[DSW] Deep South Wrestling Show Results from September 8


Thanks to Larry Goodman for the following:

The second live show presented by Deep South Wrestling featured the debut of two new wrestlers with several WWE luminaries on hand to take notes on the proceedings.

Attendance was 125. That was down from 160 for week one. All of the DSW shows are free admission.

(1) Deacon Deville beat Mac Johnson in 4:42. Deville is probably the most impressive raw talent on the heel side. His crazy man gimmick is getting over pretty well. Johnson (a transfer from OVW who jobbed for Sylvain in a Velocity match on Tuesday night) has a fluid style of movement that sets him apart from the other DSW guys. Johnson used his quickness and smarts to get the upper hand for a minute or so. Deville was livid. Deville leveled Johnson with THE BIG BOOT. Deville bit Johnson and slapped himself in the face. A bigtime legdrop popped the crowd. Johnson made the comeback and finally got the big man off his feet, but Deville powered out of Johnson’s pin attempt. Deville finished Johnson with a sledgehammer reverse DDT.

(2) Angel Williams beat Michelle McCool 2:56. On the bright side, it was marginally better than the Torrie/Ashley match on RAW. It was also McCool’s first match in DSW. She might be a good athlete but she knows next to nothing about wrestling. Williams does a decent heel character but she couldn’t carry McCool. Williams shoved McCool down on the break. McCool returned the favor. Williams tried to run. McCool caught Williams by the hair and took over. They acted like real wildcats here. Lots of screaming and hair pulling. Williams snapped McCool’s neck off the top rope which seems to be the heel move of the moment in the WWE. McCool tried for the 10 punches. She got to six before Williams pinned here with her feet on the ropes.

Palmer Cannon, network executive in charge of oversight of Smackdown, made his way to the ring. Cannon asked the fans to pardon his zeal because he was pumped up on espresso (that’s coffee). Cannon put the DSW talent over. He said he was impressed by “the freakin Deacon” and his follicles (that’s hair). Cannon said Angel looked “robust” (that’s hot). In closing. Cannon proclaimed that the talent pool in DSW was deep and thriving, as opposed the gene pool in Henry County.

(3) Johnny Parisi beat Ray Gordy via submission in 10:12. There was some good news and some other news about this match. This was Gordy’s debut as well. They had there share of problems with footwork and timing. But the match had an interesting layout that got the crowd into it as it progressed. Gordy was getting the best of the wrestling, so Swinger dumped him and whipped him into the steps. Parisi worked over Gordy’s back with some really solid offense. Parisi went for a Boston crab. Gordy made a fiery struggle to get the ropes that really got the crowd behind him. Enzuigiri by Gordy and both men down. Gordy tried for a suplex but his back gave way. Gordy hit a messy spinning fisherman suplex for a near fall. Parisi got his knees up on Gordy’s swanton bomb. Parisi reapplied the Boston crab. Gordy almost made the ropes, but Parisi pulled him back to the center and cinched it in deep to force the tap out.

(4) Nick Mitchell beat Ryan O’Reilly in 5:06. O’Reilly is a crude mofo. He blew snot on the floor and spit on his opponent. He’s big and he works stiff, but if WWE likes his type, for the life of me I can’t understand the thought process behind letting a Sean O’Haire go and signing an O’Reilly. Mitchell has the physique (they all do) and major league explosiveness. He also has a very long way to go in the wrestling department. O’Reilly dominated with his basic brawling style. He throws a good lariat and the vertical suplex with a tight cradle was nice. Mitchell delivered a series of forearms that had O’Reilly looking woozy. Mitchell sprung from the mat straight the top turnbuckle for a twisting flying bodypress. Impressive. Mitchell’s finisher was bizarre. It was a bunny hop into a flying elbow drop.

(5) The Regulators (Number One & Number Two) beat Jack Bull & Ryan Reeves in 10:52. It wasn’t made clear which of the Shane twins was One and which was Two. Bull and Reeves showed that they could match power with the Regulators in the early going. Reeves no sold a whip and popped out the corner with a lariat. Regulator Mike gave Reeves a bottom rope hotshot with a drop toehold. Regulators got heat on Reeves with the typical double teams behind the ref’s back and the deal where the ref doesn’t see the babyface tag. None of them came across as being very adept at knowing how to build heat with this. Bull got the tag and had Regulator Todd pinned with a jumping knee. Mike made the save. Reeves speared Mike and they powdered out. Todd blocked Bull’s reverse rolling cradle got the pin with a TKO. Good finish to a very average match.

(6) The Miz beat Kid Kash in 11:27. Miz had a better match with Kash this week than he did with Parisi last week. Miz worked a hammerlock and busted out a Japanese armdrag. Kash did a slingshot sunset flip, but Miz hit a basement dropkick and followed with a standard armdrag. Miz went for a monkey flip, but Kash landed on his feet and dropkicked Miz in the knee. Kash focused his attack on Miz’s knee. Kash used the spinning toehold and the figure four leglock. The crowd was getting into Miz’s comebacks. Miz made Kash miss with an elbow drop off the middle rope. Miz made the big comeback. Miz hit a spinning sideslam and Kash kicked out at the last split second. Kash hit a powerdrive suplex for a near fall. Miz got the pin with a unique neckbreaker variation.

(7) Team Elite (Mike Knox & Derrick Neikirk) beat High Impact (Tony Santorelli & Mike Taylor) in 13:30. Good main event. Taylor had new gear to match Santorelli’s. It was back and forth in the opening minutes, but Impact had the edge. At 3:30, Knox pulled the ropes down on Taylor. Taylor played the Ricky Morton role of the small guy taking a beating from the big guys. And beat on him they did. Knox did the lion’s share of the work. Knox is good brawler who throws some great looking punches. Neikirk did a satellite headscissors on Knox into a flying press on Taylor. Knox wore Taylor down with a body scissors and a bear hug. Knox connected with a bicycle kick. Knox got hung up in the ropes on a high kick. Hot tag. Santorelli showed a lot of fire cleaning house and did it with innovative moves. Santorelli draped Knox over the top rope and did a swanton onto his back but Neikirk made the save. The finish saw Neikirk club Santorelli from behind and Knox capitalized with a sitout spinebuster.

NOTES: Michael Hayes, Ted DiBiase and Fit Finley were all in the building. DeBiase and Finley were at ringside for most, if not all of the matches…Hayes stayed in the backstage area with Jody Hamilton and Bill DeMott…Just like week one, all of the matches were taped with a two camera shoot by Bill Behrens and Nigel Sherrod (Pro Wrestling Evolution announcer)…Among the onlookers were Biohazard, Scott Steel, Dan Masters (NWA Wrestle Birmingham announcer) and Rich Tate from www.georgiawrestlinghistory.com.

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