Tommy Lee Goes To College – Recap – Episode 5

Cold opening has a mock trial in the style of “The People’s Court”. Irony, of course, has Tommy on the defense for file sharing. The plaintiffs put together a pretty good argument. Tommy counters with “The opponent’s argument is whack”.


It’s nearing semester’s end, so that means it’s close to finals. Chemistry 101 has a random Hot Chick pairing up with Tommy to do calculations. Geez, man, she’s probably 18.

House of Lee, and Tommy’s relaxing by… drumming. Well, duh. 7 days until finals, and Hot Chick Natalie (who manages to change a couple of times) comes over to help Tommy study. Which is good, since Tommy hasn’t really been studying. Tommy tells Natalie about the Hot Chick in Chem, and the music tells us that Natalie’s not impressed. She then gives him a bunch of stuff to do, and takes off, because as a Smart Hot Chick, she’s got time to go out. Tommy gets started with the horticulture flash cards, and we head to an

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6 Days until finals, and Tommy spends time at the University Library, but of course he spends more time playing Playstation and poker with the rest of the frat. And of course, this leads to prank calling (allegedly) Naomi Campbell, Slash and Snoop Dog. Now, Matt and Tommy are cooking for the house, planning a Frat Prank. In the dead of night, they “sneak” over to the local Art Gallery to hang up a painting. And what is the painting of? Why, it’s the Tommy Leesa, of course. Butch “Huggy Bear” Hug is not amused, and lets him know that he needs to listen. And to teach him a lesson, Tommy gets put to work – at the school cafeteria. Hilarity, of course, ensues, as Tommy screws up, well, everything. But in the end, Tommy serves his time, and we’re off to an

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4 Days until finals, and Tommy is preparing by… being constantly late for class. We go to Physics 211, and Prof. Gay hands out an assignment to demonstrate the conservation of momentum, and Tommy has a good idea of what he wants to do. He enlists Matt, and they grab a bunch of stuff from the hardware store. They spend a lot of time assembling… something.

The next day, Tommy goes to Prof Gay’s lab to show his rehydration device, which is meant to help the football team move better. However, Prof Gay was looking more for something involving collisions, and gives him a C.

Chemistry class, and Tommy again pairs up with Hot (rather young) Chick Brigitte. The Prof talks about attraction, which segues to images of Tommy leering at Brigitte. They get together and study, and the Western music indicates that Natalie the Hot Chick Tutor is here, and allegedly she’s jealous. Natalie notes that with both her and Brigette talking, it was hard to concentrate. Tommy confesses that he got nothing (educationally speaking) out of that session.

Will Tommy fail his finals? Tune in next week (or don’t. No skin off my back) to find out!!

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