The Saturday Report

It’s Friday as I write this intro, and I’m flying from Houston to Toronto after what was loads of fun (translation: shitloads of work). This is the first time I’ll have been down there since I got married, and it looks no worse for wear, even with all the Louisianans down there.

Anyways, this looks to be my final Saturday Report. Before you start celebrating, I have to tell you that I’m not done writing a weekly column – I’m just moving to Thursday, while Matthew Romanada’s column switches to Tuesday and John Duran takes over the Saturday slot. In fact, he may already have a column up.

What I’ve been watching
Tell me he didn’t just say that
Kanye West’s last comment here is hilarious. Not to mention Mike Myers’ reaction and Chris Tucker getting caught flat-footed as they quickly cut to him. You’d think that a high-profile, major star like Tucker would be more prepared. After all, he’s starred in movies like Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2, and, um… yeah. Anyways, is West correct? I really don’t know. But it’s still funny.

The Weekly Singing Competition Commentary
Canadian Idol had BNL week, and about half of it was good. Aaron’s gone, and now voters have to ask themselves a question – do they want the winner to be a guy who the little girls love, or do they want the winner to be a girl who doesn’t look like your conventional pop star, but has proven to be the best SINGER in the competition. Me, I’d go with the singer every time, and I’m thinking that like American Idol, the underdog, Melissa, will win the competition.

Once again, I need to state that the voters are never wrong with their choice, so if I turn out to be wrong, I’m not gonna rant about how Rex shouldn’t have won the Canadian Idol title. He’s a decent singer, he’s got a look that obviously appeals to people, and he’ll sell a bunch of records, so it won’t be a “wrong” decision by any means. It just happens to be that Melissa is my choice
For Canadian Idol.

With Jordis gone, the Final Four for Rock Star: INXS is set, so let’s take a look at what we’ve got…

Mig Ayesa – Mig is a pretty decent singer, but I find that his stage presence is a bit dry. I don’t think we’ve heard him sing an INXS song yet, so I think that the jury is still out on how good a fit Mig is for the band. He’s had a couple of missteps in the last two weeks, so we’ll see if he can recover from that.

Marty Casey – For whatever reason, Marty is a favourite with the fans. Personally, I can’t stand his grunge-lite, impersonate-the-original-singer style, but he seems to resonate with others. Still, I’d think the band would like a singer with his own personality, so I don’t see them choosing Marty to lead the band.

J.D. Fortune – Obviously, J.D. is a confident, cocky guy. And if you don’t believe me, just ask him. Vocally, I’m not convinced that he’s a good fit for the band, but I think his attitude is right for them. He’s got a lot of personality and charisma, and this week he showed that he’s willing to alter his style to fit with the band.

Suzie McNeil – Vocally, the best singer of the four. However, Suzie suffers from being the wrong gender – I still don’t think that INXS will choose a woman to front their band. Aside from that, I think she’s a very good fit. The question is, is INXS willing to take a giant risk and pick her?

Overall, noone left is a perfect fit for the band, but I think that with his individuality, J.D. is the guy that INXS will choose to lead their band.

Tommy Lee Goes To College
One more week… one more week…

The Ultimate Fighter 2
Token Canadian Rob Macdonald got the boot, as he lost the elimination fight via tapout (triangle). Interesting build for him, as he had torn his labrum yet still tried to fight. Rob held his own against Brad Imes, but it looks like that tear gave out, as they later showed how his muscle had rolled up. Yes, kinda like HHH’s quad. One thing I don’t get though is why they tried to make Rob look like a wuss with all his complaining about his shoulder. Frankly, it’s a pretty serious injury and he may not even be able to fight at Ultimate Finale II, from what I understand.

Meanwhile, welterweight Josh was forced out of the competition due to a broken arm, suffered during his fight with Melvin Guillard. I think this helps explain why the match felt disjointed in parts – Melvin broke his hand, and later he borke Josh’s arm. Regardless, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Josh get the same kind of deal Nate Quarry has for the UFC, provided he wins his Ultimate Finale fight.

Prison Break
Well, Michael Scofield is definitely moving up the “badass” ladder quickly. If such a ladder exists, that is. I don’t know that he’s at Jack Bauer level yet, but I think Sayid’s badass level is probably within reach.

By the way, Brendan, you forget that Prison Break is in the 24 timeslot, and is only scheduled to run until January, when Jack Bauer has a really long day for the fifth time.

Speaking of which, check out The Weekly Pulse and then head to the IP Forums to discuss… infomercials. I’ve already said my two cents worth there, and I stand by what I said – anyone who says that they’ve never been sucked in by an informercial is lying. I know I’d be – hell, I bought the Foreman Grill and OxiClean based on the infomercials (both work really well, by the way. A must for any bachelor who has no idea how to cook, and spills stuff everywhere.), and I get sucked in every time by the Magic Bullet and Ronco products.

And that’s it for this week. Next week, watch for Tommy Lee and Canadian Idol recaps on Wednesday, the debut of the tentatively (and very originally) titled “Thursday Report” on (duh) Thursday, and my thoughts on debuting shows both new and old, including Survivor: Guatemala.