The NeelDown: TNA Unbreakable


PRESHOW: Monty Brown talked on the mic, interrupted by Jeff Jarrett, interrupted by Kip James, they all want a shot at the world title at Bound For Glory. Jeff Hardy hit the ring and Hardy and Jarrett brawled.

Shark Boy def. Mikey Batts

TNA Unbreakable

Hosts: Mike Tenay & West

Elix Skipper, David Young, Simon Diamond vs. 3 Live Kru
Elix kicks the hell out of James to start then a leg sweep. Skipper gets a snapare and hard kick to the spine. James ducks a clothseline and hits the fancy hands and fancy knee drop for 2. Young and Killings tagged in, and a double team elbow and mudhole stomps to Young. Killings applies a hammerlock and then tags in James. Diamond comes in with a slap to Elix as Young and James brawl and Elix gets a springboard spin kick to James in with a spin kick to James. Simon comes in with an elbow for 2. Now Young is back in, headbuts, Diamond tagged back in. James goes off the ropes and they do the old fashioned colliding forearms. Hot tags to Konnan and Young, Konnan cleans house. DDT to Skipper, arm drag to Simon. James comes in but gets dumped. The Rolling thunder hits on Diamond and SHOE THROW OF DOOM to Young, and a face buster ends it.
Winners: 3 Live Kru
*1/4, nothing special here.

Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong
Aries works over a side headlock to start and then they exchanged techincal work. Strong gets an arm drag and turns it into a arm lock but Aries reverses it, and back to the headlock. Aries nails a dropkick, then sends him to the ropes for a takedown. Strong takes him down after more exchanged technical work before Strong attempts a modified Boston Crab that Aries is able to break. Strong goes with the p+k offense before Aries reveresed his whip. Aries on the apron now and Strong gives him a back breaker then throws him into the turnbuckle for 2. That was a pretty good combo. Roderick adds on another back breaker for 2. Strong applies a leg nelson and rolls through for 2. Aries gets out only to get knocked back down via textbook dropkick… for 2. They exchanged knife-edges and Aries finally retaliates with a lukewarm lariot that gets 2. Aries gets a modified stunner on Strong, then gets a springboard twisting plancha for 2. Strong counters what looked like a brain buster and hits a THIRD back breaker… and Arie’s spinal column must be aching at this point. Odd-looking drop over Strong’s knees gets 2. Aries counters the lift into a roll up for 2, then gets knocked down with a short-arm. Strong looking for the Boston Crab, can’t lock it in, so he turns it into a sling shot into the corner, but Aries no sells and gets a kick which sets up the brain buster and Aries up top… 450!! Wow. That does it.
Winner: Austin Aries
**3/4, despite the overness of Strong and shortness, the ROH-based match was full of good chemistry and exciting spots.

Bound For Glory promo rolled.

Monty Brown & Kip James vs. Apolo & Lance Hoyt
Match begins as a brawl and settles down with James and Hoyt. Brown wanted in and got in with a clothesline from Hoyt. Hoyt hits a big side slam for 2. Apolo tags in with hard shots to the arm of Monty. Monty takes over with some punches and chops. Aplo retaliates with chops of his own. Apolo is whipped off. Big Boot by Apolo. Monty ducks a clothesline and gets hit with one off the opposite! Hoyt claps as Apolo gets a 2 count. Apolo tags in Hoty. Double whip and a double back elbow on Brown. Hoyt covers for a 2 count. Hoyt with a clothesline on James, punches from Hoyt but James stops the momentum with a neckbreaker. James drops a series of knees and tags Monty in and who whips Hoyt off and hits a running knee to the back. Monty with hard shots to the back of Hoyt. Monty whips Hoyt to the corner, Hoyt moves and Monty forearms the turnbuckle. Hoyt climbs up with the 10 punch to chants of “Hoyt” from the crowd. Monty gets a back suplex. And another Hoyt lands on his feet. Whips off Monty stops and hits another back suplex. Monty yells and then covers Hoyt for 2. Kip tags back in. Kip with punches to Hoyt. Hoyt breaks loose and tags Apolo back in. Apolo with clotheslines all around and a spinebuster slam on James. Monty and Hoyt back in, everyone brawling. Hoyt goes up top, Moonsault on James, Monty knocks him over the top afterwards and hits an axehandle off the apron. Hoyt goes into the post head first! Kip goes for the knee but Apolo moves, Kip hits Monty. Kip turns, SUPERKICK from Apolo, cover gets 2. Apolo lifts Kip but Monty stops him Monty whips him off and hits the POUNCE. Cover 1-2-3.
Winners: Monty Brown & Kip James
**1/4, a pretty solid tag match with pretty good stuff all around from all the guys.

