InsidePulse DVD Review – The O.C. – The Complete Second Season



Josh Schwartz


Peter Gallagher …. Sandy Cohen
Kelly Rowan …. Kirsten Cohen
Ben McKenzie …. Ryan Atwood
Mischa Barton …. Marissa Cooper
Adam Brody …. Seth Cohen
Melinda Clarke …. Julie Cooper-Nichol
Rachel Bilson …. Summer G
Alan Dale …. Caleb Nichol
Tate Donovan …. Jimmy Cooper

The Show:

The second season of The O.C. was more fun in the sun for kids and adults in Orange County’s Newport Beach. There was drama and more drama. But this season there was some more experimenting going on than in the first season. The first season was all about introducing the characters, while the second season was all about seeing what works and what doesn’t work.

Therefore, you have the romances of the Ryan-and-Marissa and Seth-and-Summer going from being dead and buried to alive and kicking. But how will Ryan’s brother, Trey, fit into things when he gets out of jail and comes to live in Newport Beach? The answer to that question is more drama, of course.

This show is not all about teen drama, though. You have drama with the adults as well. Sandy and Kirsten’s marriage was tested throughout Season Two. It seemed like every choice they made would affect their marriage in some way. Julie’s past also came back to bite her and what’s up with her and Caleb? And what does Jimmy have to do with it?

There were also a bunch of new characters introduced. It started with Lindsay, Alex, and Zach. Lindsay and Alex both showed promise as characters, but they only last half of the season. They could have done more with them, but they let those characters die quickly. Zach stuck around for the whole season as part of the Summer-Seth-Zack love triangle. This developed into a good love triangle. I may be a little biased because the love triangle of Summer-Seth-Zach was one EXACTLY like mine in real life. However I do admit that, Zach really had no personality to him. But he was there for a purpose. After Lindsay and Alex left, Trey and Carter took their place. And this is where the season really took off and ended the second season on a high note.

The second season of The O.C. continued to have that perfect mix of comedy and drama that made me a fan in the first place. Some of the storylines may have been cliche, but some of them are true to life. Just ask me, because I AM Seth Cohen!


Disc One:

Episode 1 – The Distance
The first episode picks up towards the end of the summer, where the first season ended at the beginning of the summer. Seth is still in Portland. Kirsten wants him home..NOW. Sandy has to go and try and bring him back. Can he do it or does he need help from Ryan. Meanwhile, Ryan and Theresa’s relationship seems to be fading. Are they over?

Episode 2 – The Way We Were
Ryan and Seth are back in Newport Beach. They want things to go back to the way they once were. But Summer and Marissa have other ideas. Summer is now with Zach and Marissa is now with her mom’s gardener. How will Ryan and Seth deal with it? Meanwhile, the DA busts Caleb, and Hailey leaves Jimmy hanging.

Episode 3 – The New Kids on the Block
Lindsay and Alex are introduced to the “foursome”. Alex runs the “all-ages” bar in Newport. She’s the rebel. Lindsay is the smart one and her and Ryan become lab partners. Seth blows it with Summer. Due to his legal problems, Caleb names Julie as the CEO of the Newport Group.

Episode 4 – The New Era
It’s double date time or a “group hang”. Seth goes out with Lindsay, while Ryan with Alex. But all is not what it seems. Seth still wants Summer and Ryan really wants to be with Lindsay. And Alex..well who knows who she wants to be with. Julie as the new CEO shakes things up.

Disc Two:

Episode 5 – The SnO.C.
It’s time to dance..O.C. Style! The winter formal is here and Ryan and Lindsay may or may not be going together. It depends on what minute you ask them. Who is asking who to the dance and who will be going home with each other at the end of the night? Also, Caleb’s secret is finally revealed!

Episode 6 – The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn’t
Christmas time once again in the Cohen house. I should say Chrismukkah time. 8 days of gifts, followed by another day of MORE gifts. But will Caleb’s confession ruin the whole thing?

Episode 7 – The Family Ties
Jimmy decides to move from Newport to Maui. How does Marissa deal with it? Ryan and Lindsay think about making a move and getting that first kiss. Seth turns into a bad boy to try and impress Alex. Will it work?

Episode 8 – The Power of Love
It’s Sandy’s and Kirsten’s 20th anniversary. Did Sandy forget it? Shame. Seth and Ryan get grounded. For what? Marissa and D.J. seem to be done as well.

Disc Three:

Episode 9 – The Ex-Factor
Alex’s ex comes into town. This doesn’t rub Seth the right way. He wants to see the ex himself. But he may want to rethink that once he finds out who it is. Julies wants to makeover the Newport Group.

Episode 10 – The Accomplice
Ryan tries to make things better between Lindsay and Caleb. Alex and Marissa becomes better friends. Seth has an idea for a comic book based on his own life. Genius. Meanwhile, Kirsten doesn’t feel right when Sandy is asked to help find his ex-fiancee`.

