Battlestar Galactica – Recap – Episode 2-04

Starting off the Chief is in the brig with Tigh, he’s suspected of being a Cylon (you know because he was getting bizzay with Boomer last season). Chief then gets tossed into the brig with Boomer, but he’s extremely cold to her, telling her is she talks to him he’ll kill her.

Caprica: A few anonymous humans are running around in the woods tracking people they think are Cylons. Turns out it’s Starbuck and Helo. Looks like some people survived on Caprica.

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47,861 survivors and counting

Humans firing on humans, exciting! I wonder how they’ll prove that they’re Cylons.

Galactica: Cally comes and talks to Gaius trying to get him to prove that the Chief isn’t a Cylon. Gaius tells her there’s nothing he can do, because his detector “obviously doesn’t work”. Cally tries to blackmail him by threatening to reveal what really happened to Crashdown down on Kobol.

Gaius goes to talk to Tigh, saying that his old test was a beta test, which is why it didn’t pick up Boomer. Tigh sends him off to prove one way or the other if Chief is a Cylon.

Now that martial law has been declared, ships are deciding to stop mining, to stop re-supplying Galactica. There’s revolts and riots on certain ships also. Fun times to be in the fleet no doubt.

Ellen’s back to try and get Saul in charge of everything, the power mongering bitch. I really hate her. Saul, weakened by the drink has decided to take a hard line on the people that stopped supplying.

Caprica: Lots of gun play between the two human forces. And it’s a standoff, Reservoir Dogs style. Turns out the people that survived on Caprica were a sports team. Heh. After testing their sports knowledge everyone puts their guns down and decide to play nice.

Galactica: Turns out there’s still lots of support for the former president. There’s now even more ships holding out on supplies, including precious coffee! Tigh decides to send over armed boarding parties to the disobedient ships.

The boarding parties aren’t greeted particularly enthusiastically and the poorly trained boarders shoot and kill 4 civilians.

Roslin finds out what’s going on and is extremely concerned about the fleet splintering apart, her and Apollo plan an escape to try and bring the fleet back together.

Saul bitches and moans some more about not being ready for command. Ellen gets mad, they end up sleeping together having passionate anger sex.

Boomer and Chief again, Sharon risks her life by talking to the Chief. He denies ever having loved her because he could never love a machine. Gaius comes down to test if the Chief is a Cylon. He injects something into the Chief which causes him to collapse and stop breathing. He tells Boomer he can save the Chief if she tells him how many Cylons are in the fleet. She digs down into her programming and tells Gaius there are 8 Cylons still in the fleet. Gaius gives the Chief another shot bringing him back to life.

Caprica: The sports team brings Starbuck and Helo back to their base, an old high school. We find out there’s 53 people left in their group.

Galactica: Roslin asks Doctor Cottle for help to escape Galactica, Billy talks to the Corporal who’s been guarding her, Dually gets Tigh to shut down a causeway giving Roslin and Apollo and escape route. The wheels are certainly in motion for the escape. Gaeta goes to talk to Dualla, he seems to suspect her of breaking certain regulations. Apollo goes to say goodbye to Adama so that Cally starts a fight to defend the Chiefs honour. There’s a team building a cell for him right now, and the news of him being a Cylon has been spreading.

Roslin escapes! It’s a mad dash through the corridors, Apollo gets called away to “check on someones Raptor”. While Roslin is walking through the halls she and her group get caught by a private in the marines. After a nice speech, she convinces the marine to let her pass.

Oh no Billy isn’t going to go with Roslin! He’s too worried that her escape will divide the fleet and cause a civil war, a line he apparently won’t cross. She respects his wishes, wishes him well and her, Apollo and their small group take off from Galactica.

After Apollo and crew leave the ship, Galactica figures out what had been planned. He threatens to shoot Apollo down. Hotdog is ordered to fire across their bow. Tigh lets Roslin and Apollo go, even though he knows it’s unlikely they’ll be able to find them. Tigh knows there must be people on board Galactica that helped and is determined to get to the bottom of it. Turns out where they’re going to hide is on Zarek’s ship. Roslin isn’t happy, but she knows that he’s the only person who could possibly be able to hide them.

Caprica: Starbuck is playing Pyramid with the leader of the Pyramid team they ran into. The game appears to be full-contact basketball more or less. They hint at chemistry between Starbuck and the team captain.

Galactica: Gaius has proven that the Chief isn’t a Cylon, turns out they’re going to take and make Boomer a lab rat. Ellen yells at Tigh for letting Apollo go. Guess who breaks up the fight.
Adama is awake and up and around. Tigh fills Adama in one what’s happened while he was out of it. Boomer is being escorted to her more permanent holding cell. Cally decides to take justice into her own hands and kills Boomer right then and there. Jack Ruby style. The Chief holds Boomer while she dies and she tells him she loves him. Looks like the new human looking Cylons might not be all bad after all.

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