Meshuggah – Catch Thirty-Three Review

Link: Meshuggah

The Inside Pulse:
Meshuggah made a declaration with this album after their EP, I. Following in the vein of that release, their goal was to make albums as opposed to collections of songs. In other words, Catch Thirty-Three is most certainly a technical metal soundscape as opposed to anything resembling singles. The result is one big clump of sludge.

As always, musicianship is in top form, and progressive rhythms fill the disc with a technical sound that is unique and difficult to match.

There are no real songs here. What you get is 47 minutes of chugging, changing tempo and time signature, and basically an indiscernable mess. It sounds neat for the first five minutes, but wears on and on and on to exhaustion.

Entombed stuck in a particularly meandering Yes riff, looped to infinity.

Reason to buy:
You’re one of those people who could listen to repetitive techy guitar noodling all day with zero regard to song structure.