Wonder Woman #220 Review

Review by Tim Sheridan

“Affirmative Defense”

Writer: Greg Rucka
Pencils: David Lopez
Inks: Bit
Colors: Wildstorm FX
Letters: Todd Klein
Editor: Ivan Cohen
Special thanks to Rick Burchett

Published by DC Comics

I’ve made it no secret that I am very much in love with this storyline. The whole OMAC/Superman/Wonder Woman story has really worked for me. Of all the Crisis tie-ins, I think it’s the strongest. I feel this way because it takes the characters that we know and love, and really makes us think about their values, as well as our own. It gives these characters a bit of a twist and angle we have not seen before. And frankly, I love it.

Wonder Woman’s killing of Max Lord last month was one of the most powerful images I have seen in comics in a long time. In one moment, one panel, everything changed for these characters. Another thing I like about this story is that everything seems to be leading towards something, there is a goal in mind, and things change all the time. No time is wasted, there is no filler involved. A lot of time and care has gone into this story, and it shows.

Greg Rucka has been with Wonder Woman for two years now, and this may be his best issue yet. The first two pages are a bit of a recap. We see Max Lord killed for the third time in a month, but the point of view has changed. For the first time, we finally hear what Diana was thinking this whole time. The entire issue has narration by Wonder Woman, so we really get a feel for her demeanor. And I must say, it’s a bit colder than I remember. Since Rucka began on this character, she has changed. Her personal life and professional life has collided like never before, and she has been through a lot in these past few years.

We also find out that Jonah, who has worked in Diana’s offices for a long while, is a member of Checkmate. That news is utterly devastating for Diana, and the fact that there is nothing she can really do about it is tough to see. She can’t harm him, and in dealing with him, she is very much helpless. A stark contrast to how she was on page one.
All the voice over is used with much effect, as we find out the whole time she has been relaying her story to Batman, who responds with only two words. And they hurt.

A lot.

This was a great issue of an already great series. The art by Lopez and Bit was serviceable, but I have to say, I miss the regular art team. Hopefully they will be back next issue, but for a fill in, this was more than acceptable.

If you are enjoying all this pre-Crisis hoopla, you’ll love this issue too.

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