Survivor Guatemala 'Spoilers' : Episode One Spoilers

The first episode of Survivor : Guatemala is called “Big Trek, Big Trouble, Big Surprise”, and covers days 1-3 of the 40 day stay. These were shot June 27-29 of this past summer.

The tribe names are what one would guess for this area, Yaxah and Nakum. Named for ancient Mayan settlements, Yaxah will wear teal buffs, and Nakum will be in yellow.

The show begins with details of an eleven mile overnight hike, racing to camp settlements. The winners of this race, the Nakum Tribe, won fire as their reward, as well as the pick of which campsite they would prefer to live in.

The Immunity Challenge is classic Survivor. The tribes race to their canoes, and push it into the water. All members jump onto to boat, and paddle out to a pontoon, where torches are hanging. The two tribes will race back to the shore with torches, and pull their canoes onto the beach. Logs inserted underneath help the groups roll the canoes. They must light the wok at the end of the beach first in order to win this challenge.

It appears that Nakum loses this one, giving the Yaxah tribe the early advantage.

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