[WWE] Hurricane Benefit to Postpone 1st Friday Night Smackdown?

– The six major broadcast TV networks are planning a fund raiser to take place on Friday, September 9 from 8 to 9pm ET as a commercial-free concert. This is of course the same day that Friday Night Smackdown is scheduled to premiere. Some possibilities include WWE making SD a one-hour show from 9 to 10 or UPN affiliates postponing the broadcast until Saturday. Many of the affiliates show local news at 10, so going from 9 to 11 is unlikely.

– In more SD postponement news, in San Francisco, Smackdown will air on Sunday at 2 pm on KBHK-44

– In New York throughout September, Yankee games are scheduled for WWOR (UPN-9) so Smackdown will air Saturdays at 8pm.

– The weekend house show schedule is as follows:

RAW — Jackson, TN tomorrow and Chattanooga on Sunday

SD — Make-up show for rainout (where Boogeyman — who is now injured — cut a promo and the skies opened up) in Frederick, MD on Saturday night, Macon on Sunday, and Albany, GA on Monday night

Credit: WrestlingObserver.com