Fantastic Four : House of M #3

Title : King for a Day
Writer : John Layman
Pencils : Scot Eaton
Inkers : Don Hillsman III & Rick Magyar
Colorists : Dean White & Avalons’ Rob Ro
Letters : Randy Gentile (VC)
Editor : Stephanie Moore
Publisher : Marvel Comics

I remember reviewing the second issue of this mini-series, and wondering if they hadn’t managed to write themselves into a corner.

You see, I was sure that all the spin-off minis were (and had to be) secondary to the main ‘House of M’ mini-series. Therefore, it was hard to get too emotionally invested in the conflict between Victor Von Doom and Magnus / Magneto, as it seemed a pretty safe bet that Magneto would be around for the conclusion of the mini-series proper.

In addition, I was sure that Doom would also be around (and he is, in House of M #6, also released this week). So, I thought, how the heck was this going to be resolved.

Well, Doom and the ‘Fearsome Four’ do strand Magnus in their chosen alternate dimension, and immediately start imagining their spoils as the rules of the known world. Something that struck my straight away was Doom’s assumption that the world would immediately turn to him in the absence of Magnus. Since mutants are truly considered Homo Superior in this universe, it appears unlikely that a mere human would be turned to in the absence of Magneto.

Anyway, the battle is not nearly over (surprise!) and the conflict is resolved in a fairly neat fashion, given the editorial constraints which I am sure were imposed upon the writer.

At any rate, without spoiling the resolution, it fit well with the overall story, particularly with the egomania which is so much a part of Magneto’s character.

The art is not bad, although more detail on some of the backgrounds would have been appreciated.

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