The O.C. – Recap – Episode 3-1

Are you ready for some football?! Well go check out ESPN. Or better yet go here…InsidePulse Sports. I am sure they will have all your football needs. But if you are ready for some O.C., then you came to the right place!

Hi. My name is Josh and I have an addiction. I am addicted to The O.C.. Yes..I have a problem, but it a GREAT problem to have.
Because The O.C. ROCKS AND ROLLS all over you TV screen each and every Thursday night!

Now I admit it. I was not a fan at first. In fact, I don’t think I watched one complete show from the first season when it first aired on Fox. I couldn’t care less. Another “teen drama” show. Like Dawson’s Creek or Beverly Hills 90210 or Blossom. “Whooooaaa”..maybe not Blossom, but you get my point. I didn’t care to see it. That was UNTIL I did actually see it. I decided to give it a shot once my own personal life went down in flames. I broke up with a long-term girlfriend and everything changed. I started doing new things and one of those included watching The O.C. for the first time. Oh boy..where to even begin. This IS my life! I AM Seth Cohen!

Love Triangles? Check.

Wild Trips to Mexico? Check.

Sitting By the Pool Sipping on some “Tea”? Not so much.

But Late Night Talks With a Cousin/Brother in a Small Room? You betcha.

Once I started to watch the second season of the show..about 8 episodes in..I was hooked. Everything about the characters and stories was my life. Everything. It’s weird, but true. I was Seth. And in my life the parts of Ryan, Marissa, Summer, Zach, and the like were all filled by someone I knew.

The only thing I didn’t have in common with the show is being rich. There is no ocean here, but there are plently of lakes.

It became my mission to find out what I have missed. I went out and bought the first season and watched it all in a few days. It just confirmed what I already knew. The O.C. is the greatest show on television.

Now you may be asking why? And I will tell you. It’s not just the drama that makes this show great. Yes..the drama will make you come back each week to see what is happening next. But the thing that sets this show apart from the others is the comedy. It doesn’t take itself too seriously like some shows over on “Frog” network. And it always has some great lines from Seth and Sandy. It is the perfect mix of comedy and drama and the show knows when to turn one off for the other. You doubt what I say? Well..just watch for youself.

But enough about me and why I love the are here to read what happened on the first episode of Season Three.

Will Trey die?

Did Marissa get sent to prison to find some new “friends”?

What will happen with Ryan and Marissa?

How will Sandy get the “foursome” out of trouble?

Will Summer and Seth break up again?

How will rehab affect Kirsten?

What about Julie and Jimmy?

What was up with that crazy music at the end of Season Two?

Was that some kind of “shoot your brother” type music?

Will I ever shut up and get on with the recap of the show? YES!

The O.C. – Season Three (Episode 1) – “The Aftermath”

We start right where we left Season Two. We are at the hospital. Trey is on a stretcher and he is being wheeled into the hospital. The police want to talk to Ryan. They try to talk to Marissa, but Ryan tells her “not to say anything to them.” It’s all a blur for Ryan now. Seth, Sandy are in the picture, and Ryan faints..

Wait it was a dream or more like a flashback as Ryan is now back at his home. He wakes up and Seth is standing there. It’s not a dream. It was all real.

“California…here we come…right back where we started from…California…here we come! Oh!!”

Back to sunny California. And it’s back to the pool..Marissa and Summer. Apparently, manslaughter doesn’t make the list of things to do before senior year. Trey is in a coma, and Summer says it’s “hott” that Ryan defended Marissa’s honor. Marissa says she will have to live with the fact that she has shot someone for the rest of her life.

Sandy is in the kitchen with the deputy district attorney. The DA is after Ryan..not Marissa. Ryan’s record is long. They are trying to put it on Ryan. Saying he shot Trey and Marissa is covering for him because he has more to lose. The lawyer brings up Kirsten and Sandy says she is “out-of-town”.

Now to the rehab center. “My name is Kirsten and I’m an alcoholic.” Kirsten tells the group that she turned to alcohol because of her dad, Caleb. She did everything she could to please him, but it was never enough. Another lady agrees with her. Her name is Charlotte played by Jeri Ryan. They say she can go home and get a sponser and all of that stuff.

Now the deputy district attorney talks to both Seth and Ryan about what happened. He gets their statements and records them. Ryan didn’t see Marissa shoot Trey and neither did Seth. But Ryan didn’t shoot him. “You went to Trey’s that night to kill your brother..didn’t you Mr. Atwood?”

Jimmy and Julie at their house. Julie doesn’t want her to admit that she shot Trey. Marissa already admitted it, but no one believes her. They think she is protecting Ryan. Julie tries to blame Ryan for everything, but Jimmy comes back with…”So it’s his fault that I went bankrupt and nearly went to married Caleb Nichol and made you watch him drown in a pool and Trey got shot.”

Ryan tells Seth that he is going to visit Trey. Seth wants to watch some movies, but decides that visiting “your comatose brother in the I.C.U is also an excellent way to relax and blow off steam.”

The deputy DA is now at Marissa’s house. He says Marissa’s testimony lacks credibility.

At the hospital as Seth tries to joke with Ryan saying Trey is a better listener when he is in a coma. Seth and Ryan leave the room and Trey’s finger twitches. Ryan says that Trey is the only family he has left and Seth says that is not true.

