Battlestar Galactica – Recap – Episode 2-06

Ok 2 more episodes before we’re all caught up here on IP… let’s finish this up

So a third of the fleet is gone, and we’re in the command center on Galactica, and we hear that 18,000 souls have followed the former president to Kobol. Adama asks what’s been lost, Dualla proceeds to list off people that are missing. Adama stops her to ask what in terms of practical resources he’s lost, not people willing to follow religious fanatics.

Cue the 24 ships around Kobol, there’s debate about the trustworthiness of Apollo because he’s Adama’s son. Roslin tells them that his trust is beyond reproach. Apollo also emphasizes that if Galactica wants to come after them there is nothing they can do to prevent it. So now they’re waiting for Starbuck to come back with the arrow. The priestess then warns them that any return to Kobol will be paid for in blood, people will die on any trip down.

Roslin then gives an ultimatum that if anyone does not have the stomach for their mission, they’re free to leave and rejoin the fleet. The mission is nothing less than saving humanity.

While Roslin was giving her speech, Zarek’s second in command calls him in to see something the picked up on the scanners, an unknown ship has entered Kobol space, one too big to be the ship Starbuck left in. He’s suggesting to shoot first and ask questions later since it’s headed straight for their ship. Oh no tense decision time… well brief decision time, as Starbuck hails the ship letting them no it’s her.

And Starbuck is on board the Astral Queen, Adama comes forward, hugs and kisses her. The kiss leaves her a bit unsettled. Then they all see Cylon Sharon and Apollo freaks out. Starbuck and Helo stop him from killing her.

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47,858 survivors and counting…

And we’re back at the standoff, Apollo is still pointing his gun at Sharon, and Helo has his pointed at Apollo. Roslin tells them all to put down their weapons, and promises to put Sharon in a holding cell where she won’t be harmed. As soon as the weapons are put down, Roslin tells them to toss Sharon out the airlock. As she’s getting pulled away, Sharon shouts out that she knows how to find the tomb of Athena, which gives Roslin pause. Starbuck pulls out the arrow, Roslin thinks for a second and tells them to not throw Sharon out just yet.

Galactica: We’re in Adama’s quarters and he’s crushing walnuts in his hands while trying to pick a new squad leader for the fighters ships. Tigh is going through the list of candidates, but Adama had someone in mind already who suddenly appears behind them in the office apologizing for being late. It’s a fairly green pilot named Burke. Tigh gets upset about Adama already having chosen someone, Adama claims it’s because he just wanted to see if he and Tigh were on the same page.

Adama heads to a press conference. He proceeds to tell the press that the fleet has been divided, and we share grief about the loss of people and resources. He pleads for everyone to stay together and that together we can rise past these challenges. When someone asks if Adama plans to put the fleet back together, he emphasizes that they’ve lost no one that can’t be replaced. Then another reporter asks if the rumours are true that Earth is made up and they really have no clue how to get there.

Now we see Gaius for the first time this episode, he’s kicking himself for not asking who the 8 Cylons were in the fleet.

Astral Queen: Roslin is talking to Sharon who is behind bars, Sharon is trying to say that she’s there because she wants to be, not because she’s trying to screw over the humans. Roslin says the only way Sharon is going to survive is if she takes them to the Tomb of Athena.

The priestess says how there is a lesser demon who will help them in their time of need, she thinks this might be talking about Sharon. Roslin said she told Sharon that if she was lying, she’s toss Helo out the airlock along with her. This seems to have made them trust Sharon at least for the time being. Zarek’s second in command seems bitter that Apollo is second in command.

Galactica: The new viper pilot captain is taking his crew out on their first exercise with him in command. There’s two pilots asking for clearance to attack an asteroid, the CAG accidentally gives the all clear to two pilots to approach. Hotdog blows up the asteroid sending debris flying everywhere almost injuring the other pilot. After the mishap the Viper’s are called back to Galactica.

Astral Queen: Sharon and Apollo are talking now, Sharon emphasizes that no matter what he saw it wasn’t her that shot Adama. He pulls a fun on her, Starbuck comes in to stop him. Apollo criticizes her for stopping him after she recklessly flew off with the Cylon Raider. She tells him that unless he saw what happened on Caprica he has no idea what he’s talking about.

Zarek and his second and command are talking about Zarek being in command of the fleet, they plot killing Apollo so that Zarek can be in command, since they know they can’t kill Roslin because she is the spiritual leader of the entire fleet. They’re planning on killing Apollo while on their mission to Kobol.

Galactica: The new CAG has been trying to run a refueling run, and has been trying to do what is described as the easiest thing in the world, and it’s been taking them 4 hours so far. Adama is having second thoughts about the guy he appointed.

Astral Queen: Starbuck is tossing the ball she got on Caprica against the wall, Apollo takes it and she asks politely for it back. He playfully keeps it from her until she gets upset and says for him to keep it, at which point he gives it back. Apollo knows something is bugging her and asks her what it is, she won’t tell him. He lets her know that no matter what, he’s her friend and he’s there for her. Starbuck noticed that during his talk he told her he loved him and calls him on it and they joke around for a second.

Galactica: Adama tells them to abort the refueling mission, they’re a bit late as the two ships collide with each other. There’s no serious damage, but this is still another f*ck up for the new CAG

Kobol: Sharon starts spouting off passages from the human sacred text and points them towards the “rocky ridge that will lead to the tomb”. So off they go traipsing through the forest. Sharon says the path is supposed to be marked with gravestones, they look and fine one proving they’re on the right path. As soon as they find it though, the Cylons find them and open fire. Apparently either their guns have explosive rounds or these are weaker Cylons than the ones that boarded the Galactica. Sharon runs off, Apollo follows thinking she’s trying to escape. Turns out she was just looking for the grenade launcher, the grabs it, Apollo grabs her and they tussle. She then blows away the Cylons and drops the gun, showing her loyalty.

Galactica: Adama is saying he’s full of rage… not anger, rage. He’s apparently talking to Dualla, he asked her to come in and speak her mind. She tells him that she thinks it’s not that he feels betrayed, it’s that he feels helpless. She feels that he let them all down by breaking his promise to find Earth together. Every day he keeps the fleet apart is a day he’s breaking his promise. He then tells her to leave, obviously upset about what she said. Dualla thinks he only asked to talk to her because he thought she didn’t have anything to say, but he was wrong. She tells him it’s time to heal the wounds, children are separated from their parents. That last part gets a very stern look from him.

Kobol: The priestess was killed in the firefight, Apollo urges them on .

Galactica: Adama is walking through the halls, he pauses, thinking about something. He then turns around and heads back to the command center, he tells Gaeta that he wants to see all recon material on Kobol immediately and that he’s going to put the fleet, and family back together. Everyone looks very happy about his decision.

The End.

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