Monty and Kip talk after the match on the outside, Monty questioning Kip’s knee. Apolo hurt in the ring. Very interesting.

Traci interviews Team Canada backstage. They discuss Hardy and say that he will be the next to be Canadianized.

Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin
Petey with an arm bar. Sabin flips forward and backflips out. Fast fighting from both men. Sabin with a forearm and rolls him up. Sabin hits a deep arm drag. Petey throws Sabin to the outside. Petey jumps over as sabin rolls in. Sabin rolls back, headscissors outside. Both men down. Sabin rolls him in and hits a back elbow on Petey. Petey kicks Sabin off to the outside. Legdrop but Sabin moved. Petey hit the apron. Petey shoves Sabin into the steel railing. A chop from Williams. Petey rolls him in. Cover for a 2 count. Petey follows up with stomps. Petey rams Sabin into the corner. Petey slams Sabin into the tree of woe. Petey stomps on Sabin’s groin and yells “Oh Canada!” Shades of Goldust, anyone? You know, Shattered Dreams. Oy. Petey climbs down and tosses him. Cover for a 2.. Hail Sabin chants are heard. Punches from Williams and a backbreaker. Cover for 2. Petey whips Sabin to the corner, Sabin slings over and mule kicks Petey. Sabin sets up but Petey backs out and hits a spike DDT. The Crowd chants “Let’s go Sabin, Let’s go Petey!” Now shades of the Cena-Jericho SummerSlam match… never knew there would be this much WWE shading at a TNA PPV. Petey headlocks, but Sabin elbows off, short arm clothesline by Williams. Petey questions the referee. Petey chokes out Sabin. Petey stomps more. Petey with forearms into the corner. Petey runs in Sabin throws him over onto the second rope. Petey jumps back into a dropkick by Sabin. More chants of Hail Sabin. Sabin ducks a clothesline with more forearms. Sabin off the ropes, Petey ducks the clothesline. Hard chop exchange. Sabin catches the chop and a mule kick. Sabin, fisherman’s buster! Cover 1..2..–NO! A Struggle in the middle. Sabin elbows off. Petey kicks Canadian Destroyer, Reversed. Petey sunset flip. Sabin rolls up. Petey shoves him off and Petey locks in the sharpshooter! Sabin makes it to the ropes. Petey yells words at Sabin. Kicks from Petey. Sabin blocks the kick. Petey backdrops Sabin onto the apron. Sabin springboards, dropkick missed. Victory roll by Petey for 2. Petey back to the sharpshooter! Sabin puts Petey in the corner. Lifts him up, running powerbomb! Sabin lifts up Petey on his shoulders! Rams him into the corner! Again! Petey grabs the top rope. Petey rakes the eyes and breaks free! Petey throws Sabin down. Sabin blinded now. He lifts up the ref for the Cradle Shock! He puts him down. Petey kicks him, Canadian Destoryer countered– Sabin lifts up… CRADLE SHOCK!
***, and now I am really glad I decided to get this one. Between the Canadian Destroyers and Crade Shocks and all.

