In Perspective: Hitting The Ropes Right


I’m becoming a fan of Reno 911. I had never watched it before because I couldn’t see how I could enjoy anything that paralleled Cops, a show I can’t enjoy. I’m big enough to admit that I was wrong. Not only is it funny, satire of reality cop shows, but it’s better than RAW. I was looking forward to the commercials, just so I could turn on Comedy Central for the marathon. Wrestling was that bad.

Don’t even get me started on the waste of time of trying to push Chris Masters as better than HBK in any fashion. Let me be very clear: I do not hate Chris Masters as a person, I hate that he has no ability and is too green for the level WWE is trying to put him on, such as the level of Shawn Michaels. Michaels can make a piece of broccoli look good in a match, but Masters isn’t hated because he’s a good wrestler playing a heel, he’s hated because he’s not a good wrestler.

The entire RAW just showed how bad things really are. From Eugene getting squashed by Angle because there can be no other way, to the Sexual Frustrations Match with the Heart Throbs versus Val Venis and Big Vis to Ashley being green and making Torrie Wilson look like a seasoned pro wrestler seemed to ignite the series of screw ups the entire broadcast that was RAW. Matt Hardy not reading his contract just to fight Edge was expected but considering how much he loses and get’s to put over other people and to make Edge look great, you’d think he’d stop a moment to read the fine print. Snitsky goes over just like Tyson goes over, just because they are big.

Kurt Angle remains a lone bright spot in a very depressing state of affairs that is RAW right now. Cena versus Angle has good buildup but I give Angle most of the credit, for being so polished and consistent and what he says, “real.” I could see the fans turn on Cena and cheer for Angle, stranger things have happened.

I want to say Shelton Benjamin is being wasted, big time by the WWE. My Mom, a wrestling fan who doesn’t go to wrestling web sites, really really dislikes Conway. She was rooting for Shelton to win and is disgusted at his losing streak over the last few months. That says it all.

The Lance Cade/Trevor Murdoch, throwback tag team style in a dead tag team division, only composed of the Hurricane and Rosey, and the occasional Heart Throbs and Venis/Big Vis combo – WWE has a lot to learn. You can’t make people care about talent if you won’t even bother building up the division, and that’s putting it in perspective. TNA is going to be better competition than WWE ever imagined if they keep it up at this rate. Thanks for reading and feel free to drop me a line at