Sarah's Spin : Big Brother Blackout Madness

With the 24/7 Big Brother feeds on another 40-hour hiatus, I found myself needing a Big Brother fix. Yes, we’ve got a blackout, again. I’d rant about it, but been there, done that.

There have been a few stories floating around the internet about the various HouseGuests and how they differ from their actual bio at CBS. With a little researching, I thought I’d share with you my findings on a few of the HGs, both from what the residents have said themselves, as well as a little googling.

Janelle’s profile at CBS says that she’s a “VIP Cocktail Waitress”, but many have come across the Playboy and other adult images that she’s posed for in her recent past. Click here to see images of a a topless model who calls herself “Ella Brenna”. Hmmm…looks like our Janie! As I said, it’s topless, so beware. There are a lot more pics out there, too numerous to post. There are either some dedicated PhotoShoppers out there, or she’s got a few nekkid pics on the net.

I think we all know the more obvious misdirection in Eric’s CBS profile. Although he’s not living in Boston as of the show airing, it’s listed as his location in his profile. Unlike his partner, Maggie, who’s location is listed as Las Vegas, when she often talks (and blogs) about being from Sebastopol. My guess was this was an early-attempt to cover up the original pairings. But, you’d think that after all the couples were exposed, they would update the info on CBS. Wait…what am I saying? CBS with updates? Sorry. Silly me.

Jennifer’s profile lists her as a Arena Football League dancer. But, when you go to the Dallas Desperado Dancer Squad Photo Page for 2005 , and hover over Jenn’s image (third row from the front, fourth standing from the left), the information at the bottom lists her as “Not on squad”. I wonder if she was booted from the squad since her stay on BB, or if CBS just has old news? For those of you with such as passionate hatred for Jennifer, then there is an outlet for all that rage and anger (other than our forum here…we’ve got two different threads on BB!). Stroll on over to to share with like-minded folks. There is even a small section to hold April in the highest regard.

Have you heard that Kaysar is going to be making an appearance on The Young and the Restless? I’ve got the images up here. I’ve got to admit, he looks rather yummy. We’ll see if this is a one-time spot, or a possible future for America’s Choice.

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