En Francais: TNA Impact Report

TNA Impact Report

Jeremy Lambert has his usual TNA At Ringside, here .

In the RDS studios, Marc Blondin and Pierre-Carl Ouellette introduce us to this week’s Impact edition. Blondin is confused on what name to call Ouellette and we go from there…

Sean Waltman & Alex Shelly vs Konnan & Lance Hoyt: Konnan and Shelley start is off with some mat wrestling and back & forth, ending with a Rolling clothesline from Konnan. Waltman comes in with a spinkick. After a few kicks by Alex, tag to Waltman, who gives Konnan another spinkick. Fast legdrop by Sean. Tag to Shelley. Konnan and Alex give each other clotheslines and both men are down. Tag to Waltman and tag to Hoyt. Hoyt is on fire with clotheslines and a big back body drop to Waltman. Spinkick by Waltman and bronco buster coming up, no, big boot by Hoyt. Kip James is on the apron and Hoyt knocks him out. Lowblow and an X-factor by Waltman gets him the 1, 2, 3.


Jeff Jarrett has a talk with BG James and Truth. He tells them that they should stick together once they go to Spike TV, considering they might be fired. JJ says it’s no coincidence that the management put the 3 Live Crew with different partners for the CC Memorial Cup. Konnan shows and asks why weren’t they in his match, instead of talking to JJ. Konnan tells Jarrett to go away and the rest of 3LK say that JJ is making sense.

Christopher Daniels vs Shark Boy: if there’s any wrestler that is not needed for their big move to Spike TV, it’s Shark Boy. The guy’s whole gimmick is for the independents, not for the big leagues. Anyway, both men trade armbars. A funny moment happens while Daniels has Shark Boy grounded, Shark Boy tries to pull Daniels’ hair, but finds out that he doesn’t have any, so he rakes him instead. Back body drop to Daniels to the outside. Flying body press by Shark Boy. After a few chops, he brings Daniels back in the ring. When Shark comes back in, Daniels starts the attack with kicks. Kneedrop gets 2. Hiptoss and enziguri by Daniels. Shark comes back with kicks and Daniels goes into Shark’s knee. Shark Boy hits 2 clotheslines, Daniels ducks the third and Shark gets a dropkick. Shark Boy goes the 10-count punch and at 6, Daniels pushes him off. Neckbreaker by Shark gets 2. Shark misses a body press and Daniels hits him with a Rock Bottom and a moonsault, which gets 2. AJ Styles shows up and distracts Daniels so that Shark Boy could cradle him for trrrrrrrrrrrois.


Ron Killings & Sonjay Dutt vs Shocker & Chris Sabin: Shocker and Dutt start with two different back & forth, as it’s stalemate. Tag to Sabin and Truth. We get a glimpse of the trophy, which looks like a bowl. Back & forth by these 2 ends with a hurrincarana by Sabin. Sabin with forearms now, whip, reverse, duck by Sabin, powerslam by Truth. Tag to Dutt. Nice elbow drop for 2. Whip to the corner by Dutt, Dutt charges with flying kick and then hits 2 superkicks, one to the back of Sabin’s head, another to the face. Sonjay misses a flying thing off the top and Sabin gets an enziguri. Tag to Shocker and Dutt is now in trouble.


When we return, Shocker and Sabin are in control, working on Dutt’s knee. After a few minutes of this, Shocker goes a double powermbomb -> he gets the first, but when he gets the second, Dutt turns it into famasser. Tag to Sabin, tag to Truth, who is on fire with right hands to both Shocker & Sabin. Flatliner to Sabin and Shocker stops the count. Sabin going to for the Cradle Shock, but Truth’s legs hit Shocker and Truth goes for a sunset flip for 2. Killings goes shoulder first into the post and tag to Sonjay is made. As Shocker and Sabin argue, Dutt hits a body press on both. Dutt then walks into a double flap jack. Sabin gets a pinning combination on Dutt (La Majestrihal(sp?) for the 3 count. Sabin and Shocker make up after the match.


Independent wrestling is talked about.

Monty Brown vs Sonny Siaki (w. Apolo): Siaki beats on Monty in the corner and whips into another corner. Siaki runs into a big clothesline. Dropkick by Monty! Siaki fights back with his famous leg lariat and a neck breaker. Kip James shows up and attacks Apolo. Siaki sees this and suicide dives onto Kip. Monty with a POOOOUNCE to Siaki. Monty grabs a chair and the referee rings bell either for a DQ or a double count out. Monty puts the edge of the chair on Siaki’s neck and bashes it to the floor. In the ring, Monty kicks Apolo, but Apolo fights back. Whip by Apolo, reverse and Kip smashes Apolo with a chair. Hoyt comes in for the rescue.


Chase Stevens (w. Andy Douglas & Jimmy Hart) vs James Storm (w. Chris Harris): Both exchange a whole bunch of stiff right hands. Nice back and forth which leads into a bulldog by Storm on the outside. Storm misses a charge and hits the railing. Suplex by Stevens onto the ramp.


When we come back, Storm has Stevens in the Tree of Woe and does a dropkick to his face. Storm goes for another and misses. Moonsault by Chase gets 2. Storm comes back with a stiff kick for a couple of 2 counts. Whip to the corner by Storm, reverse, Stevens walks into a boot, tornado reverse DDT coming, no, Stevens slams him off for 2. Jawbreaker by James for 2. Powerbomb by Storm coming, no, DVD by Stevens gets 2. Storm hits a back body drop on Stevens after a failed powerbomb and that gets 2. Whip by Storm, duck, dropkick by Stevens. Both men trade punches with the advantage going to Storm, who does a whole bunch of headbutts. Whip, duck, both hit each other with body presses. While they’re down, we see Harris and Douglas arguing. Stevens and Storm hit each other with superkicks. Harris puts Storm on top of Chase while the referee was talking with Andy and that is enough for the 3 count.

We end it in the RDS studios.

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