And dramatically out of nowhere, post-match sees Matt Bentley super kick Sabin out of the blue. Welcome back chants lead to Bentley on the mic saying that TNA is his home.

Sabu vs. Abyss (w/ Paul Mitchell)
To our dispare, Mitchell talks on the mic, saying that he wants the match No DQ. Lights go out, come back on with Sabu slugging away. Abyss catches the hand and knocks Sabu down. Abyss hammering away on Sabu. Abyss whips Sabu off, Sabu ducks under a clothesline and hits punches. Sabu off the ropes and into a big boot. Crowd loudly chanting “Ohhh Abyss!” Chop from Abyss. Punches from Abyss. Crowd chanting “We want tables!” now. Abyss takes Sabu overhead with a suplex. Sabu to the outside. Sabu takes a chair in and Abyss stomps it on Sabu’s fingers. Sabu with a dropkick to the knees, Sabu with an arabian facebuster using the chair on Abyss. That gets 2, and Sabu sets up the chair. Springboard clothesline over the top rope! Sabu gets a table. Sets it on one leg. Abyss cuts him off and slams him into the steel railing. Abyss grabs another table, but Sabu stops him. Abyss takes Sabu back down and sets up the table. Sabu back in the ring now, and a spring off the chair flip over the top rope onto Abyss! Abyss throws Sabu back in. Sabu with a dropkick to the legs. Sabu sets up the chair. Sabu runs off off the chair to the top rope Tornado DDT! Cover for a two count. Sabu with punches to Abyss. Abyss in between the top and middle rope. Sabu runs straight into Abyss’s belly to belly over the top rope through both tables! HOLY MOLY! Abyss rolls him back in, cover for… 2! Abyss getting another table. Abyss brings this one in. Crowd chanting “We want Thumbtacks.” Abyss positions the table in the ring on one leg. Sabu with hard chair shots and throws it right in Abyss’ face. Sabu covers for a two. Sabu has the chair. Sabu going to the top rope. Arabian Face Buster through the table!! Both men are down. Sabu covers but Mitchell puts the foot on the rope. Sabu grabs Mitchell. Abyss stops him from behind. Abyss lifts Sabu up in torture rack position and drops him hard with the backbreaker!!! Abyss covers, 1..2… but it’s broken up as Mitchell talks to Abyss outside. Abyss has the thumbtacks bag! Abyss grabs Sabu by the throat! But Sabu kicks off off the chokeslam. Abyss has him up for a powerbomb! Sabu gets out. Sabu with a running leg lariot. Sabu grabs the chair and slams it on Abyss’s head! Sabu runs off the chair to the top rope Abyss catches him… BLACK HOLE SLAM ONTO THE TACKS! HOLY– And on that note, Abyss gets the 1,2,3.
Winner: Abyss
****, and that match deserved every star. No whiny e-mails for me rating it 4 stars. It deserved it, and unless you saw it you wouldn’t know. This was vintage Sabu and just an all-around great match, with every weapon that was involved.

– Douglas backstage now with Shelley and Sean Waltman…is missing. Oh the irony. Shelley says he doesn’t know where he is either. Shelley says he is going to need Waltman to pull through tonight. Shelley is going to the ring with or without Waltman.

Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode
Roode attacks Hardy on the second rope. Punches from Roode early to start. Roode tells the crowd to shut up. Hardy dropkicks Roode through the ropes. Hardy with a slide kick into the railing. Hardy planchas over the top onto Roode. Hardy slams Roode’s head onto the steel steps. Hardy covers for a two count. Roode sends Hardy to the corner. Hardy jumps to the top rope but Roode cuts him off and knocks him to the ground. Vicious stomps from Roode. Roode screaming “Who’s the greatest?” at Hardy. Roode whips Hardy to the corner, follows up with a clothesline. Roode whips Hardy again. Hardy catches him with a dropkick though. Tiltawhirl backbreaker by Roode! Into a horizontal backbreaker, drops him fora pin and a two count. Roode pulling at the eyes of Hardy. Roode using the ropes to choke Hardy. Kicks and Chops from Roode. Now a punch and a whip to the ropes. Hardy flips over sunset flip for a two count. Roode with a dropkick. Cover for a two again. “Go Bobby Go” chant is heard. A knee from Roode. Roode whips hardy and a knee to the gut follows. And a second! Roode with a backdrop suplex. Cover, 2. Roode covers again for 2. Roode argues with the referee. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, Roode spins out catches the foot. Enziguri from Hardy! Roode whipped off into a flying forearm from Hardy, cover and a two. Hardy with a kick to the gut but Roode caught him with a back elbow. Roode whips off Hardy and kicks the face. Hardy with a complete shot. Hardy goes to the top rope. Petey Williams interfers. He has the hockey stick and hooked the rope and knocked Hardy down. Roode up now and Roode takes Hardy for a superplex but Hardy punches him. Roode fighting right back. Hardy knocks Roode off. Roode runs back up and hits a top rope belly to belly superplex. Cover for a 2 count. Petey back on the apron distracting the ref. Roode grabs the hockey stick, Hardy ducks forearms Petey off the apron. Kicks roode, Twist of Fate hits. Roode rolls out of the ring and hits the ground. Hardy goes to the top rope. Petey and Roode get up together and Hardy flys off with a cross body. Hardy whips Roode to the rail. Roode back in and Petey distracting the ref. JEFF JARRETT runs in. Double J grabs the hockey stick and slams it on Hardy repeatedly. Jarrett rolls him in and Roode covers for the 3 count.
Winner: Bobby Roode
*3/4, all the Team Canadian Interference really blew what was already nothing really special.

– Promo for the tag gold rolls.

