Astonishing X-Men #12 Review

Reviewer: Andy Campbell

Writer: Joss Whedon
Art: John Cassaday
Colors: Laura Martin
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
Assistant Editor: Sean Ryan
Associate Editor: Nick Lowe
Editor: Mike Marts
Publisher: Dan Buckley (Marvel)

The second storyline of the first “season” of Astonishing X-Men comes to a conclusion in this book, and to me, it’s a satisfying end to a good story. It’s not at the level of the previous storyline, but it’s still pretty cool. For those who may have missed the rest, the gist of it is that the Danger Room became a sentient being and is now trying to kill the X-Men (as well as the students at Xavier’s School). The end of last issue saw Danger summon the huge, Genosha-killing, mega-Sentinel to destroy the X-Men, while Professor Xavier opened up a can of psychic whoop-ass.

The bulk of this issue is an amazingly kick-ass fight scene, as the X-Men try to take down the giant Sentinel. Xavier is still having his run-in with Danger, and it is finally revealed who Emma Frost has secretly been talking to! Oh man, what a hell of a cliffhanger for the second “season”!

If you’ve been reading this book all along, you’ve already bought this issue. If, for some reason, you’re still on the fence, check it out in trade. Seriously. Joss Whedon made the X-Men interesting again, and John Cassaday may very well be the best artist in comics.