Survivor: Guatemala – The Cast Exposed and Analyzed

The innovator of Reality TV as we know it, Mark Burnett, brings viewers another instalment of the franchise which made him and Reality TV household names. Survivor Guatemala is the eleventh instalment of the popular show.

Many fans and critics wonder if Survivor has run its course… has it peaked? Burnett and CBS hope not and this season may be the determining factor if the Survivor franchise has legs or is on its way out.

Burnett has brought Survivor back to Central America where two previous editions (Pearl Islands and All-Stars) were set. While the setting can be vital to the success of the show everyone knows it’s the characters that really draw the viewers in. A new Inside Pulse Reality TV celeb get things started off with a bang.

Coby from Survivor: Palau checks in for his first column. He gives a quick run down of how he see things going for the castaways this season.

The writers of InsidePulse have previewed the cast for all of our loyal readers. New IP writer Dora Malone boldly prophesizes how each of the 16 cast members will fare. Patrick Gilchrest returns for another year of Survivor analysis. Kevin Wong gives a detailed breakdown of who will make it through the merge, who will be gone quickly and who will be the final two. Sarah Quigley and Murtz Jaffer argue over who they think will go the furthest this year.

For your viewing pleasure here are pictures of all of the cast members.

Amy O’Hara
Blake Towsley
Brandon Bellinger
Brian Corridan
Brianna Varela
Brook Struck
Cindy Hall
Danni Boatwright
Gary Hogeboom
Jamie Newton
Judd Sergeant
Lydia Morales
Magaret Bobonich
Morgan McDevitt
Rafe Judkins