Battlestar Galactica – Recap – Episode 2-07

Here’s the last episode before we’ve caught up with the Sci-Fi channel, the epic episode 7!

We start off on Kobol, everyone’s wet and it’s pouring rain. Shots back and forth of Adama reading the scriptures and the crew on Kobol reading the scriptures in the rain.

Galactica: Gaeta, the Chief, Tigh and Adama are trying to figure out where the Tomb of Athena will be roughly, and then they try to figure out where Roslin and Apollo landed and which direction they headed in, in order to figure out roughly where they are now. Adama is going to go down in a Raptor with an absolutely minimal crew.

On Kobol there’s more strain between Zarek and Apollo, Zarek’s second in command wants to know when they’re going to kill him.

Opening Credits!

47,855 survivors and counting

Kobol: Sharon thinks that a certain rock formation is where the Tomb of Athena probably is, they head off towards it.

Galactica: Gaius has had enough with Number 6, and their mythical baby. Damn Number 6 looks hot in the casual clothes. Number 6 tells him there is no secret chip implanted in his head, and all this stuff is actually just him being crazy. He obviously doesn’t want to believe it so she suggests he goes and gets a brain scan to prove either way.

Kobol: Adama and his group including the Chief and Roslin’s advisor are in a Raptor landing on Kobol, the advisor finds out that Roslin thinks he’ll be president one day.

Roslin and company are sitting around waiting for the rain to stop. Apollo tells Starbuck how creepy he feels seeing Helo and Sharon sitting there feeling in love. Sharon is telling Helo how she feels extremely strongly about rejoining the fleet, how she remembers getting her wings, being in uniform and feels like she’s coming home. Zarek and his second in command plot. The second in command suggests having the Cylon be the one to kill Apollo.

Yay the sun is finally out, Sharon is leading them through the woods some more. Starbuck tells Roslin about what she saw on Caprica, the farms, the incinerating of the bodies and tell her about the rebels. Roslin blows her off saying she can’t think about it right now since she has to concentrate fully on finding he tomb.

Galactica: Gaius is having his brain scan, Number 6 is teasing him which is causing him to move around and thus annoy the doctor.

Kobol: The second in command is talking to Sharon trying to convince her to kill Apollo, talking about how after they find the tomb they’ll just kill her. He then appeals to her motherly side saying they’ll never let her baby be born. Back at their camp their hear movement in the woods… and go on alert. When who comes out? Adama. The Adama’s hug and daddy Adama starts crying tears of joy. Roslin is extremely happy to see Billy there too. Then they all see Sharon.

Helo tells Adama that Sharon is with them, then after staring at her for a second grabs her by the throat and slams her to the ground. Thankfully Adama has some chest pains and has to let go of her.

Galactica: Gaius’ brain scans turn up negative, no implants, no nothing a perfectly normal brain.

Kobol: Adama and Roslin are talking, she says what really bugs her is that she broke her word to him. He then forgives her, she responds by saying she never asked for his forgiveness. Sharon tells Helo that they killed the other Sharon in cold blood without even a trial. Cue the inevitable meeting between Chief and Sharon. She says that they haven’t met but she remembers him, and then they hug. Zarek and the second in command are talking, Zarek tells him it’s over and to forget about it. The second in command seems insistent to keep going ahead with it. Adama thanks Roslin for saving his life and the lives of everyone else by convincing him to leave the colonies when the Cylons attacked. Sharon tells Helo that if they’re going to have any future she’s going to have to take matters into her own hands . She says if he trusts her not to ask what she has to do.

Sharon calls them all ahead, she’s found what looks like the entrance and wants everyone to take a look. Sharon then pulls a gun on Adama leading to the second in command pulling his gun on Apollo, Sharon then shoots Zarek’s second in command and then tells Adama that he has to realize she’s a different Sharon who knows she doesn’t have any secret programming and is acting of her own free will. Then she makes it clear that it’s her choice to give up her gun to him leaving her at his mercy. She then tells them about the plot to kill the to Adama’s, but she doesn’t know Zarek was involved so his participation remains a secret.

Starbuck is running the arrow all over the door looking to see how it opens the door. Adama suggests they just push the door open, that seems to work. This confuses them since the prophecies say the arrow leads opens the way to the tomb. Inside the tomb, there’s status of all 12 tribes, Arilon the Ram, Picon the fish, etc… When they see Sagittaron the archer they see he’s missing an arrow in his bow and decide to put the Arrow of Apollo into it . Which causes the door to slam shut and them all to appear in a grassy field surrounded by standing stones, each with a constellation on them.

Roslin recognizes the patterns as the original flags from when the colonies were called by their ancient names, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, etc… they realize the jewels match the constellations in the sky. Starbuck realizes that they are standing on Earth, at that Earth is the place where they can see all 12 constellations of the colonies in the sky. Apollo recognizes a nebula that gives the m a direction to go in to get to earth.

Galactica: Adama is giving a press conference he presents the President of the Colonies, Laura Roslin. Obviously martial law is over and they’ve reinstated the government. Adama then leads them in a massive round of applause welcoming her back.

Sharon is laying down on a bed in her cell on Galactica, Helo and her talk over those telephones guests use to talk to prisoners, Gaius overhears them talking about their child and realizes that the child Number 6 has been talking about was Sharon and Helo’s child. Realizing that it’s impossible for Number 6 to be his subconscious, he wonders what the hell she actually is. She says she’s been sent by God to protect him until the end… the end of the human race.

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