Gilmore Girls – Recap – Episode 1

Since this is my first review/recap of Gilmore Girls for Inside Pulse, please allow me to get a few things out in the open:

– I’ve been a fan since the pilot.
– It’s one of the best shows of the 2000s, right up there with Alias, The Wire and Arrested Development.
– I liked Dean.
– I didn’t like Jess.
– I can’t stand Logan.
– Sookie and Lane are awesome.
– Paris has worn out her welcome.
– Kirk is MIC (Most Improved Character).
– I’m losing patience with Rory.
– Season 5 was overrated.
– I hope Luke says yes…

So there you have it. We’re up to Lorelai’s season-ending babble-thon (which I missed at least fifty seconds of thanks to the WB and my over-dependance on TiVo) and the big question…

Luke says yes. So what now? A toast with year-old Zima, of course…

Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino, New & Improved Lorelai deals with waking up to reality. Lorelai, for the first time, fears losing her daughter. Rory’s dating a snob. She’s quitting Yale (or at least taking a break). She’s moved in with her parents. Hell, she’s becoming her parents. As Luke says to Lorelai the morning after the engagement, “Is
this really happening?”

While Luke & Lorelai begin to sort through their feelings on kids, furniture and the Twickham House, Stars Hollow is ecstatic about the news…until they find out who proposed. “Oh, you went modern?” exclaims Miss Patty, rather unenthusiastically.

Random thought: I always wondered whether the Palladinos are copying M*A*S*H with the guitar guy (Grant Lee Phillips) routine. The 4077 used folk legend Loudon Wainwright III in a very similar manner.

Lorelai’s detatching herself from the new Family Gilmore. Loved the conversation with her father regarding Rory’s court date and the hot shot lawyer he’s landed. She could care less. Then we see Rory in her new home, being awoken from a deep slumber at 8:30 a.m. by a slightly insane grandmother. Call me cruel, but I thoroughly enjoyed the pained look on her face as Emily buzzes around her room like a stuck-up maniac. I hope Rory hates life for a while – she’s earned it. Didn’t Lorelai’s horror stories teach her anything? She also gets to sit in on a bull session with Richard’s blowhard attorney friend, barely even discussing Rory’s case.

When did Paris become Rory’s best friend? Did she have a fight with Lane off screen that we don’t know about? The way Rory is right now, I’m not sure Lane would approve anyway. Well, at least Paris is trying to talk some sense into her.

Kirk comes into the diner and knocks Luke down further about Lorelai “stealing his thunder”. He then gets Luke’s interest with shiny rings he’s collected from “really old women”. These two are outstanding together.

Good ol’ Logan gets Rory out of the house and throws her a surprise party. “She’s a jolly good felon!” sing Logan’s friends. Frickin’ hysterical. I don’t know who I hate more, Logan or his friends. Especially Robin Leach, Jr. And Rory rambles on about wanting to become “Queen of the Sloths” or something like that. I liked Rory better when she was a dork.

If the first episode is any indication, we’re going to be seeing more, and not less, of Paris. Lane! Help! She comes barging into Lorelai’s house and demands she snap Rory out of her funk, basically repeating Luke’s words before the proposal. “Tough love, baby” answers Lorelai.

Michel goes postal on a sweaty bicyclist at the DragonFly. Good stuff. Even better stuff when Lorelai sends him to play messenger for Emily’s arrival at the house to pick up the rest of Rory’s things. Priceless.

Rory’s court date arrives. And may I say how fantastic it is that Lorelai’s not there. Tough love. 300 hours of community service and one year probation later, Richard has one less lawyer friend.

Lorelai returns home to a long, annoying message on her answering machine and a bunch of sticky notes from you know who, and decides to pay “Parents Dearest” a visit. “You were just being you, you couldn’t help it,” vents Lorelai. “You finally got a shot at getting the daughter you always wanted…a new and improved Lorelai…” She leaves Rory’s dirty laundry on their bedroom floor.

So the rift between Lorelai and Rory stiffens. Here’s hoping they don’t do an O.C. with the story line. It’s too good to rush…


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