Rasslin Roundtable: TNA Unbreakable

Tomorrow night, TNA presents their September pay-per-view: Unbreakable. I’m joined by the illustrious Matthew Michaels, “Alternate Reality” master Vinny Truncellito, professional Smackdown recapper Michael Fitzgerald, and TNA guru Jeremy Lambert as we give our picks for the show.

NWA World Heavyweight Title
Raven vs. Rhino

Matthew Michaels: They gain nothing by putting the belt on Rhino — OR by doing a title switch — before they head to Spike TV. Jarrett/Raven is the closest thing the heavyweight division has to a “money match” for Bound For Glory, so that’s my bet.
Winner – Raven

Vinny Truncellito: I don’t think they’ll put the title on Rhino this close to the Spike TV debut. Raven is a more compelling character, and he can speak.
Winner – Raven

Michael Fitzgerald: Well I remember the Backlash match from 2001 and being quite impressed but in a straight up match this could be quite boring. They need to give TNA the biggest fight they can and no doubt this could be good
Winner – I see Raven taking this one so he can job it to Jarrett at Bound For Glory

Jeremy Lambert: With this being the final PPV before the SpikeTV debut, one would think that the winner of this will be the World Champ on the debut. That being said, who’s the better fit? Raven the known vet from ECW, WWF, and WCW or Rhino, the known vet from Heat and Velocity? I’ll say neither and that Jarrett will win the title after Raven beats Rhino and Jarrett challenges Raven after the victory and wins the title with Rhinos help.
Winner – Jeff Jarrett

David Brashear: Jeremy makes a good point by noting Jarrett’s absence, but I don’t think they’ll be moving the title back onto him just yet. Rhino would be a great choice, but his glory days in ECW are long gone, and in the WWE he never really had many glory days. I see Raven hanging onto the belt here.
Winner – Raven

X-Division Title
Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles

Michael Fitzgerald: This could be MOTY. All 3 of these guys are excellent and every match I’ve seen with them against each other has been brilliant and this should be no exception
Winner – I’m going for Joe as he’s been built up so well that winning the belt would be the icing on the cake. Let AJ and Daniels move on to the NWA Title

Jeremy Lambert: Does it matter who wins? The fans will be in for a treat in this match. Joe vs. Styles was a MOTY contender last month, throw in Daniels who has impressed against Styles and we got another and maybe more serious MOTY contender
Winner – AJ Styles

David Brashear: I’ll call it now – this match is going to be a must-see. That said, I’m really torn. I really like Joe’s undefeated streak, but I’m going to have to go with Daniels retaining by pinning AJ while Joe is outside the ring or otherwise occupied. That way Joe could keep the streak going (because he didn’t lose, right?) and move on to a good feud with AJ.
Winner – Christopher Daniels (by pinning AJ Styles)

Matthew Michaels: Samoa Joe is the future, but again, I don’t see any title changes until they’re on national TV. The fans will really get behind Joe, so what they need to do is build him up super-strong starting October 1, and put him over Daniels in a one-on-one match at BFG.
Winner – Daniels

Vinny Truncellito: TNA seems to love Samoa Joe (for good reason, he’s intense and powerful), but he just doesn’t look like an X Division athlete. He belongs in the Heavyweight division. Daniels has defended the gold well, and as we all know, the longer the reign, the more important the eventual title change. I hope Daniels’ victory leads him to a feud with AJ for the first few Slammin’ Saturday Nights, and send Samoa Joe to the heavyweights.
Winner – The Fallen Angel

Four-way NWA Tag Team Title Match
The Naturals vs. America’s Most Wanted vs. Team Canada vs. Winner of the Chris Candido Memorial Tournament (Alex Shelley & Sean Waltman)

Jeremy Lambert: Blah, freshen up the tag team division and put the titles on Shelley and Waltman. Then add another tag team because I’m sick of AMW/Canada/Naturals every month
Winners – Shelley & Waltman

David Brashear: I like the three regular teams in this, but they definitely need some fresh blood in the division. How many PPVs in a row have we seen the Naturals, AMW, and Team Canada involved in a match with each other? The worst part is that even feud-wise we’ve seen AMW vs. Team Canada, AMW vs. the Naturals, and the Naturals vs. Team Canada. I’ll call the Canadians just to move it to a new team (and isn’t Scott D’Amore supposed to be coming back soon?), and then let’s try and come up with something new that doesn’t involve Phi Delta Slam or the Harris Brothers, okay?
Winners – Team Canada

Matthew Michaels: THIS will be the one title change on the show. Let’s get the gold on the best team on the roster heading into the most important time in the company’s history. Whoever then beats AMW will get a huge rub for the more casual fans that may jump on board due to the Spike TV coverage.
Winners – AMW

Vinny Truncellito: Oh, Canada! I think a strong heel team for the two face tandems to chase (Naturals and AMW) makes for good television. Plus, I don’t see Waltman sticking around TNA now that WWE may be interested, so no sense pushing him and Shelley as a team.
Winners – Team Canada

Michael Fitzgerald: Another good match I think. I found the Candido Memorial to be very fun and the right team won it. AMW are my pick for team of the year, The Naturals are my pick for most improved team and Team Canada is always in a good match. I have high hopes
Winners – The Naturals as they need the belts more

Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy
David Brashear: I really like Bobby Roode. I think he’s got a good look and could be a contender for the world title with a little more seasoning. And how do you get seasoning? With wins, and he needs one here. Probably with Jeff Jarrett’s help after Hardy’s interference in last month’s main event.
Winner – Bobby Roode

Matthew Michaels: Jeff Hardy. He’s a star in the casual fans’ eyes — Roode’s barely a blip on the Team Canada radar.
Winner – Hardy

Vinny Truncellito: Huh? Where the hell did this match come from?
Winner – Umm, Hardy. I guess. I don’t know.

