Murtzcellanious – LIVE Canadian Idol Thoughts – September 6

Hello, hello.

I arrived at the John Bassett theatre at about 7 PM.

Before I got there, I was jokingly accused of “silently lurking” by somebody, since I like to sit on the ground in the waiting room. It was funny. I guess to the naked eye, that is what I am doing every week, but I am not. I am surveying the situation, making business calls since I will be wrapped up in covering the show for a couple of hours, and writing these cute tangents for my reports. I like to think that I insert a little bit of personality into your Idol recaps! I also like talking about the preamble, the things that you don’t get to see when watching the show at home.

I definitely have surveyed the situation for other reality shows that I like to spoil. Especially Survivor. I guess my surveying the situation certainly didn’t help my ability to spoil Canadian Idol. Yes, I did predict Suzi. Yes, I know I was wrong.

Let’s get to the show. After sitting down, I noticed that TSN (Canada’s ESPN) personality Michael Landsberg (Canada’s equivalent of Bob Costas) was in attendance. In addition, X-Men actor Shawn Ashmore was also in the front row. I actually interviewed Ashmore a few weeks ago because he was starring in a TV Special called Earthsea.

The music of the Barenaked Ladies was playing before the show began, highlighting the theme of the evening. The group arrived to a big ovation from the crowd and it seemed that they would be watching the broadcast from the audience.

The show started with Ben announcing that “we were now down to our final three.” He asked the judges for their thoughts.

Sass: Their (the top 3) individual performances are a testament to how Canada helps a performer grow.

Farley: These guys have to win over fans from the other competitors. It’s no holds barred.

Jake: The Barenaked Ladies (BNL) have a huge body of work. What makes them great is their work ethic.

The Idols came out on stage and Aaron said that it was “amazing to work with them.”

Ben introduced a video package. BNL have sold over 10 million records was the only point of consequence in the clip.

Commercial time. I have to tell you that I am absolutely shocked at how far Wildcard Walpole has gotten. I think that he has the most momentum heading into tonight.

Also, while I try to keep my clapping to a minimum during the show, I noticed that when everyone around you is applauding, you almost are forced to. You can’t keep your hands apart. It actually might be like yawning. They say that if you see someone yawn, you also will partake.

Let’s get to the performances.

– Sang “Brian Wilson.”
– A classic choice.
– I have to say that I thought BNL would be backing him up, but they are now confirmed to play the finale.
– Totally sounds different.
– Song makes it seem like he has a completely different voice, but this works for the song.
– Definitely one of Rex’s better performance.
– Still appears very stiff on stage.
– Sounded a little flat at the end of the song.
– Still, a decent opener.
Jake: Most fluid and most musical I have ever heard you.
– (I think Rex is many things, but ‘fluid’ is not one of them).
Farley: You’re an identifiable Canadian rock and roll artist (just like BNL).
Sass: Endearing part of the song for me was when you did (stretches out hands and cracks fingers).
Zack: You sang it laid-back. You’re going to make some good records bro.

Another commercial. A blackboard was set up for Jon Dore’s comedy schtick. Involved him pretending to be a teacher, and making fun of gas prices.

– Sang “Break Your Heart.”
– I didn’t like the song, but he rocked it.
– Hitting every note and breathing at the right places.
– Voice was totally filling the room.
– By far the best performance I have ever seen Aaron do (sorry Richard, this was better than “These Eyes”).
– Melissa is in-tough with solid openers from the guys.
– An amazing job.
Farley: You’re the best singer left… hands down.
Sass: You take the star search moments and make marathons out of them.
Zack: You’re unusual looking (for an Idol), but so are they (pointed at BNL).
Jake: You blew up the notes and blew us back in our seats.

– Sang “The Old Apartment.”
– BNL performed this on 90210. I actually remember it.
– Safe song choice.
– Not displaying the vocal supremacy that she is capable of.
– Hard for a girl to sing a Lady song. Haha, I hope that is as funny to you as it is to me when I type it.
– She is spot-on with the harmony of the tune.
Sass: This is the greatest challenge for you, because you are female. YOU are the best singer in the competition.
Zack: Idol is not a singing competition. You’re by far my favourite.
Jake: There’s three left and four of us, so I’ll abstain (from saying who is best singer). The fact that you are a female enabled you to make it your own.
Farley You’re wonderful to watch (sing).

– Sang “Call And Answer.”
– Started off badly.
– Lower notes sound horrible.
– Still a good song choice, because his high stuff is clicking.
– Rex is good at picking songs for his voice.
Zack: Unless little girls vote in droves, your inability to sing will haunt you.
Jake: If he couldn’t sing, he wouldn’t be here. Problems with your lower register.
Sass: *Inaudible*

– Sang “Even.”
– I wrote Aaron off tonight, but he looks good.
– Tonight seems to be his night.
– This is a classic BNL song because it is tough to sing and has many works.
– Crowd is really into it.
– Walpole gets second standing ovation of the night.
Jake: Reality is that this is the kind of song that you have fun with.
Farley: Experience as a theatre guy benefits you.
Sass: To me it seemed like you were leading an aerobics class.
Zack: Showed that you wanted to imitate these guys (Barenaked Ladies).

After a commercial, a promo for Hedley was shown. Featuring last season’s third runner-up, Jacob Hoggard, the band is performing on Wednesday’s program.

– Sang “When I Fall.”
– No high notes in the song.
– Crowd is still mesmerized.
– Had the same vibe of Melissa’s “Concrete Angel.”
– Average.
– I think she is capable of better.
– If voting is based strictly on performances and not fanbase, I think Rex is in danger.
Farley: You are a smooth and comfortable performer.
Sass: I’d catch you if you fell, but you won’t.
Zack: There are no rules, you’re it.
Jake: Mature and professional performance. Wasn’t boring. It was emotional.

That’s the show.

My rankings?

Glad you asked.

3. REX

Who’s going home?

I think it will be Melissa.

Talk to you Wednesday.

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