Murtzcellanious – LIVE Canadian Idol Thoughts – August 31

I arrived at the John Bassett theatre on time and readied myself for what I knew would probably be the most important results show of the season.

With four contestants left, the person eliminated tonight would pave the way for one of the others to take the crown.

I was consumed with my hope that Suzi Rawn would stay, but also my feeling that I knew that she was gone. It was a tough position to be in.

Before the show began, I predicted that the bottom two would be filled by Melissa O’Neal and the aforementioned Suzi Rawn. As I awaited the group medley (which they start every Results show with), I just hoped that they would sing Hound Dog and/or Jailhouse Rock. Those are undoubtedly my favourite Idol anthems.

As I sat in my seat, I heard “Suspicious Minds” playing in the background. I was immediately reminded of J.D. Fortune on Rockstar: INXS. There was also a graphic on the screen that said that tonight’s show

After the usual introductions, Ben Mulroney told the crowd that it was Suzi’s birthday. I also noticed that she got a much bigger reaction from the crowd (than she did on Tuesday evening).

The show began and host Ben Mulroney revealed that 3.6 million votes were cast on Tuesday night. The ensuing group performance particuarly highlighted “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” Unfortunately, there was no “Hound Dog” or “Jailhouse Rock” as I had initially hoped for.

After a rousing and crowd-pleasing performance, we were ready to rock… or so I thought.

A commercial break was taken, followed by a video package detailing the Idols’ visit to Graceland and singing in Elvis’ Sun Studio. In the package, we learned that they visited the King’s grave as well as the fact that no one is allowed upstairs in his home. Some of the rooms even required visitors to walk barefoot!

Another video package was played. This time, the winners of the Canada Post Letters of Inspiration contest. I think that all of these were used to delay and hype the results that everyone was waiting for.

The key question was whether or not Suzi would be eliminated on her birthday.

During another commercial break, Ben told the audience that although he would mention Suzi’s birthday on the show, “Happy Birthday” could not be sung as the rights to the song are owned by somebody else.

The show resumed and the contestants lined up in the following order from left to right: Aaron, Suzi, Melissa and Rex.

I thoght that the positioning was perfect for the two girls to make the bottom two (since they were in the center of the line).

Before the decision was made public, Ben asked the judges for their comments. Each judge spoke about a particular contestant.

Jake: Suzi, if you go home, remember that today was the start of your career.

Farley: Aaron, you bring a level of exuberance and enthusiasm to the show.

Sass: Sex Rexy, you’re uniquely poised. You’re a rocker who knows how to rock.

Zack: Melissa, if you go home, Canada made a terrible mistake.

Instead of the regular format where contestants are told they were safe, this time Ben just read the results.

I held my breath…

Suzi was eliminated.

I know she sang “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” on Tuesday, and I thought it was appropriate. I couldn’t help falling in love with Suzi.

I predicted Rawn to be named the Canadian Idol several months ago, and while I was obviously upset at being wrong (taken great pride in my ability to spoil reality shows), I was not as disappointed at being wrong as I was with the fact that I think Suzi should have stayed for another week. She was clearly the best on Tuesday night and I think that she had the best voice running away.

I also think that she was the only one who could have taken out Rex, who now seems destined to win.

I would like to elaborate more on the subject, and perhaps I will after the show is over, but for now, I will leave it at the fact that I think a horrible injustice was done.

See you Tuesday.

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