Episode 11 – The Second Chance
Caleb has heart problems. He sees a new outlook on life. Seth and Summer try to deny their attraction for each other. Rebecca is supposed to be dead, but somehow Kirsten finds her in Sandy’s office. I smell trouble.

Episode 12 – The Lonely Hearts Club
It’s Valentine’s Day. Seth still has feelings for Summer and that may completely ruin his comic book idea. Ryan and Caleb play a little pool and the winner gets…Lindsay? Kirsten begins to not trust Sandy because of Rebecca.

Disc Four:

Episode 13 – The Father Knows Best
Seth can’t stop thinking about Summer and Zach staying in San Diego. Did know? Seth wants to know! Julie gets into Caleb’s head and his plans to adopt Lindsay may go off-track.

Episode 14 – The Rainy Day Women
It’s rainy in Los Angeles. Crazy, but true. And it seems like everyone has a problem. There may be more problems that raindrops. Everyone seems to be in a triangle too. Kirsten, Sandy, and Rebecca. Marissa, Alex, and Julie. Lindsay, Ryan, and Chicago. Summer, Seth, and Italy. Will the rain ever stop?

Episode 15 – The Mallpisode
Ryan is having a rough time getting over Lindsay. Summer and Seth want to help him out by going to the mall?! Nothing fixes all like the mall. A little Marissa thrown into things could help as well. Oh..they all get locked in the mall too. What a life. Not for Julie, though, as an extortionist targets her.

Episode 16 – The Blaze of Glory
Julie tries to keep her porn past a secret. Seth plays matchmaker and tries to get Ryan to help Marissa plan the big school bonfire. As they say, when you play with fire..someone always gets burned!

Disc Five:

Episode 17 – The Brothers Grim
Trey is out of jail, and he ends up living in the Cohen’s pool house. What will this do to Ryan? Julie’s past is revealed to all of Newport. Talk about embarrassment.

Episode 18 – The Risky Business
It’s time to sell some stuff at the OC Chairty Yard Sale. Except there is no yard, so it’s just a Sale. You can get the crystal egg from the movie, Risky Business. But what happens when someone steals the egg? There can only be two people who can rescue it..Ryan and Seth.

Episode 19 – The Rager
It’s Trey’s 21st birthday and Marissa throws him a party. She tries to smooth things over between Ryan and Trey. Will a classic OC party do the trick? They are always fun. Meanwhile, Lance and Julie get close. Crazy Julie at it again.

Episode 20 – The O.C. Confidential
The evidence is all there. Trey could be in big trouble with the law over drugs. Sandy, Ryan, and Marissa know he is innocent. They try and find out who really is behind the drugs. Seth meets someone to help him market his comic book.

Disc Six:

Episode 21 – The Return of Nana
Nana is getting married, so Seth, Sandy, and Ryan all head to Miami for the wedding. Zach cooks Summer a home-cooked meal while Seth is away. Kirsten can’t figure what she wants to do with the whole Carter situation. Trey reveals his feelings for Marissa. That can’t be good.

Episode 22 – The Showdown
Carter leaves and Kirsten drinks the pain away. Ryan doesn’t know what is going on with Marissa. Caleb wants a divorce with Julie. And the competition between Seth and Zach heats up. Will things boil over?

Episode 23 – The O.Sea
It’s time for the prom! Who will Summer go with…Seth or Zach? A coin toss may decide that. George Lucas makes a guest appearance and wants to discuss the comic book with either Seth or Zach..whoever doesn’t go to the prom with Summer. Summer or George Lucas? Sounds about right. Julie and Caleb’s marriage ends, but not how you would think?

Episode 24 – The Dearly Beloved
Everyone comes back to say goodbye to Caleb. Sandy knows he needs to help Kirsten and he takes action. Ryan finally finds out what Marissa has been hiding. That can only lead to one thing..a showdown.

The DVD:

Video –
The video is given in widescreen color with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1. Transfer is decent with minimal distortion. Colors look bright. California at its best.

Score: 9/10

Audio –
The audio included is in English Dolby digital stereo sound. The O.C. is probably most known for its music on the show. Josh Schwartz always tries to bring indie music into the show. This season he even created an “all ages” club just so the kids can have a place to hang out and listen to live performances from bands like Modest Mouse and Death Cab For Cutie.

Score: 8/10

Special Features –
The special features are included mostly in the seventh disc of the seven-disc box set. They include an extended creator’s cut of “The Rainy Day Women” episode, creator and crew commentary on “The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn’t” and “The Rainy Day Women” episodes, Beachy Couture: How O.C. Fashion Is Made, The O.C. – Obsess Completely Retrospective TV Special, and gags and goofs from Seasons One and Two.

The commentary on the two episodes is pretty good. But I would have liked to see some of the cast involved. Oh well..there is always next season. The “fashion guide” feature was alright. Nothing too special.

The thing I liked the best was the gags and goofs from Seasons 1 and 2. I am always a sucker for those types of things. And this was just great. Very funny stuff there.

Score: 8/10

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