James LaBrie – Elements of Persuasion Review

Link: Dream Theater

The Inside Pulse:
Technically the third solo outing from Dream Theater’s vocalist (the first two being under the Mullmuzzler name), Elements of Persuasion takes a decidedly more hard rock/metal turn from LaBrie’s band’s leanings. With only touches of progressive rock, Elements captures the heavier side of DT’s Train of Thought while moving into a vein slightly more mainstream. Electronic elements pepper the recording, while straightforward (and sometimes angst-ridden) lyrics break the stereotype set by prog rockers over the years. LaBrie’s vocals are even well-reserved, essentially making this record far more accessible to the casual listener than the bombast of Dream Theater.

Hook-laden and begging for repeat play, it’s different enough from the typical radio sound to be a welcome change. Fans of DT’s heavier works will be happy with this.

Nothing truly innovative, and a probable disappointment to prog fans.

Dream Theater with later Godsmack.

Reason to buy:
If you’re a fan of the modern hard rock radio sound but are looking for something a bit more different or a touch more eclectic, you’ll find yourself rocking out quite frequently.