The Sunday HEAT Wave

Ahhh, September how have I waited for you for so long now, I just wanted to say… better late than never!!! And now finally August has once again come and gone. Not that it was completely bad or horrible as it usually has been over the last so years, in this current state I’d rather skip the entire month for the exception of the last week but, like I said, its over now so its all said and done. Now on to other news, as many of you may know, the status of HEAT is somewhat in the air right now. Due to WWE’s change back to the USA Network, they are canceling many of their weekend shows that are televised currently on Spike. One that hasn’t been ‘formally’ canceled yet is HEAT, but one can assume that if the others are getting the axe, that the Sunday show might be getting the same treatment. And as things roll along and final words are put onto paper, I’ll keep you updated along with Inside Pulse regarding any plans about the future. But don’t worry, have no fear! Because I’m still here and I’m still your Sunday Night HEAT re-capper (for the time being anyway). So pull up a chair and put your mind at ease as you still have tomorrow off, trust me I know, I’m planning on taking full advantage of the extended weekend! So if HEAT is going out, we’re going out with some noise.

Hosts: Todd Grisham and The Coach

Rob Conway vs. Matt Striker
Well I’m sorta disappointed that Conway didn’t start the match with the sunglasses but hey, can’t always get what you want right!? But the teacher however gets the early beating as Rob plays his character out pretty well with the showboating during the match. Striker however starts to finally fight back and make this a decent showing but is all for not as Conway nails the ego trip on Striker to end his current Heat win streak.
Winner: Rob Conway

Backstage Interview: Maria gets the “privilege” of interviewing Parisi who actually has the nerve to be complaining that he should be getting the same attention as The Rock and even does a cheap knock- off imitation. Did I mention I’m tired of this guy!?

Rene Dupree vs. Jobber
Wow, I knew Dupree was going to win this match but he starts taking it out on the poor guy right off the bat beating him senseless. Total beat down continues until Dupree goes up top in the far right corner and eats a boot as he comes back down. Back slide for the jobber gets 2! Followed by a rollup for another 2! Backwards neck breaker finally comes down on the other guy and Rene follows it up with the pin.
Winner: Rene Dupree

Kerwin White vs. Tajiri
It’s ‘middle’ class America vs. Japan round 2. But before we start we get a few words from Chavo who wants to apologize for words spoken about Shelton Benjamin, but cant help it as he’s the official spokesperson for the middle class. And amazingly enough, Coach is actually playing the face announcer against The Coach. Ok, well let’s just hope Shelton isn’t being put into a feud over this because his name was said one too many times. Anyway, Tajiri doesn’t want to hear anymore as he blind sides White and beats him down to the corner and delivers a HUGE kick to the head of Chavo. But as the match spills out onto the outside, so does Tajiri’s offense and Kerwin starts to get the upper hand and work on the leg. Back inside, “K-White” stays focused on the leg before Tajiri gets back on the proper side of the ball and gets a few near falls. But the “White- out” is locked onto Tajiri’s injured leg and causes the tap-out.
Winner: Kerwin White

[RAW] Matt Hardy vs. Edge Street Fight: I have to say I really enjoyed this match. I was out for a few minutes before this match started and when I came back in it kept me in. This match was probably a whole lot better than their SummerSlam program. And even though it was a typical sports- entertainment finish with the fall off the stage, I’m just a mark for those endings. Almost makes you believe that anything still can “happen” well in my eyes anyway. Hopefully these two can pull off a good performance in the upcoming PPV in a good stipulation match. Even though we recently just had one- Ladder match!?

Backstage Interviews: Did I slip into some kind of alternate bizarro world, the tag champs actually appeared with well… the tag belts!? And not only were they seen, they were actually mentioned over regards to the new Cade/ Murdock team that’s been running its ads lately.

Eugene vs. Parisi
I think Eugene just got promoted to… oh wait, Heat, right never mind. Not much to start off as we get the same song and dance from Eugene with the typical acting “child-like” in his match while accidentally beating Parisi in the process. And surprisingly enough, Parisi doesn’t get in much offense at all as Eugene hits the stunner to end it. Parisi is officially the joke now right or am I still in that ‘other’ world!?
Winner: Eugene

The Heartthrobs vs. Viscera & Val Venis
HT vs. Team Pimp is our MAIN EVENT!!! Venis and Romeo starts off the match with Val taking out some revenge taking the early lead, dropping some elbows and chops. Venis however is dropped off his guard as Antonio strikes from behind, prompting the double- team on Venis to change momentum. More double team keeps Venis trapped in the corner as Antonio sets up for a suplex but is reversed by Venis to get the tag into the big man. And as expected Viscera begins to clean house ramming both members of HT into the corners. Viscera lays out both guys setting up the Money shot by Venis onto Romeo, while Viscera nails the big splash onto Antonio for the win. Complete destruction of HT in this one.
Winners: Viscera & Val Venis

Heat Wave of the Night: Well if this is indeed the final days of Sunday Night HEAT, it really actually didn’t disappoint as they loaded this show with matches and few recaps of last week’s RAW. But how will I miss (sarcastically) all the new up and comer matches that are working their way to get into RAW, sigh… oh well. Like I was saying, lots of matches tonight from the Heat crew with a decent opener and a decent closing. Award finalist came down to the White/ Tajiri match and the MAIV EVENT. And I guess the don’t call the main even the “main event” for nothing as for another week in a row it gets the nod. Nothing to bad as they got the hot finish to please the crowd with the complete squash at the end from Team Pimp. And with the award, comes the end as I’m off, plus not to mention football is underway in the college season. Even though football isn’t “officially” in kick-off mode, that comes this Thursday with Patriots vs. Raiders in NFL action, you still gotta love this time of year. So just to give my props on the current state [UTEP Miners- 34 NMSU- 17], [USC Trojans- 63 Hawaii- 17] with both of ‘my’ teams winning big in opening week and keeping their opponents to 17 points, so far so good. And that does it till next week, Peace. Oh… Patriots over Raiders, you just know I had to leave my pick!

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