Michael Fitzgerald: Hey where the concession stand at?
Winner – Hardy

Jeremy Lambert: How in the hell did this match occur? Whatever, spots will be blown and the guy who blows them will win
Winner- Jeff Hardy

Sabu vs. Abyss
Matthew Michaels: Sabu doesn’t need victories to stay over.
Winner – Abyss

Vinny Truncellito: I like Abyss, and I assume he’s more long-haul than Sabu at this point. Makes sense to put him over strong leading into his impending NWA world title opportunity.
Winner – Abyss

Michael Fitzgerald: I have high hopes for this one. I expect a sick brawl with all sorts of violence that only Sabu can provide. Who wants to put money on Abyss taking his now usual thumbtack bath?
Winner – Abyss so they can make him “The” nutter in TNA

David Brashear: Abyss needs a huge win here to solidify himself as a top guy in TNA. Taking down the homicidal, genocidal, suicidal one should do nicely.
Winner – Abyss

Chris Sabin vs. Shocker
Michael Fitzgerald: I hope this one happens as it’s certain to be awesome. I love Sabin and Shocker has really grown on me these past few months
Winner – Sabin by cheating so the ball can get rolling for a heel run

Jeremy Lambert: Thank god TNA turned one of these men heel, they both needed. Good match and could be a very hot opener.
Winner – Shockey

David Brashear: The feud between these two should end with a Shocker win, but it’s too early for that yet.
Winner – Sabin

Matthew Michaels: I just read that Shocker’s off the card, and this will now be Petey Williams vs. Sabin. Wow, this could really go either way, but my gut tells me it’s Sabin’s turn.
Winner – Chris Sabin

Vinny Truncellito: The X Division is part of why I dig TNA, and Sabin is part of why I dig the X Division. I don’t care much for the 1000% Guapo…
Winner – “Hail, Sabin!”

Petey Williams vs. Austin Aries
Jeremy Lambert: ARIES IS BACK!!!!!
Winner – Austin Aries

David Brashear: I’d never seen Austin Aries work before, but he put on an incredible match against Daniels at the last PPV. Despite my secret enjoyment of the Canadians (and that jaw-dropping Canadian Destroyer), I’m going to go with the new guy here.
Winner – Austin Aries

Matthew Michaels: The benefit of me contributing to this after everyone else — I know that now, this is Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong, due to the above match change-up. Aries will go over Strong strong in a great match for any Ring of Honor marks tuning in.
Winner – Aries

Vinny Truncellito: Tough call. Highlight the newcomer by giving him the big win over a former champ, or make him “earn his stripes” in the company? I’d like to see Petey go over, he’s a great athlete, and that damn Canadian Destroyer is wicked-cool! I assume, however, that they’ll put Aries over here.
Winner – Aries

Michael Fitzgerald: Ah Mr. Overrated Austin Aries Vs Petey Williams. Hopefully Williams will Canadian Destroy him back to the indies so I don’t have to see this guy anymore. I know he’s a good worker but
1. He wasn’t deserving of the ROH Title
2. He’s kicking around in an already over crowded X Division
Winner – Petey Williams

Monty Brown & Kip James vs. Lance Hoyt & Sonny Siaki
David Brashear: Did I miss something here? I don’t remember anything in the booking leading up to this. I guess this is just a “Hey, we forgot these guys and need to get them on the PPV match.” I’ll flip a coin and go with Brown and James, likely with BG inserting himself somehow.
Winners – Monty Brown & Kip James

Matthew Michaels: No reason for The Full Monty to job here.
Winners – Brown & Kip

Vinny Truncellito: I think Brown and James need to lose here to further their mistrust and inability to function as a team, leading to the inevitable feud between The Smokin’ Gunn and the Alpha Male.
Winners – Hoyt and Siaki

Michael Fitzgerald: Hopefully Monty Brown will kill everyone so they FINALLY pull the trigger on Monty’s single push and build him up to challenge for the NWA Title
Winner – James and The People’s Monty if you smell what the Pounce is cookin!

Jeremy Lambert: I thought Hoyt was doing great, now they pair him with Siaki. I think a Brown/Hoyt feud results from this match
Winners – Hoyt and Siaki

3 Live Kru vs. The Diamonds in the Rough
Matthew Michaels: And the above win for James/Brown will project the winner here easily, as 3LK are destined to have the blow off to the feud with Billy Gunn at Bound For Glory.
Winners – 3LK

Vinny Truncellito: Huh? Did I miss something? Where the hell did THIS match come from? I haven’t watched the 9 September iMPACT! yet. Guess I need to check it out!
Winner – 3LK, I suppose

Michael Fitzgerald: 3 Live Kru had there niche for me 2 years ago when they did the stupid, yet funny, skits. TDITR look good though
Winner – Going with the Kru for this one

Jeremy Lambert: Throw your diamonds in the sky if you feel the vibe/The Roc is still alive everytime I rhyme. I dotn care who wins, I just wanted to sing Kanye West.
Winners – 3LK

David Brashear: In order for the whole Diamonds in the Rough thing to work, these guys need to start winning. It won’t be tonight, though.
Winners – 3 Live Krew

Unbreakable is Sunday night at 8:00 EDT on pay-per-view. Enjoy the show, and don’t forget to check out Inside Pulse for all the results as they happen!

Note: As this was being prepared, TNA announced changes to the card. Petey Williams will now be taking on Chris Sabin, Austin Aries will be taking on Roderick Strong, and Hoyt will be teaming with Apolo instead of Siaki. Most picks were made before this was announced.


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