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– Live from Nashville, Tennessee

– Hosts: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, & Coach

Kurt Angle vs. Eugene
Angle quickly gets a release belly to back suplex and then stomps and punches holes into Eugene. Angle with a choke and then stomps a mudhole in the corner. Angle hits a back suplex for 2. A rear-naked choke locked in as Angle shows off his red, white, & blue mouth piece to the camera. Angle with a back breaker for 2. Angle hits a hard clothseline for another 2. As Angle rolls the snake eyes Eugene does a modified Hulking Up and fires back on Angle, about time. Spinebuster by Eugene, but he runs into an elbow in the corner. Angle crotches him on the ring post and then slams his knee into it. Angle finishes it with the Ankle Lock, as they ring the bell immediately.
Winner: Kurt Angle
1/4*, just a squash where we could have saw Angle in a hell of a llot better match than that.

Post-match Cena attacks Angle but then got leveled by Tyson Tomko, which probably makes for a boring ass match later on tonight.


Tomko and Angle backstage with Eric B, who makes the Tomko-Cena match for tonight. Called it.

Val Venis & Viscera vs. The Hearthrobs
Venis starts with Romeo? Venis gets the criss cross knees and russian leg sweep, but Romeo counters a half-nelson, Venis counters a suplex and hits a reverse suplex. Big Vis misses a splash and Antonio gets some jobber offense in, but Vis gives hima spinebuster. Venis back in who gets beat down by Antonio and Romeo gives him dirty punches. Venis misses an enzigiri and Romeo gets tagged in who pins for 2. Romeo works the knee and locks in a submission on the knee, but Val gets the ropes. Val gets the hot tag to Vis who cleans house and eventually ends it with a somoan drop.
Winners: Val Venis & Viscera
*1/4, turned out to be a little better than it looked on paper.


Linda McMahon does a promo for about hurricane relief. Good for her.

Carlito’s Cabana: The guest is diva search winner Ashley. Carlito welcomes her as “Ass-ley.” Carlito comments that she needs a makeover and a new hair style, it ain’t cool. It goes into plugging the Flair feud, where Carlito reveals that it was him who bloodied him up last week. CCC goes on to show footage of the Ashley-Victoria incident last week. Flair precedes to attack Carlito, give him a low blow, and dump the apples on him. Ric gets the mic and tells Carlito that is he going to school. Flair says that at Unforgiven Ric Flair will become the Intercontinental Champion, and if you don’t think that is cool… then “wooooooo!”

A reminder that the HBK master lock challenge and Cena-Tomko is scheduled for tonight, although i’m not sure one of them is very appealing.


Recap of the Edge-Hardy street fight from last week ending dramatically with the two landing off the stage into electrical wires causing explosions.

Matt Hardy then walks into Eric’s office, who, after being brutally thrown off stage into explosived and wheeled away unconcious in an ambulence, has all but a bandage on his forehead. Bischoff wants Hardy to sign a contract for a Hardy-Edge match at Unforgiven, and he does. Eric then makes Hardy-Snitsky next.


Matt Hardy vs. Gene Snitsky
Edge and Lita do guest commentary. Snitsky hits a big clothseline to stop Matt’s punchy kicky offense to start. Powerslam by Snitsky, which sets up a kick to Hardy’s head on the outside. Hardy fights back with a slam out of the corner. Hardy bails and walks up the ramp but Snitsky attacks him from behind, setting up Hardy getting whipped into the steel steps. “How are you Mathew?” – Edge. Big sidewalk slam ends it.
Winner: Snitsky
1/2*, post-match sees Snitsky get the bell but Big Show made the save causing Snitsky to bail through the crowd.


John Cena (w/ concussion) vs. Tyson Tomko
I’m just glad this wasn’t saved for the main event. Cena tackles him to start and beats Tomko down in the corner. Suplex by Cena gets 2. Tomko comes back with a spinebuster and spinning powerslam for 2. Suplex by Tomko gets 2. Rear choke locked in by Tomko, and as Cena gets to his feet Tomko gives him a hard short-armed clothseline. Cena ducks a big boot and Cena hits a flying shoulder followed by pair of clothselines, hip toss, the usual. Delayed suplex, 5 knuckle shuffle and FU conclude the 5 moves of doom and the match.
*, the typical crap. Tomko dominates, Cena comes back with 5 moves of doom, blah.