America’s Most Wanted vs. Sean Waltman & Alex Shelley vs. The Naturals (c) vs. Team Canada
AMW and The Naturals start off brawling around the ring. Canada and Shelley on the outside. Ref gains control and Chase and Storm start off. Mule kick by Chase followed by a springboard sunset flip. Storm rolls back with a hard kick. Shelley tags himself in and dropkicks Chase. Cover for a two. Shelley with forearms. A1 knees Shelley from behind. Chase takes down Team Canada and Chase tags Young. Shelley with a unique rollup on Young. Young hammers away at the back of Shelley. Candido’s family shown again. A1 tags in. A1 chants fill the arena.. Chops from A1 and a snap suplex on Shelley. Cover by A1 for a two count. Kick to the face by A1. A1 slams Shelley into the corner and tags in Eric Young. Crowd chants “A1 Steaksauce!” Young with a front headlock. Shelley reaching for a tag. A1 choking Shelley. A1 says they will be tag champions. A1 continues choking Shelley. Shelley tries to crawl under but A1 tags Young. Young slams Shelley into the corner. Canada whip Shelley to the corner. Young whips A1 but A1 hits the corner and Shelley moves spin kick to Young. DDT on A1. JOHNNY CANDIDO jumps the crowd and he’s gonna team with Shelley. Candido punches Canada down. A punch to Harris and a punch to storm. A spin kick to a1. Young caught him with a low blow, small package and there’s the three count! Shelley and Candido are eliminated. Storm in now and hits the Eye of the Storm on Young. Storm powerslams A1. Storm hits the Whirlybird on Young. Cover for a two count. A1 knees Storm from behind. Young throws Storm to the outside. A1 attacks outside and rams Storm into the railing. A1 rolls Storm in. Young lifts him and a snap suplex. Cover for 2. A1 tags in and chokes Storm. Punches from A1. A1 choking Storm with the boot. A1 brings Storm to the corner, tags in Young. Double teaming Storm in the corner. Young with stomps. A1 lifts Storm outside and Harris rakes the eyes of A1. Young rolls Storm back in cover for a two count. Young puts Storm in a rear chinlock now. Crowd chanting “Cowboy up!” Young takes Storm down. Cover for a two count. Young rams Storm into A1’s boot. A1 tagged back in now. A1 with stomps to Storm’s head. A1 tags Young in. Young with a hard right hand. Storm whips Young to the corner, Young slings over SUPERKICK by Storm. Storm uses the ropes to stand. Storm tags Harris. Harris steps in and nails A1, flying lariot on Young. Takes both Naturals down. Punches to A1. Another. And more. A1 stops with a knee, A1 whips off Harris reverses, a double shoulderblock. A1 up first jumps over. Harris hits the Thesz Press, Punches from Harris. Harris whips A1 to the corner followed by a bulldog! Harris cant lift A1 A1 fights off. Harris blocks the suplex. Harris hits a standing vertical suplex! Cover, 2. Harris takes Young up for the suplex, but A1 slams the hockey stick on Harris’s back as the ref was distracted by The Naturals. Young covers and there’s the three count! AMW are eliminated.Chase gets in and bulldogs young. A running kick, cover for a two count. Chase with a snap suplex. Runs off and two leg drops, cover for a two count again. Chase holds Young up and Douglas tags in . Douglas attacks. Young whips off, A1 hits Douglas and Young attacks from behind. Young choking Andy Douglas. Jimmy Hart yelling on the megaphone on the outside. A1 chokes Douglas as well. “USA” Chants are heard with Jimmy Hart leading it. Douglas fires back with punches on Young. Douglas whips, Young reverses. Douglas spins around, Young with a back breaker, cover for a two count. Young brings Douglas to the corner. Young throws Douglas to the outside. Jimmy Hart checks on him. Douglas back in and hits a dropkick on Young. Chase tags in. Punches to A1 and punches to Young. Chase caught Young, Alabama Slam! Oh God, Bob Holly mentioned at TNA Breakable. Cover for a 2 count as A1 breaks it. A1 lifts Chase. A1 catches Chases’s punch and hits a powerbomb! Douglas back in and kicks A1. Douglas sets up. A1 blocks the suplex. A1 puts Douglas on the top rope. Douglas shoves A1 off. Young gets in and stops Douglas. Young takes him up, superplex, cover for a 2 count. A1 comes in with stomps to Douglas. A1 puts Chase on his shoulders. Young up top, Jimmy Hart shoves Young onto the top rope… Naturals hit the Natural Disaster on A1 for the 1,2,3.
Winners and STILL NWA-TNA World Tag Team Champions: The Naturals
***, Waltman no showed leaving Shelley to do the job with Johnny C was a very odd adjustment to it, but nonetheless very solid.

Crowd hold up A1 Steaksauce. Jimmy Hart and The Naturals celebrate.

– Bound For Glory promo rolls again, thee Super Bowl of TNA wrestling. A football rerence on kickoff day 2005, I am good kids.

– Rhino interview backstage with Shane Douglas. Rhino says Raven tonight will feel PAIN.

– Raven/Rhino video package rolls

Tale of the Tape:
*A Bullseye on Raven
*Rhino Gores Raven At Sacrifice
*Raven’s Rules