We come back to Trey’s room and he is awake! Oh boy..this should be fun.

Seth and Ryan are playing video games and Seth doesn’t understand the rules of baseball. He is not much into sports games. Rather have fighting games. So we aren’t exactly sue me. Seth gets a phone call and he gets the news. Ryan is in shock.

Back to rehab as Kirsten’s new friend, Charlotte, talks to her and they seem to have went through the same things. Their conversation gets interrupted by Sandy. Sandy wants to know when she is coming home. This little moment gets interrupted by Seth calling Sandy. seems that maybe she doesn’t know about Trey. And Kirsten may be wanting to stay there longer as she didn’t tell Sandy that she could go home any time.

Ryan meets up with Marissa and tells her Trey is awake. Marissa thinks that now Trey can tell them what really happened or something like that. They go to the diner to meet up with Seth and Summer.

Jimmy and Julie are at Caleb’s office and it will take two months for the will to be revealed. Julie wants to know what is in it, but no go. There are still things that need to be settled first. Jimmy gets a call and he gets the news. Trey is up.

Time to eat. The “foursome” are at the diner. Summer says they should have fun. She says they can’t worry about something they can’t control. Fun it is. They need an idea. Marissa has one and it’s… to love those wacky California kids. Summer tells Seth that “with your two hands on the wheel and the wind blowing through your
look kinda hott.” Seth says “let me guess have a weakness for sea men.” HA! HA! HA!

Ryan and Marissa talk on the rocks. Marissa wants to talk about what happened, but Seth and Summer interrupt. Now it’s time for some fun in the ocean as they try to throw the girls into the water. Some kissing between them as well..snuggled up by the fire. Good times..for now.

Back to the hospital. Julie is there. She wants to see Trey. Visiting hours are over says the nurse. Julie throws out that she owns this wing of the
hospital. Well Caleb did, but you get it. Holy crap..she looks like the devil as she stands above Trey in his room. Evil. She picks up a pillow and Trey tries to tell her he is sorry. Julie wants his help. She offers money for him to say “Ryan shot me!” Ooo..I hate her even more!

Seth and Ryan are watching Teen Wolf on TV. Awesome! Sandy comes in and tells them that Trey told them that Ryan shot him. Sandy questions Ryan
about lying. The DA is coming after Ryan now. Ryan says “it doesn’t matter now.”

Julie acts all happy that Marissa isn’t getting arrested. Julie says it will affect her future..being arrested. Jimmy thinks it is odd that Trey wakes up and tells the police that Ryan shot him. Marissa comes in and they are about to tell her what has happened.

Seth and Summer try to figure out what Ryan likes to do or eat. No thoughts. They don’t know whether to go talk to him or leave him alone.

Seth: “He’s never been arrested before…for attempted murder.”

Marissa comes to the Cohen house and see wants to see Ryan. He is packing his bags. He is going to run away. Marissa says he is sailing and they are all going with him. So they will sail away from the trouble.

Kirsten doesn’t know if she is ready to leave rehab. The doctor says she is, but she doesn’t know. Charlotte tells her to “take
all the time she needs.”

Sandy is back home and no one is there. The police are here and they want Ryan. No go.

Sandy calls Julie and Marissa is not at home either. The kids are gone.

Seth, Ryan, Summer, and Marissa all jump into the boat. But wait..the police arrive on the scene and they are stuck now.

Ryan is at the police station now. Sandy is there. He tells Ryan that only guilty people run away. Ryan says he had no other choice. seems a plan is in motion. Seth, Summer, and Marissa are at the hospital and Summer and Marissa are candy-strippers. They get in to see Trey, of course. Well Marissa does and Trey is shocked to see her. Trey remembers that Marissa shot. Trey says that he is trying to protect Marissa. He tells her he is sorry. Then, he tells Marissa that Julie offered him a way out. Marissa tells him that he has to tell the truth to make things right.

Sandy and Jimmy meet at a bar. They try to figure out why Trey is framing Ryan. Sandy says someone must have paid him. Jimmy knows and so does Sandy. Sandy questions Jimmy and his reasons for coming back to Newport. Sandy doesn’t trust Jimmy. Me neither. Sandy gets a phone call.

Marissa tells Julie that she know what she did and then hands her a copy of Trey’s confession. It says that “If Marissa didn’t shoot him..that he would have killed Ryan.” Marissa says that all Julie cares about is what the rest of Newport think of her. She wants Julie to stay out of her life.

Back to the police station and Sandy tells Ryan that he is free. Ryan says he has to do something now. He goes to Trey’s room but he is not there.

Trey is getting on a bus out of town. Sandy and Ryan pull up right before it leaves. Ryan finds him and Trey waves goodbye. No words..just a wave from the two of them as the bus drives off. Ryan begins to breakdown on Sandy’s shoulder.

Kirsten looks at a picture of her family, while Charlotte peeks through the door.

Ryan finds Marissa at the beach and tells her thanks. He tells her a story of when Trey ran away one time. He wonders how he can make it on his own without his brother. Marissa says he is not alone this time. Ryan knows, but he still wants to know where he went. They are going to try and put this behind them and they hug as we end the show!

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