Battlestar Galactica – Recap – Episode 2-05

We start off this episode on Caprica, at the resistance base camp. Turns out Starbuck and Anders (the Pyramid team captain) slept together the night before. Anders asks for her to stay and help with her professional soldiering abilities. She offers one bit of advice. Hole up somewhere and wait, because she’s sure they’re going to die eventually.

The Caprican Survivors drive up to a refueling station to try and capture a Heavy Raider to fly back to Galactica with. They get spotted by the Cylons and fired upon, Starbuck gets hit while the rest flee.

Opening credits

47,857 survivors and counting.

Galactica: Adama makes his first return in uniform to the bridge of the Galactica. Everyone there is applauding and chanting his name, welcoming the old man back with open arms. Adama gets briefed on the situation with the “fugitives” as they’re calling Roslin and Apollo. He demands a search throughout the fleet for them, and wants them found asap.

In a meat locker on one of the ships, Roslin, Apollo, Zarek et al are planning some way to reach out to the populace trying to sway them to their side. They think that Apollo is the perfect candidate to do so. He tries, but just can’t go against his dad that much. Roslin says she’s going to play the religious card, I guess we’ll see what that is later as were back to….

Caprica: Starbuck is in a hospital, there’s a man looking after her claiming she was shot and they’ve removed the bullet. He says that Anders brought her in, but he died on the operating table.

Starbuck blatantly asks him if he’s a Cylon, he denies it, but Kara doesn’t seem to believe him. The place she’s at is apparently a former mental institution that the Cylons haven’t found, that the resistance is using as a medical facility. He gives her some pain meds which cause her to pass out.

Galactica: Cally’s in the brig for shooting Boomer. Chief goes to talk to Adama pleading Cally’s case, claiming she wasn’t in her right mind when she shot Sharon. Adama and Chief talk about how Boomer was more than a machine to them, how Chief loved her, how she was a vital living person on the ship for 2 years. I guess we can add Adama to the list of possible Cylon sympathizers. Cally ends up getting 30 days in the brig for discharging a firearm without permission. Adama then tells the Chief that he’ll see Sharon again. “There are many copies”.

Caprica: Starbuck has apparently been in the hospital for 2 days now. She wonders why it’s so quiet. Apparently most of the patients have been succumbing to acute radiation poisoning, he then lists off several pretty gross symptoms, none of which noisy. They’ve got her quarantined to make sure she’s not going to infect the other patients with anything, that’s why she hasn’t seen any other patients. The doctor then goes into a speech about how her young, fertile womb is a valuable commodity, he tries to convince her that she’d be better off being a mother than being a Viper pilot. The doctor then goes on to talk about how he saw the old fractures in her hands and determined she was abused as a child, which causes Starbuck to yell at him to get out.

Galactica: Well we know what Roslin’s message was. She calls the fleet out, to those who want to honour the gods and follow her to her destiny, to follow her to Kobol when the signal is given. Adama doesn’t believe anyone will follow her, and if anyone does end up leaving with her on a suicide run to Kobol can go, and good riddance.

President Roslin seems very uncomfortable with giving her blessings to people who feel her some sort of prophet. A bit two-sided, what with her saying that she’s a messenger of the gods.

Caprica: Anders and company have come back to where Starbuck was shot trying to find her. So obviously that doctor was lying about at least one thing. I wonder who actually picked her up. Hmm…

Cue Boomer (Caprica Boomer, carrying Helo’s baby), she knows where Starbuck is and wants to take them to where she’s being held.

Galactica: Roslin’s ship jumps away sending off the signal for them to follow. Tigh predicts only 2-3 ships will follow.

Caprica: Starbuck investigates and finds a new scar, apparently to tie up some internal bleeding. Apparently just a couple more tests before they’ll send her out. He tries to give her some injection to put her to sleep again, even though she says she just woke up. Unfortunately for him, she’d already taken out the IV drip, time for Starbuck to make her escape. She overhears the doctor talking about her being taken for processing if the tests go well. Then she sees Number 6, who she already found out was a Cylon at the end of last season. She goes back to her room to try to figure out how to escape successfully.

Next morning, Kara’s in bed reading something and the doctor notices that the IV isn’t in her arm anymore. She stabs the doctor with a broken mirror. Apparently he’d called her Starbuck without her ever having given him her call sign. must’ve missed that. She grabs his keys and makes her way down the hall. Opening a door she finds bed after bed of women hooked up to tubes, part of the Cylon breeding program. She finds someone from the resistance who asks to have the power shut off, killing her, instead of being freed.

Kara takes some tool to the machines, breaking them and cutting the power, killing all the women there. Back into the hall she makes her way down, sees Number 6 and smashes her in the head with a fire extinguisher. She makes it out of the building in time to see another copy of the doctor say hello and then get shot, by the resistance. Some Centurions come out and start shooting at everything until Boomer in a Heavy Raider comes out and blows the toasters away.

Galactica: Turns out 24 ships went to follow Roslin, a third of the fleet. Adams goes down to the morgue to “talk” to Boomer’s corpse. He simply asks her “Why?” and begins crying over her on the slab.

Caprica: Boomer tells everyone about there being several of these breedings “Farms”, the Cylons can’t reproduce “biologically” so they’ve been trying to find any way they can to have kids. Apparently it’s one of their God’s commandments to be fruitful. Boomer and Helo was a test to see if love was the missing ingredient to have children. Starbuck wants to take the Heavy Raider and take out all the Farms, one at a time. Anders tells her no, she has to go back to Kobol with the Arrow of Apollo and find Earth. Starbuck promises she’ll come back as soon as she can to help the fight on Caprica. They say their tearful goodbyes and Helo, Boomer and Starbuck fly off towards home.

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