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I promised that I would post the second part of what I started last week this week, which was thinking back on some of the greatest Velocity moments all-time.

First lets start out with the Billy Kidman-Tajiri 15 minute FIRST EVER VELOCITY MATCH. In the main event of that show, we saw a women’s title match-up. AND, number 1 contender on RAW, Kurt Angle, was on Velocity on 2 occasions, and he faced and defeated the same superstar both times. I’ll give you a hint as to who it is. He is still currently on the WWE roster, and faced Val Venis on the first ever Velocity show. First one to e-mail me the answer gets a surprise gift.

Through Velocity, we got to see Crash Holly in his last days in the WWE before his tragic death, as he developed as a Mattitude follower, and on one MF’er occasion wore a backpack full of personal hygeine items that he offered to his opponent, A-Train. He also layed around the ring issues of that month’s SmackDown magazine featuring Matt Hardy on the cover. This was truly special and something we can look back on. You also had Ultimo Dragon’s debut in the WWE, and him defeating the likes of Shannon Moore ect. And the new FBI (Full Blooded Italians), Nunzio (now Cruiserweight Champion), Chuck Palumbo, and Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli.”

From: Jacksonville, Florida

Hosts: Steve Romero & Josh Mathews

Paul London vs. Brian Kendrick
Spanky is back from Japan to play what he does best, babyface, against the returning heel Paul London. Spanky gets an arm bar but London reverses it and gets a headlock. Shoulder tackle by London but Kendrick dodges a whip and gets a pair of hiptosses. Kendrick gets a shoulder on the apron but back in London counters an arm drag into a DDT for 2. Baseball slide by London and then a pump handle slam and standing moonsault for 2. London gets a northern lights suplex for 2. London keeps up the offense by working over Kendrick’s arm on the bottom rope. London works an arm wrench and adds kicks to Kendrick’s gut then a takedown for 2. London sends him to the corner where Kendrick comes back with a shoulder and chest chops. Hard kick to the face by Kendrick followed by dropkick. Kendrick counters a slam into a hurricanranna for a 2 count. Kendrick misses a moonsault and London hits the Dropsault for a near 2 count. Kendrick counters an Oklahoma Roll and Kendrick nails the Sliced Bread #2 for the 1,2,3.
Winner: Brian Kendrick
**3/4, a real breath of fresh air in comparison to what we have been seeing lately. Great opener as Velocity gets back to its real roots.

Commercials, with heavy Friday Night pimpage.

Hardcore Holly vs. Steve Madison
Welp, my hopes of Holly not being on Velocity since he was on SmackDown are ruined. After pulling out all the tricks and getting a hip toss, Holly gives Steve the chops of DOOM and suplex. At this point Romero is plugging hurricane relief. So Madison gets the vintage jobber offense until Holly hits the dropkick and then gives Madison a LOW BLOW. Yeah, thattaway to get the jobber. Alabama Slam.
Winner: Hardcore Holly
1/4*, wasn’t a complete waste but close enough.


We cut into SmackDown for the first time as, after oodles of interference, “The SnapShot” finishes off Heidenreich.


Doug Basham vs. Michael Patrick
So it’s Doug “they gave me a movie star gimmick because they had no better use for me” Basham against the king of all unappealing jobber names, “Michael Patrick.” As Romero and Mathews discuss Ken Kennedey, Basham breaks up his own pin to hit a suplex and hit a series of elbow drops. The vintage rear-naked choke follows. Patrick gets to his feet but Basham sends him down and in dramatic fashion, misses a stomp. Patrick gets a jawbreaker, shoulder, and scoop slam for 2. Atomic drop and leg lariot by Doug gets the 3, and at least Doug is opening up his move variety besides using the punch-kick combos he did with the Basham Bros.
Winner: Doug Basham

We cut into the Mick Foley book signing at Barnes & Noble for his new book “Scooter.”


We cut into the SmackDown main event of Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton, where we saw in the finish Bob Orton tripped Mysterio up after the 619 allowing Orton to hit a Super RKO. In other words, Orton works up this whole legend killer gimmick this whole time, defeating God knows who in his path, but needs Bob’s help defeating Rey Mysterio. It really doesn’t make much sense. Just put Bob in the promos and backstage scenes and leave the wrestling to Randy.


Nunzio (w/ Vito) vs. Super Crazy (w/ Mexicools)
So Nunzio is playing face in this one? Interesting booking. Italy vs. Mexico, Mathews reminds us. Super Crazy carries an arm bar to the ground and rolls Nunzio up on the ground for 2. Crazy goes for a slam but Nunzio counters in mid-air to an arm bar which he takes to the mat. Fireman’s carry slam by Nunzio for 2. Nunzio misses a chop and Super goes off the turnbuckle with a twisting crossbody for 2. Nunzio flips Crazy onto the apron and elbows him off, where Vito and the rest of the Mexicools get into a confrontation. Nunzio gives him a dropkick on the apron and back in gets a 2 count. Another cover by Nunzio gets 2. Nunzio gets an arm bar and shoulder in the corner. He gives him a criss cross whip and another shoulder to gut. Crazy gets a sunset flip for 2. Nunzio however soon after gets a slam, but Crazy gets his foot on the bottom rope to break up the pin. Vito adds in a cheap shot and Nunzio locks in a rear naked choke. Crazy elbows his way out of it but Nunzio snaps him back down. Crazy fights back with punches and gets a seated dropkick after Nunzio’s sunset flip fails. Cover on Nunzio gets 2. 4 conescutive dropkicks by Crazy, and then elbows Vito off the apron. A series of flying crossbodys by Super Crazy, and he nails vito off the apron again. Nunzio gets a jawbreaker and powerslam. Nunzio climbs up top but Juvtentud Guerrera throws him off the top rope, allowing Super Crazy to hit a second rope moonsault for the win.
Winner: Super Crazy
**3/4, a great main event which was equally as good as the opener if not a bit better.

The Aftermath: Two really good matches this week featuring great cruiserweight action that Velocity is known for but had not shown in recent weeks. Jobber matches also weren’t entirely dreadful, so all around a pretty good show.

— Mark —

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