Post-match Angle gets a sneak attack on Cena on the stage. Angle sends him into the entrance set up and then nails an Angle Slam on the steel stage.

Commercials, and it’s official now that due to the hurricane relief concert or whatever it is, the debut of Friday night SD will be only one hour and will start at 9.

Todd catches up with Kurt backstage who asks if what Angle has been doing with Cena is “a pattern.” Angle does a hyper promo and says that anyone who watches RAW knows that Angle deserves the title. He has a good point.

Torrie Wilson (w/ Victoria & Candice) vs. Ashley
Torrie attacks from behind to start and does a series of hair mares. Ashley blotches a sunset flip and Torrie pulls the hair for 2. Ashley gets a boot in the corner and hits a weak spear. Victoria pulls the rope down sending Ashley outside, and Torrie slams her onto the apron. This allows Torrie to get the pin… via X Factor.
Winner: Torrie
-no rating-, not a horrible diva match, but Ashley looked sloppy and it basicaly concentrated on interference.


Shelton Benjamin vs. Rob Conway
JR mentions that he rarely wears underwear. Seriously. Before the match starts Kerwin White comes out in a golf cart. Conway attacks and knocks him down with an elbow. Benjamin fights back and hits a clothseline and samoan drop for 2. Conway dumps Benjamin and rams him into the barricade outsode. Outside suplex by Conway gets 2. Conway gets a neckbreaker for another 2. JR is very determined that Kerwin is Chavo at this point, which is odd considering he is actually talking about something be sides athleticism in a Shelton Benjamin match. Benjamin fights out of a hold and hits a pair of clothselines and powerslam. Clothseline to the seated Conway gets 2. Benjamin gets a knee from the apron and goes up top to hit a top rope lariot for 2. That makes about 7 total clothselines for Shelton thus far. Conway scouts a body drop and kicks Shelton in t he face, then rolls through for a pin for 2. Chavo White trips Benjamin up with his golf club allowing Conway to roll him up for the 3 count.
Winner: Rob Conway


Hurricane & Rosey vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Murdoch and Hurricane start. Hurricane slips away from a boot in the corner but gets knocked down with a knee. Hurricane hits an arm drag and tags in Rosey who powerslams twice. Shoulder tackle by Rosey gets 2. Cade distracts Rosey and tags in Cade, where the heels hit a double team flap jack. Cade with choking and then the heels hit a double team clothseline for 2. Double team suplex gets 2. Cade chokes him with the knee until Rosey fights back with punches but gets rushed into the corner. Murdoch tagged in who knocks Rosey down with an elbow. Murdoch kind of has the build of JBL. Cade tagged in who goes up top to get slammed down by Rosey. Hott ag to Hurricane who cleans house on Murdoch. Hurricane hits a 2nd rope missile dropkick and headscissors. Cade interferes but Rosey takes him out. This allows Murdoch to hit a jawbreaker and top rope bulldog for the 3 count.
Winners: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
*, well, I guess we can hope that Cade & Murdoch don’t go on an undefeated streak gimmick.


Todd with Masters. Masters wants Todd to tell us how he made the 16-time World Champion Ric Flair cry. We see the footage of Flair getting locked in the Master Lock last week.


Main Event Master Lock Challenge

Chris Masters locks in the Master Lock on Shawn. Michaels tries numerous struggling, but Masters takes it to the ground. Back to their feet with it still locked in. HBK is rammed into the turnbuckle still with the Lock locked in. Michaels rams Maters back-first into the turnbuckle 4 times, then runs up the turnbuckle and to the ground trying to break it. Shawn drops to a knee but gets back up to both feet. Low blow back kick by Michaels, causing Masters to thrown HBK down, breaking the hold. An interesting dilemma here. So, Masters nails HBK with a steel chair, and then locks in the Master Lock again. Michaels quickly drops to both knees as the bell sounds. Officials are forced to pull Masters off.

End of show.

The Aftermatch: Down-right awful show. Really nothing worth watching. Mainly used to further build-up the Angle-Cena and Michaels-Masters masters for Unforgiven. Carlito-Flair and Hardy-Edge are also now officialy on the card.

Thanks for reading.

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