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I’m so digging the Batman/Superman/Toon Heads block weeknights on Boomerang.

I just wanted to share that.

What I Watched Last Week

Entourage – Ok, I’m finally caught up, almost. I’ve yet to watch the season finale, but the previous episode where Vince decides to drop out of Aquaman and Ari gets fired was a pretty solid episode.

I find myself really digging both Ari and Johnny Drama. I can’t explain why I dig Drama. I think it’s because he’s always got a story. Anyway, this show has really become an enjoyable half hour.

Stella – Man, I’m sorry that the season is over. I loved this show. I hope it comes out on DVD. Sadly I’ve not heard enough about the show in other media, thus I’m not too hopeful for its return. But like The State I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Over There – Dude, Mrs. B really wanted to get those IDs. I’m a bit curious as to how one goes about fashioning a toilet seat out of an explosive material and builds a trigger, but I can look past that for the drama. This show isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. And while I turn it on out of habit rather than desire, it doesn’t really let me down.

Rescue Me – The inheritance storyline ended predictably and the death at the episode had been pretty well promoted for the past week. Still it was tough to watch. I mean, if I learned anything from Deadwood it’s that children and bicycles don’t mix. It’s pretty much a fact.

The Comeback – Again I’ve not watched the finale yet, but it was nice to see Valerie grow a spine in the previous episode. Seeing her give her pratfall her all was tough to watch, and finally made me hate Pauly G. I never disliked the guy before that scene, but now he’s a bastard. Mickey is still hilarious!

Rome – Ancient brain surgery! Yes! This show is full of sex, but I can deal with it. The brain surgery a bit much to watch, although I did dig the line about making an offering to the gods. So dude’s wife was cheating on him? Now her being preoccupied with the baby’s crying while giving her long lost husband a “welcome back” shag made complete sense. I think I’m going to really like this show.

Prison Break – This show was much better than I expected. Missing digits, prison “girlfriends”, and threatening children? How can this show not be a hit? Plus it’s got the most inventive use of body art since Memento. I can see the show is going to get a be “touchy feely” with the father/son angle. Still I’d kill to see a familiar face from Oz in the mix.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – Oh Nazis. What isn’t funny about trying to sell Nazi memorabilia to a museum? Dee freaking out with the old folks was a good use of her character, since she’s usually the closest to the moral center of the show. Dennis and Mack competing over the girl in such a morbid manner was pretty funny, and spot on. I know guys just like that.

Greatest Show Ever…this week – Real Time With Bill Maher

Man, last week was a great episode. It was nice to see folks speaking bluntly about the situation in New Orleans. Earlier in the week I saw Anderson Cooper really chew out some politician, so it was cool to see him vent on Bill Maher. Michael Eric Dyson is my new role model. He slays me every time he opens his mouth. Oh and Bill Maher was pretty funny too.

The Fall Season

Every September my roommate and I write out a list of shows that we’re going to give a shot to in the upcoming season. Sometimes they stick around (Lost) sometimes they don’t (Jack and Bobby). The point is that we try new things. Usually we don’t give sitcoms a shot, but this year we’re going to try some out. Here are the new fall shows that we’re going to be tuning in for.

Kitchen Confidential – Since I don’t watch Alias, I was like “hey, that’s that guy from Jack and Bobby.” And that’s honestly why I’m watching the show. I dig the guy, even if I don’t know his name. I thought he was the victim of lazy writing in Wedding Crashers (could they make him any less likeable?), as a result I’ve signed on for this show.

Prison Break – I’ve already covered this.

My Name is Earl – I probably would have voted for this one even if my roommate wasn’t interested, simply because it’s been getting promoted pretty heavily during the late night shows on NBC. I’m intrigued by the premise, even if my faith is karma has been completely shaken.

Criminal Minds – This is a roomie selection. I’m not really too interested in this show. But she want to watch it so it makes the list. We’ll just have to see it if makes the cut.

Everybody Hates Chris – I actually dug Pootie Tang, so I figure this show has got to be better than that, right?

Reunion – We taped the first episode. I’m kind of reluctant to attach myself to this one. It seems a bit “gimmicky” for my taste. I’m curious if the story can withstand the premise. And what does it do for a second season?