Raven (c) vs. Rhino
Raven comes out with a shopping cart. He has a trash can inside with a crutch, kendo stick and many others. Raven wearing the old school attire tonight. Raven throws a crutch and trash can in. Rhino grabs the crutch. Raven throws his jacket at the camera. Raven pulls out various sticks and puts them in the ring. Along with more weapons. A steel chain put in. “ECW” Chants are heard. Raven has the steel chain and Rhino has the crutch as the match begins. Rhino gets out of the ring quickly. Rhino gets on the apron. Raven throws something at Rhino and he jumps off. Raven throws a trash can lid out. Rhino gets back in slowly. Rhino has a kendo stick as does Raven. Raven hits Rhino in the leg. Both men drop it and Raven throws Rhino to the corner. Raven hits Rhino in the gut with a crutch. Raven chokes Rhino with the crutch. Rhino kicks Raven down and follows with stomps. Rhino grabs something and grinds Raven with it. Raven has a pizza cutter and grinds Rhino’s head with it. “We Want Pizza!” chant goes out. Rhino is bleeding. Raven has a cookie sheet now. Raven has another. And slams both of them on Rhino’s head. Raven hit Rhino in the head with a beer keg. Raven looking under the ring. Raven has a ladder now. Rhino punches Raven hard on the outside. Rhino hits Raven now with the beer keg. Raven moves and Rhino hits the post with the keg. Raven slams a kendo stick on Rhino’s head. Raven rolls Rhino in. Raven gets in as well and slams the kendo stick on Rhino’s back. Raven locks in the Ankle Lock! Rhino trying to fight through the pain. Rhino grabs the bottom rope. Rhino with a back elbow. Another back elbow. Rhino knocks down Raven with a right hand. Rhino slams a chair on the back of Raven. Both men outside again now. Rhino walks around. Rhino grabs a trash can. Slams it on Raven’s head. Rhino throws it in the ring and taunts. Rhino rolls Raven in. Rhino steps back in. Stomps from Rhino. Rhino hits Raven again with the Trash can and more stomps. Raven busted open now. Rhino grabs the trash can and sets it on Raven’s face in the corner. Rhino kicks the can into Raven’s face! Rhino uses the face wash in the corner. Rhino bounces off but Raven moves. Raven catches Rhino’s leg and puts Rhino back into the Ankle Lock! Rhino trying to fight it. Rhino grabs the trash can, turns around and slams it on Raven’s head to break the hold. Rhino grabs the staple gun! Crowd chants Staple Gun now. Rhino staples Raven’s head! And Again! Rhino grabs a chair. Rhino slams the chair on Raven. Rhino lays Raven on the chair. Rhino goes to the top rope. Rhino with a top rope splash but Raven moves and Rhino hits the chair. Raven fighting off with punches to the gut now to the head. Raven ducks a clothesline and hits a punch series and then the discus clothesline. Raven whips Rhino to the corner and follows up with the clothesline. Raven calling for the finish. Raven hits a running knee to the face. Raven screams out. Raven whips Rhino to the corner and another clothesline followed by the bulldog! Raven covers for a 2 count. Raven grabs the chair and sets it up. Rhino cuts him off and drops Raven onto the chair. Cover gets 2. Cassidy Riley has just made his way out! Raven hits the Raven Effect!! Cassidy has the ref, 2. Cassidy saying “I’m sorry boss” Raven looking at him. Rhino rams the ladder into Raven’s gut. Rhino sets the ladder end onto the set up chair. Rhino with punches. Rhino climbs up Raven. Raven powerbombs Rhino onto the ladder. Cover for 2. The Ladder bent in half. Raven sets the ladder between the ropes. Rhino shoulders Raven and pulled the ladder right into Raven’s face! Rhino rolls back in cover, 2. Rhino slides out. Raven leans on the chair. Rhino grabs the shopping cart and hits Raven in the head with it. Rhino brings the cart in. Rhino steps back in. Rhino with a punch knocking down Raven. Raven hits a punch then drives the cart into Rhino’s gut! Rhino kicks back with a low blow as Raven was lifting him! Rhino sets up . Raven moves. Rhino hits the cart, Raven moves again, Rhino Gores the shopping cart! Here comes JEFF JARRETT. Jarrett takes the belt. Jarrett has the belt. WAIT A MINUTE IT’S JEFF HARDY. Hardy grabs the belt out of his hands. Raven Effect on Jarrett! Rhino goes for the Raven Effect, Raven spins out, and his his own version of the Raven Effect for the 3.
Winner and STILL Champion: Raven
**3/4, but if you are a fan of brawls it might be more like 3 to 4 stars. A really good brawl including head stapling, and head stapling is always a plus, at least the crowd thought so. Could have done without the JJ and Hardy, we saw enough of their interference already. And Riley.

