Battlestar Galactica – Recap – Episode 2-03

We open this episode with a funeral for the two people who died on Kobol, Tarn and unnamed injured dude. Number 6, talks to Gaius about how there is no heaven or hell, just oblivion once you die. Gaius suspects it’s because they haven’t seen the face of the Cylon God. Number 6 says it’s because they died on Kobol.

After the funeral LT stats to wig out, you can tell he’s not focusing on the task at hand anymore. They scout around and find the Cylons building a missile battery to kill everyone in the valley.

Galactica: The doctor finally arrives and makes a b-line for sickbay to try and take care of Adama, turns out there is still internal bleeding, so the doctor prepares for surgery.

Opening Credits

47,862 survivors and counting

Back in surgery, hopefully Adama won’t bring that number down to 47,861. Tigh after seeing the surgery in progress, takes a swig from his flask. He’s mirroring LT in that he’s losing his grip on reality somewhat. The press and the former Quorum of 12 are demanding an audience with Tigh to get information on what the current situation is.

In the brig, the former president has started hallucinating without her cancer medication. Billy is going to keep trying to get her any medication the needs.

Kobol: Still scouting out the Cylons trying to figure out how to take out the missile battery. Gaius in the meantime hallucinates about Number 6 telling him about him needing to suck it up and act like a man, because he’ll have to lead some day. Back in reality, the Chief notices that it’s not a missile battery to attack them in the valley, it’s an anti-aircraft missile battery to take out any search parties.

Galactica: Tigh continues to lose control, he screams at Apollo for needing 90 minutes to repair the fighters/raptors. He finally talks to the Quorum and explains why the president was removed from power. Zarek suspects that they want to declare martial law, which Tigh vehemently denies. Then the Quorum demand access to former president Roslin. Tigh says he’ll take it under advisement.

Ellen Tigh goes down to the brig to talk to Roslin, and discovers she’s hallucinating and losing her grip on reality. After Ellen leaves, Roslin figures out who she was and returns to reality.

Kobol: They finish reconnaissance on the missile battery and start planning how to take it out. Crashdown thinks they should attack the Cylons, the Chief on the other hand thinks it’s suicide. Crashdown pulls rank of the much more experienced Chief. Gaius raises a stink about this plan being crazy, and how it should be a democracy. The Chief puts him in his place, and explains that Crashdown’s word is law.

Galactica: The guard and Billy are talking about Roslin’s hallucinatory rambling. The guard recognizes what she’s rambling about. Claims it’s from one of the holy books about a prophesied leader to take them to salvation.

Ellen and Saul are talking about the press and quorum wanting to see the president. Ellen tells Saul to let them see her because she’s going insane and it’ll show she’s unfit to lead, leaving Saul in sole command of the fleet.

Kobol: Number 6 predicts that one of the group will turn on another during the assault on the missile battery.

Galactica: Tigh is in his quarters drinking scotch and looking at old pictures of him and Adama. He’s drunk and Dualla and Gaeta can tell over the phone. He tells them it’s ok for the Quorum to go and see the president. Not knowing that the guard has gone to get the herbal medication that works on her cancer that Roslin asked about last season.

Kobol: The search and rescue team finds the transponder for the downed raptor, and lay in a course to it. The group on the ground are looking at the missiles and discovered there’s 2 more than expected guarding it. Crashdown sends them on their way, but Cally can’t move, she’s too scared. Crashdown pulls a gun on her to try and convince her to go. He threatens to kill her if she doesn’t move. Gauis shoots him from behind just before Crashdown tries to kill Cally. Another man down on Kobol. Hearing the gunfire the Cylons open fire on the humans. Chief orders them to fall back.

ETA 5 minutes for the SAR team.

Seelix and the Chief get hit, but they make it to the tracking dish that the Cylons need to lock on to the ships. The Chief blows it out rendering the missile battery useless. The raptor’s swoop in and blow the Cylons to smithereens. The group on Kobol is saved! Hooray, one less location to worry about next episode.

Galactica: Tigh escorts the Quorum down to the brig to see the “insane” Roslin. Unfortunately for Tigh, she had received the medicine and is fine and in command of her faculties. Roslin tells the Quorum that she humbly feels she is fulfilling the role of the leader. The scrolls say a dying leader will lead them. Roslin finally admits to having terminal breast cancer. Tigh is in disbelief but the rest of the Quorum seems to believe her and are willing to follow her.

Kobol: Apollo and crew are helping the crash survivors. He asks how Crashdown dies, Gaius says he died like a hero leading the charge and the Chief backs him up on it. Number 6 is proud of Gaius because he’s finally become human by taking a life.

Galactica: Surgery was a success, Doctor Cotter says that Adama will live, but he won’t wake up until he damn well feels like it. Tigh says that because the government can’t work with the president in jail, he dissolves the Quorum of 12 and declares Martial Law.

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