Six new shows. That’s it that’s all. Of course since by my count we’ve only lost one show, Jack and Bobby, that’s still an increase of five shows added to our viewing schedule. I don’t know if we can juggle that well. Oh well. I can’t wait to find out.

Fare Pay vs Air Play

Last week I posed the following scenario;

Good News; you’re alive. Bad News; you’re a disgraced cop. Maybe you accidentally killed your partner. Maybe there was a suspicion that you were dirty. Maybe you tried to frame O.J.. Who knows? The point is you used to be a cop but now you’re not. Good News; you’ve got a new gig. Bad News; you’re going to have to work nights.

So, would you rather be a Radio Talk Show Host (Midnight Caller or aTaxi Driver (Hack?

Colin was the first to respond with;

If one is to believe Bobby D, one usually has to clean blood and other, more vile bodily fluids after every shift of being a taxi driver. This is something I simply have no stomach for. On the other hand, up here in the T Dot we have a high population of Ethiopian cab drivers, so I could be kickin it with Jah, Rastafari….. or Starvin Marvin.

As for being a late night DJ, there are many things to consider: if I’m on late night, especially at say, a college radio station (York U 101.5 FM, whut!) I could play all the Slayer and Lootpack I please. But the callers…. Up here in Canada we don’t have the 1st Amendment. We have semi-free speech, provided one doesn’t offend others, then one can be called guilty of a hate crime. Another thing I have no stomach for.

Official answer: If I was a disgraced cop, I would become a cab driver. I could be a jerk and it would seem the norm, rather than get me into trouble. I could also be driving home a bunch of drunks with a pocket full of trees, and a sharing nature. So there.

Scavenger couldn’t disagree more;

Late night radio show host wins by far! For one thing, you get more work, since you go for at least 3 seasons…and beyond that, clearly it leads to jobs like captaining a space ship and being VP..not to mention banging Shelly Long and Tracy Scoggins!

Aaron makes a very sound argument;

Easy call this week, Math. I’ll take the night time gig as a taxi driver. Can you imagine the characters you’d see at 3:00 AM on a Saturday or Sunday morning? And, if we learned nothing else from Mos Def (the cab driver with the heart of gold and affinity for fat chicks in Brown Sugar) it’s that hacks get to hang around with the beautiful people like Sanaa Lathan and that light-skinned chick from Showtime’s Soul Food series. Besides, when talk radio is the alternative, all you’re left with are the mouth breathers and knuckle draggers who think being kept on hold for 45 minutes is a great way to spend an evening.

I’m going with the radio gig for two reasons; 1) I can’t drive but more importantly 2) I dig music. Sure my powerful radio voice is naturally suited for a call in show, but I’d hopefully make my way to playing actual music and dictating the taste of people all over the city. And even if I was stuck on the call in show gig, I’m pretty opinionated I think I could hold my own.

Naturally this brings us to…

Good News/Bad News/Question of the Week

Good News; you’ve got a house in a nice neighborhood. Bad News; you’ve got nosey neighbors. Good News; you’re pretty financially stable. Bad News; you’re about to get another addition under the roof. Maybe there was birth control slip up. Maybe you’ve invented an incredibly lifelike robot. Perhaps an alien crash-landed in your garage. Or maybe you’ve decided to adopt a couple of wisecracking Black orphans. Who knows? The point is you’ve got some a new person living under your roof.

So would you rather have Alf (Alf) or Vicki (Small Wonder) living under your roof?


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Brendan has an amazingly well rounded column, even if he’s still trying to place #1 in the latest Mario Kart. Alas, I’ve been there and done that. I donated my Gamecube to my sister over the summer. But don’t think I’m soft Brendan. I’ll take you any day of the week. And that goes double for Mario Tennis.


“J” is for Joe. Yup this is a link to his column last Friday. But it’s a really good read, plus he’s got Arrested Development news! Joe’s Blog has other TV goodness, including; Tennis, Simpsons DVDs and something about some dude named “Kanye”?

“A” is for Aaron. Yes, that is a link to last week’s column. If you want to read Aaron on IP today, you already have. His contribution to this column is all you get this week!

The end.


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