Main Event

*Undefeated Samoa Joe Earns Title Shot
*Daniels Costs Styles The Super X Cup
*1st Pin or Submission Wins

Christopher Daniels (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe – X Division Title Match
Daniels talks trash and both men jump him. Styles and Joe fire away. Daniels fights out. Joe takes Daniels down with a hard chop. Styles with the forearm. They repeat. Joe snap mares Daniels and a hard kick to the back. Styles shoves Joe and kicks Daniels harder. Joe kicks Daniels even harder! Styles kicks Daniels harder!! Daniels gets up and screams “STOP KICKING ME!” Both men kick him down! AJ runs at Joe, victory roll for a two count. Styles small package on Joe for a two count. Styles rolls up Joe for a two count. Joe locks in a reverse armbar! Daniels breaks it. Daniels with hard shots to Joe. Daniels whips Styles . And hits a calf kick! Daniels punches away at Styles. Joe with chops to Daniels. Joe with the CCS Enziguri on Daniels! Daniels falls to the outside. Joe with forearms to Styles. Joe with a hard kick takes Styles down. Joe runs off the ropes and Daniels trips Joe from the outside. Daniels slingshots in with punches to both men. Daniel runs and enziguris Joe and bulldogs Styles at the same time! Daniels covers Styles but Joe breaks it. Joe with a kick to Daniels and a chop down. Joe brings Daniels to the opposite corner. Joe with a chop to Styles. Joe whips Styles and Daniels moved out of the way. Daniels with chops to Joe. Joe couldn’t be whipped and forearmed Daniels. Joe whips Daniels into Styles. Styles shoves Daniels off into a Joe spinebuster! Styles with a tiltawhirl headscissors on Joe! Styles up first and kicks Joe. Another! AJ with forearms to Joe. A flying forearm to Daniels. AJ Jumps at Joe and gets caught! Belly to Belly Suplex! Joe hits the face wash on Styles. Joe runs off but Daniels shoulder blocks him out of the ring. Daniels slide kicks Joe. Daniels on the apron, Slingshot moonsault to the outside. Daniels forearming Joe. Styles with a Shooting Star Press on both men. Everyone is down. Styles up first and screams. Styles rolls Joe in. Styles rolls in after, cover for a two count. Styles can’t whip Joe. Joe shoves Styles off. Styles leap frogs over, ducks down, Dropkick from Styles~! Styles covers for a two count. Daniels rolling back in. Styles with forearms to Joe. Daniels attacks Styles from behind. Daniels whips Styles to the corner. Forearm to Joe by Daniels. Joe whips Daniels. Daniels jumps up Monkey Flip on Styles, Styles flipped over into Joe and catches him with a hurricarana!!!!!!! Daniels rolls up Styles for a two count. Daniels backdrops Styles over the top rope! Crowd is going nuts! Daniels measures Joe. A running knee by Daniels. Slaps from Daniels now. Joe fires back with slaps and knees! Joe knees Daniels off the ropes. Daniels ducks the clothesline and rolls him up for a two count. Joe caught him in the choke !!! Styles up top, Spiral Tap on both me. Styles covers Joe, 2. Joe rolled the shoulder up. Styles pins Daniels, 2. Styles yells out. Daniels whips Styles out of the ring. Daniels with knees to Joe now. Daniels hits a reverse STO. Dainels springs to the top. but AJ hits him from behind! AJ puts Daniels in the tree of woe. Hard kicks from Styles. Joe runs in and hits a running knee to the head of styles! Joe runs off. Slide Kick to Daniels’ face! Joe throws Daniels down.Joe with punches to Styles. Styles runs in and gets caught by Joe. Inverted Atomic