Battlestar Galactica – Recap – Episode 2-02

We open up this weeks episode with Dualla and Billy meeting for the first time after the president was stripped of her title and thrown into the brig. After an awkward conversation, Billy tries to make amends for being a dick and ignoring her, oh and also trying to help start a mutiny. Guess what, it doesn’t work.

Cut to Tigh standing over the old man when the power goes out all over the ship, there’s a scramble to start up emergency power. Gaeta thinks it’s the virus the Cylons’ hit them with at the end of the last episode. This doesn’t last long as a few minutes later they get word of Cylons spotted on the ship.

They’ve been boarded!

The new flight crew are seen walking through the halls laughing about how awesome the attack against the Cylons last episode, when they walk into one, who proceeds to claw up one of their chest’s Wolverine style while the others try shooting at it and then run the away as fast as they can.

Cue: Opening Credits

47,874 Survivors and counting

Apollo didn’t escape with the rest of the flight crew and was about to get blown away by the walking tin can when you see it’s head explode and two people with high-powered rifles standing behind it. We find out the secret for killing Cylons, only explosive rounds will do it. So it’s now a trek to the armory to try and scrounge up as much ammo/weaponry as they can get.

We’re off to the brig to see former president Roslin demanding to be let out of her cell so she’s not killed like a rat in a cage. Billy, her and the guard are re-united with Apollo and his group. He tells them to get to sick bay as quickly as possible, because it’s designed to be a disaster shelter if the ship is lost.

Back to Caprica with Starbuck and Helo. The two of them are talking about the complete lack of corpses. Helo explains that the Cylons have been picking up the corpses and incinerating all of them. Helo confesses he’s a fracking idiot for falling for Sharon, but figures he’s not to blame because he was alone for so long and didn’t know that she had shot the old man. Starbuck leads them to an old apartment of hers on Caprica.

In the command center on Galactica, Tigh, Gaeta and co are talking tactics and getting a situation report about what’s going on with the raiding party of Cylons. Looks like they’ve split into two forces and Tigh jumps in saying they’re moving forward and aft. He’s seen it before, they’re going after two subsystems that when disabled will allow them to vent all of the people on Galactica into space. To top all that off, it’ll take an hour to clean the virus out of the computer systems completely.

Off to Kobol we go. Gaius is seen laying on the ground of Kobol and he sees Commander Adama helping him up, we know of course this has to be a dream since the old man is still unconscious and in critical condition up on Galactica. Gaius is cradling a child, one that Adama asks to hold. Adama then proceeds to walk into the water and drown the baby. Once the baby is underwater it completely disappears. Gaius wakes up and talks to the hottest hallucination in history. We see that the people that had used to live on Kobol used to perform human sacrifice, even though the scriptures said that the people on Kobol lived in a paradise.

Galactica again, Apollo’s team has made it to the small arms depot and are loading up on equipment. They find another survivor named Jammer. Turns out there are only 6 explosive rounds.

Caprica, all this jumping around is annoying to recap, Starbucks apartment. They sit down and relax, talking about old times, etc. Nice touching scene that doesn’t really move the story forward. Starbuck is talking about how everyone is fighting to get back what they had, while she’s only fighting because she doesn’t know how to do anything else.

Back on Galactica, Roslin’s group are still trying to make it to sickbay, they run into Dualla who seems to be in shock after seeing a friend killed by the Cylons. They’ve reached a dead end in their route to sick bay, so they have to make a major detour to get there. There’s only 2 Cylons left, but there aren’t any marines in between them and the decompression safeties. Say your prayers gentlemen.

Kobol: Cally’s exhausted so her and the chief take a break. They finally make it back to camp, right around the same time Gaius does. Hooray everyone on Kobol is reunited. It turns out it’s too late to save the downed man with the medikit. At this point the medic wants to euthanize him with an overdose of drugs from the medikits. Why they don’t just put a bullet in his head I don’t know.

Galactica: Apollo and his group finally get in touch with command, turns out they’re in between the Cylons and the decompression controls. They’re directed immediately to aft damage control to head the Centurions off. Roslin’s group get stuck again on the way to sick bay, turns out they have to go through aft damage control to get to sick bay also. I’ve got an idea where this is going now.

Apollo’s team makes it there in time and they start setting up some cover to shoot from. Here come the centurions! The Cylons run past Roslin’s group, but Billy fires off a shot as they fun by distracting them. This gives Apollo’s group a chance to take one out by surprise, and in a spectacular move Apollo manages to blow the head off the last one. Roslin’s clothes got shot, but not her. Which prompted a “The gods must be watching you” comment from her guard.

Caprica: Starbuck and Helo take her old truck so they don’t have to walk anymore.

Galactica: Billy talks to Dualla in sick bay after she gets patched up, looks like all is forgiven for now at least. Now that the raiding party is gone they can finally send over the proper doctor to look after Adama. Roslin heads back to the brig along with Apollo. Apollo says to Tigh that neither of them are fit to wear the uniform.

Another strong episode, it seems like the team from Galactica can do no wrong. What’ll happen to Commander Adama? Will the people on Kobol and Caprica ever get off their respective planets? Will someone be able to make peace between Adama and the president if/when he wakes up?

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