En Francais: TNA Impact Report

TNA Impact Report

If you’re ready for TNA Unbreakable, check out Jeremy Lambert’s PPV preview, here .

In the RDS studios, Marc Blondin and Pierre-Carl Ouellette introduce us to this week’s Impact edition.

Alex Shelley & Sean Waltman vs Shocker & Chris Sabin: Interesting entrance for the latter team as Sabin did a back flip with Shocker’s help. Winner of this match gets a title shot in the 4 way at Unbreakable. Shelly and Sabin start it out with some armbars.


When we come back, they’re still doing trading armbars and doing armdrags. Tag to Shocker and Waltman. Back and forth leads into a tilta world by Shocker. Waltman punches Shocker and then in a funny moment goes to Sabin for a tag, remembers that Shelly is his partner and tags him. This is maybe a sign that TNA does too many tag team matches. Shelley misses a body press, gets dropkicked by Shocker in midair and Sabin is tagged in. Alex pleads with Sabin not to hit him, and even goes as far as kissing his feet! Sabin got no heart as he hits a seated dropkick. Back & forth ends with Sabin getting dropkicked to the outside. Suicide dive by Shelly. Body Press by Shocker. Sean Waltman with a summersault dive on all 3. Waltman and Sabin are back in with Sabin in a chinlock. He gets out of it and Waltman gets a pinning combo for 2. Tag to Alex , who gives Sabin a running knee in the corner. Tornado DDT coming, no, Sabin with an enziguri. Tag to Waltman, tag to Shocker. Shocker is on fire with big boots to Waltman and Shelly. Shocker hits a clothesline, a bulldog, another big boot and German suplex to Shelly. Shocker holds Shelly and Sabin hits Shocker by mistake with a springboard dropkick. Superkick by Alex to Sabin. Shocker with 10-count punch to Waltman and gets lowblowed at 5. Waltman hits the X-factor and that is it for trrrrrrrrrois. Waltman and Shelley are the recipients of CC cup with the fans chanting “Chris Candido”. Sabin & Shocker have an argument: a handshake is made and after Sabin turns his back, Shocker attacks from behind and the beatdown is on.


Independent wrestling is talked about.

Samoa Joe vs Shark Boy: Shark Boy gets a bunch of right hands and chops, until Samao stops the nonsense with an atomic drop and spinkick for 2. Samoa does his raking of Shark Boy’s face with his boot, until Shark grabs and bites it. Shark Boy gets a 10-punch count and at the tenth one, biting is involved. Shark walks into a powerslam. Muscle Buster to Shark Boy and the choke sleeper is applied for the tapout.


Eric Young (w. A1) vs Chris Harris (w. James Storm) vs Andy Douglas (w. Stevens & Jimmy Hart): Young should wear a shirt at all time. That is one nasty looking back. Harris and Douglas trade right hands and knock out Young. Lockup by the good guys and Young tries hit their heads together, but they both give him an elbow. Hiptoss to Harris by Douglas. Douglas hiptosses Eric out of the ring. Andy beats Harris in the corner. Harris fights back with an atomic drop and a clothesline. Young comes back with a shoulder to the gut of Harris, Young goes back in and after some punch trading, Young gets thrown out again. A1, Storm and Stevens battle it out on the outside. As a result, two referees show up and Storm, A1, Stevens and Jimmy Hart are kicked out. Alex Shelly and Sean Waltman are looking on. Eric drags Harris out and posts him. Young is in control in the ring with a clothesline and DVD on Andy for a 2. Harris is back in and Young dropkicks him. Bodyslam on Harris, Andy gets thrown out, Young going to the top -> elbow gets 2. Jawbreaker by Young to Douglas. Harris is on top, double clothesline to Andy and Eric. Bulldog and half hour suplex on Andy for 2. Young is put on top by Harris, Eric punches him down, Harris moves out of the way and Andy gets dropkicked by Young. Harris hits Young with D-Lo Brown’s old TNA move where he goes for a slam and turns it into Rock Bottom and that is enough for the 3 count.


Elix Skipper (w. Simon Diamond) vs Sonjay Dutt: Skipper attacks just as Dutt goes in the ring with kicks and forearms. Skyhigh by Elix gets 2. On the outside, Elix takes a woman’s hat off, puts it on Sonjay, beats him, and gives it back to the lady. Back in, Dutt comes back with a flying kick in the corner. Dutt walks into a belly to belly. After some beatings in the corner, whip by Skipper, Skipper charges into the corner, Sonjay with a springboard dropkick for 2. Punches and kicks by Dutt, misses an enziguri, but doesn’t miss a second one. Hurrincarana and springboard moonsault gets 2. Sonjay goes to top and Simon pushes him off. With Simon on the apron distracting the referee, David Young comes in with a Spinebuster. Elix hits the Sudden Death for the 1, 2, 3.


Shane Douglas is with Jeff Jarrett. JJ says his usual stuff: he made TNA what it is today and anybody could be fired. He will be Unbreakable and is getting his title back.

Abyss (w. James Mitchell) & Rhino vs Raven & Sabu: Raven comes out with a straight jacket.


The belt is laid down and the brawl is on. Abyss and Sabu fight inside, while Raven & Rhino fight outside. Sabu dropkicks Abyss out. Raven hits the guardrail. Sabu with a summersault dive to Abyss & Rhino. Back in, Raven kicks Rhino a bunch of times. Raven takes a tissue, blows on it and puts it on Rhino’s face. Tag to Sabu, who does a couple springboard kicks for 2. Tag to Raven. Abyss attacks Raven on the outside. Back in, Rhino gets some kicks and a 2 count. This is that portion of the tag team match. Abyss misses a charge, but no tag is made. Abyss misses a legdrop and now Raven tags Sabu. Sabu comes with a chair and hits Abyss & Rhino. Clothesline to Abyss to the outside with the help of the chair. Drop toe hold on Rhino to the chair. Flying body press to Abyss by Sabu. Abyss is back in and Raven gives a few lefts. Rhino charges and GORES Abyss! Rhino is thrown to the outside and Sabu is on the top with a chair -> Arabian Face Buster to Abyss gets trrrrrrrrrois. After the match, Sabu gets gored and the beatdown is on, with the chair.

We end it in the RDS studios.

TNA Unbreakable:

Rhino vs Raven
Christopher Daniels vs AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe
The Naturals vs AMW vs Team Canada vs Alex Shelly & Sean Waltman
Abyss vs Sabu
Chris Sabin vs Shocker
3 Live Crew vs Simon, Elix Skipper and David Young
Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Roode

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