Drop! Joe with a dropkick! Joe with the senton on Styles, 2. Joe with a kick to Daniels head. A knee. Daniels lifts Joe up onto his shoulders!!, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Daniels covers Joe! 1..2….Styles breaks it up!. Chops from Styles. Daniels blocks the suplex. Daniels suplexs AJ over to the apron. BAck elbow by Daniels knocks AJ off the apron. Daniels planchas over and lands on his feet. AJ runs and jumps onto the apron, Moonsault onto his feet! Daniels and Styles trade forearms. In the ring…..runs in and dives onto both men. Joe rolls in Daniels. Joe puts Daniels on the top rope, he sets him up! But Daniels rakes the eyes! Joe drops down. AJ on the apron. AJ stops Daniels up top. AJ And Daniels on the top together. Joe stops both men! All three on the top rope!!!!! JOE WITH A DOUBLE BACKDROP OFF THE TOP ROPE. All three men are down! Joe and Styles up. Forearm exchange in the middle. Styles with hard shots. Joe fires back with open hand palm strikes. Joe ducks the enziguri. GERMAN SUPLEX ON HIS HEAD! Joe lifts him and puts Styles up top. MUSCLE Buster. Styles is laid out. Daniels grabs the X Division Title. Joe catches Daniels with a powerslam! Joe grabs the belt. The ref tries to get it but Daniels enziguris the belt in to Joe’s face! Daniels forearms Styles. Styles forearms Daniels. A forearm exchange again. Styles with hard shots. Daniels goes behind. Styles with back elbows. AJ off the ropes, Daniels catches him with the Blue Thunder. 1…2… kick out.Daniels lifts Styles. Rock Bottom by Daniels! Daniels leans on the ropes. He jumps too the top. Best Moonsault Ever! 1…2…Joe breaks it up! Hard kicks from Joe. Daniels catches him with a jawbreaker. Daniels snap mares Joe. Daniels lifts him up, LAST RITES! Daniels looks around. Styles up now. Daniels with a punch to Styles. And more. Daniels whips Styles. Styles kicks Daniels in the face. Styles off the second rope, Backflip DDT! Cover gets 2. Joe hurt on the outside. AJ goes to the top rope. Daniels stops him with a Shotai to the face. Daniels takes Styles up. Styles punching him. Daniels punching back. Daniels up top. Superplex!!! Everyone’s down. Joe slides in. Joe covers Daniels, 2. Joe covers Styles, 2. Joe lifts Daniels, Powerbomb into the STF. Joe locks in the STF! Daniels grabs the bottom rope! Joe lifts Daniels. A headbutt! And a series of punches. Joe with uppercuts to Styles. Styles turns AND THERE’S THE PELEE BY STYLES.. Styles lifts Joe onto his shoulders. Torture Rack by Styles!!!!!! Styles throws Joe Down, cover, 2. Daniels headbutts Styles. Daniels slams Styles onto Joe. Styles goes behind. Styles spins around. Styles Clash on Daniels for 2, Joe breaks it up. Joe throws Styles out of the ring. Joe with punches to Daniels. Joe runs in and goes straight through the ropes as Daniels ducked down!!! Styles rolls back in. Daniels slaps AJ. Slap exchange. Now forearms. Styles gets the advantage. Styles adds in kicks and chops. Daniels fires back. Styles gets hit by a knee. Angels Wings blocked by a back drop, into a cover! 1…2…3. Daniels can’t believe it. Styles is cut open. Joe hurt on the outside. Styles holds up the title to end the show.
Winner and NEW X Divison Champ: AJ Styles
****1/2, wow. Just buy the f’ing PPV. I’ll leave this commentary up to you. Do it.

End of show. Phew.

The Aftermath: Whoa. That was something. Highest reccomendation possible for TNA Unbreakable. This report speaks for itself. Get it, you won’t be dissapointed.