TNA At Ringside: Unbreakable PPV Preview

Welcome back to ringside everyone. I am out of this week as I have been juggling school and work. What’s that mean? I’m too tired to type a decent column or do any decent research, so enjoy.

WhateverTheDayWas Impact! Recap

Hollyric does his usual better than the show recap

Unbreakable PPV Preview

Raven vs. Rhino for the World Title: This match will be a brawl that ECW fans will probably be proud of. Neither man can perform 5 moves but both men use their surrounding. If there’s a table, Rhino will Gore or pile drive you through it. If there’s a chair, Raven will drop toehold you on it. With this being the last PPV before the SpikeTV debut, the question is who should be World Champion when they hit national TV? Raven, the man who has been with the company since it’s early days and has done everything asked of him including jobbing to Erik Watts. Or Rhino, the man TNA wants to prove that WWE f*cked up when the released him because the flower pot looked at him wrong. The answer? Jeff Jarrett. That’s right, Jarrett will come out after Raven beats Rhino and he will challenge Raven. Raven will accept because he’s a “fighting champion.” After a brawl, Rhino will gore Raven and Jarrett will cover to win the World Title. When I’m right, I want one hundred million dollars from somebody. If I’m wrong, whatever.
*Winner: Jeff Jarrett

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels for the X Division Title: I’m still upset that AJ has been added to this match. He didn’t win the tournament, he shouldn’t get the shot. Whatever, I’ll get over it after I’m marking out over his entrance. I don’t need to hype this match. It’s going to rule. It’s going to be a Match of The Year contender. It’s the reason to buy this PPV. So buy this PPV now. I don’t care who wins but since I have to pick, I’ll go with…
*Winner: AJ Styles

America’s Most Wanted vs. The Naturals vs. Alex Shelley & Sean Waltman vs. Team Canada for the Tag Team Titles: Once again, Canada and AMW didn’t win the tournament. They shouldn’t get a tag team title shot. The match should be good considering the talent in the ring but still, what’s with this booking? I say put the titles on Shelley and Waltman. That way you add a new team to the division this whole Candido Tournament proves to be worthwhile.
*Winners: Alex Shelley & Sean Waltman

Sabu vs. Abyss: Once again, another ECW brawl in the making. Abyss will probably dominate Sabu for the most part using his size and power. Sabu will no sell most of the moves and show guts when he blows a spot in his comeback. I like Sabu but lets face it, he’s nothing more than a spot machine and he’s uglier than Jeff Hardy (according to most women). I say Abyss should win since he will be around in the long run.
*Winner: Abyss

Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy: Again, what in the hell is up with this booking? Since when did Hardy have a beef with Roode? Did Roode sleep with Lita and Jeff is looking for revenge because Matt is too busy jobbing in WWE? Why the f*ck am I asking so many questions?
*Winner: Jeff Hardy

Monty Brown & Kip James vs. Lance Hoyt & Sonny Siaki: Why is Hoyt paired with Siaki. I understand when he was paired with Kid Kash. Kash was a smaller guy and he used Hoyt as his muscle man. Siaki is a big enough guy, he can handle his own. I see no point in pairing the two. And why are Kip and Monty being paired again. Didn’t Monty bash Kip for being an idiot and trying to break up 3LK? Is Dusty Rhodes still booking this shit? Whatever, I think a Brown/Hoyt feud will be the end result of this little match.
*Winners: Monty Brown & Kip James

3 Live Kru vs. Diamonds In The Rough: Forget this match, just listen to Kanye West – Diamonds Are Forever and Kanye West & Jay-Z – Diamonds Are Forever (Remix) during this match. That way the whole diamond thing relates to one another.
*Winners: 3 Like Kru

Petey Williams vs. Austin Aries: ARIES IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chalk up another good match on Austin Aries’ TNA record.
*Winner: Austin Aries

Divas Galore

So TNA signed Gail Kim and Jackie Gayda over this past week. Yipee. That gives them a total of like 3 Divas. I don’t remember seeing Traci wrestle so she’s tits and ass. Gail Kim can wrestle and you can find her unclothed tits and ass online. Gayda is hott but can’t pull off a bulldog.

Hopefully the signing of Gayda means Charlie Haas is on the way. I sure as hell hope so.

Trapped In A Storyline

Did you not read above? I have had time to do nothing with all the work and school. Trapped In A Storyline comes back in 2 weeks.

The E-Mail Bag

First off, the comment on Edge/Hardy. You mentioned
about the Edge/Hardy ending from Raw being used for
SummerSlam… from what I read somewhere (I forget)
that match wasn’t planned, but rather thrown out last
minute to counter the TNA ads WWE was running. I found
this a bit of a stretch at first until I took in a few
elements. First off and most importantly, the match
was announced midweek online and not the previous week
on TV. Why wouldn’t they mention this next week in a
Bischoff segment or whatever? Next, the previous
week’s television left Matt Hardy looking really down
and out. There was no real mention of Edge’s post
Conway attack minus the attempt at the repeat spot.
Although, I’ll admit that WWE’s creative isn’t exactly
on enough for such things to be brushed over.

As for which Diva I’d be a “Sugar Daddy” to? I’d look
no further than Traci Brooks. There’s just something
about her dressed up as a cowgirl…

-Peter Von Erik

Ya, WWE has turned a storyline I was strongly into, into a storyline I’m strongly changing the channel when happening. Good ass job. Traci Brooks is always a very good choice. Thanks

First off Jay, I’d like to say…holy shit you had me rollin’ on the floor with that…classic Jay material. I can’t wait for parts 2-5.

And secondly, for my C-Cup answer…….

I would also have to go with Trish Stratus…because, as one Famous White Rapper once said…”I aint never seen an…Ass Like That”


I don’t know what classic Jay is and I never knew Bubba Sparxxx said that

Next Week

This isn’t a regular thing, mentioning what’s going on in next week column but next weeks column is special. My Birthday is next Thursday (September 15) and the column goes up on Friday (the 16th). I’m going to see if I can change that but it’s cool if I can’t. Anyway, next week will be a break from the normal. I’m not asking anyone to buy me anything or anything like that. I’m just happy that people are reading what I type about on the subject of wrestling. The only I ask of everyone is for you guys to give me a break from the normal format and just let me rant on anything next week. I do mean anything. It will not be only wrestling. I plan to ramble on about Wrestling, Sports, Games, Music, TV, News, and anything else that comes to mind. There is no C Cup this week because I don’t plan on posting e-mails next week. You can still send me e-mail though and I will gladly reply in a more private matter.

The End

That’s all folks. Drop me a line at and join me next time At Ringside (Birthday Edition)


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