young kids and some veterans to give my opinion on some stuff and my ideas, I think that is exciting too.

Before it was just me; it was my product. And at one time it was just Vince (McMahon), nobody really came in between, but you know, with the new areas that WWE has, from the movies to our television shows — including moving to Friday Nights on SmackDown! — being able to create and see ideas that you have come into full bloom is very exciting. And I’m excited about the talent we have with WWE. I’m excited about the creative team we have. I’m excited about the whole thing. It’s taken a while, but I think it’s going to be fun.

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