[WWE] Hurricane Katrina Help, Updates

WWE is partnering with Americares, and encouraging people to donate to help in the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts by going to Americares.org or calling 1-800-486-HELP. You can see the full story on WWE.com, including a video message from Linda McMahon, by clicking here.

Also on WWE.com is an update on WWE Tag Team Champion John Heidenreich’s search for his father, wife and kids. He’s received encouraging news from friends in the area, but has not heard from any of them since the hurricane hit. The story, found here, includes the following statement from Heidenreich:

“I’m going down there Wednesday come hell or high water … I believe the Baton Rouge airport is open. I’m flying to whatever airport will land me, taking whatever rental car will drive me and I’m going to buy a gun for protection. If there’s no law down there, I’m not going to have some moron running around shoot me. I have a father, wife and kids to track down.”

WWE.com expects to post first-hand reports when Heidenreich arrives in Louisiana.

Also, a series of Internet wrestling shows (In Your Head, Get in the Ring, Wrestling News Live, Monday Night Mayhem and Wrestle Talk Radio) are raising money for hurricane relief by doing a five hour pay per listen block for $9.99.

Additionally, XM radio hosts Opie & Anthony are holding an auction here, with proceeds going to the relief efforts. Many of the items are autographed WWE items.

Credit: WWE.com, WrestlingObserver.com, PWInsider.com